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fan edit - mr. min [ ✗ ]

This is a book cover edit that I made for the story Mr. Min by @ellieljade. I was half asleep when I made this and bored out of my mind at almost one am so don’t judge too harshly lol. Wasn’t sure what to do with it at first but I think it came together and did this amazing story justice (or at least I hope it did!) All credits to me, yoongijaes, excluding the images used. DO NOT repost, edit, or claim as your own. Thank you.


Twelve days of Twelve [10/12] - Scene that made you the most emotional

- The Hybrid- what is it? What’s so important you would fight so long?
- Doesn’t matter what the hybrid is. It only matters that I convinced them that I knew. Otherwise they would keep me out with nothing left to bargain with.
-What are you bargaining for?
-What do you think? You. I’d have to find the way to save you.

So, okay, everyone is making the connection between Harry Hook, canonly the son of Captain Hook, in Descendants

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And Killian Jones / Captain Hook in OUAT

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Which makes sense, with the guyliner, short hair, urban punk esque aesthetic, and traditionally handsome features, he seems more like he’s the son of this Hook than the classic Disney one.

But… wait…

Harry Hook has a Scottish accent, and Killian is played by an Irish actor doing an English-ish accent. That’s a bit different.

None of his dalliances or romances had Scottish accents either. Who does he know who has a Scottish accent?


Who could it beeeeee?

OH wait

There is a certain character with a Scottish accent that Hook just so happened to spend 300 years obsessed with…

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It would certainly account for why Harry is such a drama queen who has to make a show out of everything…. And would also explain why he’s so touchy with Belle’s son

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Rumple and Killian as Harry’s two dads ftw