mq 1 predator

I’d really like to someday commemorate the birds that I’ve worked with over my career thus far – Ranging from RPAs, fighters, and bomber aircraft in USAF and USN inventory, and then some of the coalition birds… I guess in a way I already have, starting with one of the smallest of my ‘birbs’, Sardiryx!

Did you know… Sardiryx performs the same ISR and kinetic strike support for the Sartian Aerial Forces as an MQ-1/MQ-9 (Predator/Reaper) in the USAF? Due to her small size she cannot carry many munitions (just like the RPAs), but she can provide excellent ISR to coordinate other strike assets onto a tgt or conduct PoL for later deliberate strikes, amongst other things. Where she really shines is her targeting expertise in understanding how to systematically shutdown any target system; and her munitions drop within inches to a couple of feet from her target! She may be young, but damn is she good at targeting. She was trained by the best! 'v’

If anyone is interested, would you guys like to read more on the parallels between my characters and my military career?


Check out this space rock! I haven’t been able to watch SU, but I’ve been admiring it from a distance for a very long time.

Gem type: Amazonite
Height: 5 ft
Weapon: razor-sharp coiffure; shields supplemented with martial arts (fighting style: Krav Maga)
Likes: sparring, taquitos, handkerchiefs, hair gel, pulp fiction, telling bad jokes loudly
Dislikes: losing, intensive introspection, spam emails, cliff hanger endings
About: With teeth like a military cemetery, enough muscle to outgun a MQ-1 Predator, and hair sharp enough to kill a man, Amazonite appears to be one tough customer. And she is. Sort of. Upon encounter, she is initially obnoxious and bellicose; violence is the question and the answer is yes. But if you get in a fight with this nerd, just sing a sad song or talk about a movie where someone dies. She’ll start crying and you’ll win. Rock defeated.