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Teen Wolf Episode 8 Discussion

WARNING SPOILERS: This post will include my comments while watching this episode as well as main, key points I found interesting

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Beyoncé performing At Last for Barack Obama//Michelle Obama’s First Dance. 2008.

Listen I too am happy that the turmoil known as Waiting for TF Comics #6 is finally coming to an end and we can all resume wondering when the Pyro update is coming out next to leave an unsatisfactory taste in literally everybody’s mouths that eventually devolves into an argument either attacking or defending Valve’s incredibly controversial corporate structure, but that’s not my ungrateful petty concern

My ungrateful petty concern today is as one of the 7-8 Mr. Bidwell and Mr. Reddy fans in the entire universe WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY we literally have everybody else like Guiseppe AKA Trevor (best character), Dream!Sniper + Spy, PixieDream!Pauling and Amelia in a hotdog suit as well as not one, but two mysterious spies working for the Administrator on that cover but Bidwell and Reddy I’m gonna shit


Got Glutes?

“Good Contact!”

I’d Say So!

Nice Arse, Stud!


Blame Chart - Whose Fault For That Akuma [SEASON 1] + WARNING: New Challengers Approaching

Chloe: (11) -Evillustrator; Dark Cupid; Lady Wifi; Horrificator; Roger Cop; Kung Food; Vanisher; Stone Heart (2); Reflekta; Princess Fragance; Time Breaker

Marinette: (3) -The Gamer; Antibug; Volpina

Kim: (2) - Animan; Stone Heart (1)

Gabriel Agreste: (2) -  Bubbler; Simon Says

Adrien: (1) - Copy Cat

Others: (8) - Mr. Pigeon, Park Rangers; Pharaoh, (his dad) Mr. Kubdel; Mime, (co-worker) Chris; Dark Blade, (the Mayor) André Bourgeois; Stormy Weather, KIDZ+; The Puppeteer, (her mom) Nadja Chamack; Guitar Villain, XY; Pixelator, (Jagged Stone’s agent) Penny Rolling