Found an interesting site about MPYR.  MPYR is a new, mobile gaming experience in which the real world is the battle field. Similar to world domination games like RISK™, but much bigger, much more intense, and played with many more people…

Hello all! I am still trying to place my first mass production order and with your help it can be possible. I have been working hard trying various avenues to raise the funds and applying for various loans with no luck. Please take the the time to go to and search My Pumps Year Round to make a donation. In exchange for the donation you can choose a reward that you wish to receive in return. Please take the time out to view my project and show your support. Thank you so much and spread the word!!! #shoes #pumps #women #entrepreneur #minoritybusiness #shoelovers #womenbusiness #support #crowdfunding #indiegogo # mypumpsyearround #mpyr

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