mr and mrs

I guess marriage to me, isn’t exactly just two people signing a contract to solidify their love for one another. It’s the next step in life. People say that being married shouldn’t change anything. But it does. It does change everything. You will go from being my girlfriend to my wife, to the mother of my children. You will go from being a plus one to “mrs & mrs.” You will go from being my live in, to my life partner. Marriage does change a relationship. It does change everything. It changes it for the better. It creates a new bond, a new found respect and a new responsibility to care for each other. In sickness and in health, for better or worse. It unites to people in the most solid, most formal way possible. For me written words, words of affirmation, is a formidable for of love. What better way to affirm something you already love than to bond for life.
Ceremony aside, there is something to be said when I can call someone my wife. A greater respect is given for my relationship. A deeper bond is seen, and felt. Marriage to me isn’t just about a binding contract, to let my “relationship stay the same,” it will change it, it will make it stronger, it will make it deeper it will make it much more incredible.
—  It’s a little more than “I do.”