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Yo do some fluffy Saeran headcanons (also anything having to do with him joining the RFA)

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  • It was a slow process
  • But it was worth it.
  • Bringing Saeran into the RFA was the best decision they had made.
  • After everything, all the trauma and hurt done to him by the woman who created the group they were all in…
  • Didn’t he deserve some happiness? 
  • Someone to take him in and let him know how loved he was?
  • Saeyoung asked them all if he was welcome, desperation in every inch of his body
  • None of them wanted to say no
  • They all felt the urge to help Saeran out 
  • All of them had something they did with him, to help him open up, to prove to him that he was worth it and that he was never getting abandoned or manipulated again
  • Yoosung introduced him to the world of gaming, even giving Saeran his old Nintendo DS and taught him how to use it, being patient and smiling when Saeran pouted at losing a game
  • Yoosung helped him dye his hair back to red, ruffling it happily afterwards, happy with how it made him look like a slimmer, sharper Saeyoung
  • Jaehee asked him if he wanted to help at the coffee shop, teaching him how to make pastries and complimenting his skills at coming up with recipes off the top of his head
  • Jaehee also helped him find a good therapist, explaining how she had felt after her mom died, the etches of the old pain on her face, but they faded when Saeran awkwardly said ‘I’m sorry for your loss’
  • Zen seemed to overwhelm Saeran at moments since he was so outgoing and was awkward around Saeran at first
  • But he takes Saeran to get the bean paste goldfish and they quickly become Saeran’s favorite snack (Saeyoung is offended on the behalf of his Honey Buddha Chips)
  • Zen is actually the first person to make Saeran laugh out loud when he talks about how attractive he is (Zen suspects he was laughing for a bad reason, but whatever, it was a laugh!!!!)
  • Jumin was the hardest to figure out 
  • Both him and Saeran have very stoic neutral faces so it’s impossible to tell how they felt about each other
  • Jumin just whipped his phone out and showed Saeran Elizabeth 3rd
  • Saeran couldn’t deny that the cat was super cute 
  • Jumin nodded approvingly
  • It would turn out that Jumin would get Saeran a cat as an emotional support animal and Saeran almost cries
  • He names the cat Haneul, Han for short 
  • Saeran quickly becomes a member of the RFA and is swiftly in on inside jokes and is invited to get togethers and is one of the first people to respond to Saeyoung’s stupid jokes in the group chat
  • Although a few months ago, everything seemed hopeless, Saeran can see that his future is full of light
  • The last time he was this happy, he was sitting next to his brother as a small child and listening to him talk about his computer book
  • Now, he’s lying next to his brother on a hill, watching the clouds
  • Saeyoung is broken, just like him, but in different ways
  • Now Saeran can see how the RFA healed Saeyoung
  • they’re beginning to heal him too.

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So since you give different answers to different routes I always thought obviously MC has a different personality/taste in each one! I was wondering what dresses you think the respective MCs would wear to the party since everyone is dressing up!! Thank you!!! :)

Whoops it’s me again :D I also wanted to ask how the rfa dances at the party!! (because can you imagine Seven dancing swing, that shit is intense man)

I thought this was a super interesting and cute idea!! Thank you for suggesting it :3 

We also went ahead and put your asks together since they sort of went together and since they were both from you! I hope that’s okay.

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This is super cute and I love this so much <3 

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Yoosung: The dress that MC would wear for Yoosung’s route is long and elegant, representing the maturing that Yoosung went through in his route. However, with the addition of the rhinestones on top, it shows how he still has his playfulness and youthful attitude.

Dancing: Yoosung would be awkward when dancing– he never went on any dates or anything in high school, so he doesn’t know the whole slow dancing scenario. As long as he’s close to MC and can feel the warmth of their body and know that they’re okay, he’s good. At times he would stumble because of his eye, but for most of the time, the two of them dance close together, Yoosung holding them tightly and never wanting to let go. Swaying together on the dancefloor, they lose themselves in each other and for that song, there’s nobody but them.
When the music gets faster, Yoosung busts out his awkward moonwalk and MC cries with laughter at how terrible it looks. 

Seven: Although in Saeyoung’s route the two never go to the party, I imagine that MC would have worn something like this: 

The dress is short and fluffy, representing Saeyoung’s mischievous and fun loving side, but the top is reminiscent of the collared shirt Saeyoung wears whenever he goes to the party in a route. The top is fancy and elegant, showing that Saeyoung has many different angles to his personality.
Dancing: I think that Seven would know how to swing dance. He might have learned it for a mission, might have learned it during college, or he might have learned it from YouTube videos, but he knows how to do it. He would swing MC around, dipping and spinning them like there was no tomorrow, showing them the different sides of his dancing style like the different sides of his personality.
When the music gets faster, the two dance to Carmelldansen and Gangnam Style. Zen tries to kick them off the dance floor.

Jaehee: The dress that Jaehee’s MC would wear is very simple yet beautiful. It shows how mature and sensible she is, but it hints to her playful side by having the seethrough sleeves. The gorgeous pattern of the dress fits Jaehee’s sophisticated attitude while also representing her new found passion and freedom. 

Dancing: MC asks Jaehee for a dance with a smile, holding their hand out, and Jaehee takes it with a blush. the dance is slow and Jaehee tries to keep space between them but she can’t help but move closer and closer. The feelings she has for MC almost burst through to the top, but she barely manages to hold them back, even though they’re mere inches apart and MC’s eyes are glimmering.
When the music gets faster, MC manages to get Jaehee to open up a lot more and show off her dancing skills. When Jaehee dabs, MC CACKLES and hugs her. The two have a great time dancing the night away and Jaehee doesn’t think about work or the future once.



The dress would be be top of the line fashion. Zen would make sure that they were the center of attenion. The two of them would catch the eyes of everyone in the room no matter what was doing on with the party.

Dance: Honestly the two of them would waltz, Zen probolly knows how to waltz really well. He would have MC being drawing all night, and it would be really hard for them to stop dancing


Dress: The dress would be something simple but VERY expensive. It would catch the eye of everyone in the room “Wow they are so beautiful” “So elegant” “So perfect” are just a couple of things to describe MC in this dress

Dance: The two of them would dance very slow and in a very romantic way. With their arms wrapped each other, kissing and everything. They are honestly just all OVER each other


Dress: MC would try and match their dress to V’s hair honestly. They would think that it would be really funny and cute. It would also be shorter and but elegant looking. 

Dance: Honestly V doesn’t really like dancing that much, so the two of them would be kind of hanging out in the back of the room. But they would really just be enjoying each other company. Talking and laughing, drinking a little. and kissing each other every now and then 

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I need some major Yoosung fluff my man *wink + finger guns + eyebrow waggle* hit me with whatever ya got

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This was the first time MC was going to be spending the night at Yoosung’s apartment.

It was honestly a little nerve wracking– it was the first time MC had ever stayed the night at their boyfriend’s house before and they didn’t know if there was unspoken expectations behind the gesture. They wouldn’t necessarily mind if anything happened between them, but really all they wanted to do was snuggle and play video games.

Yoosung let MC in with a huge, nervous smile and greeted them with a kiss. Just the press of lips together eased so many of MC’s nerves. Feeling overwhelmed with affection for the blonde boy, MC wrapped their arms around his neck, lengthening the kiss between them, smiling into it. Although taken back at first, he melted into the kiss, resting his hands on MC’s hips.

When they pulled away, they both smiled at each other sheepishly.

“Sorry. I got a bit carried away,” MC said, aware of the blush heating their face. Thankfully, Yoosung was also pink.

“It’s okay! Come in. I made dinner.”

Yoosung led MC in, closing the door behind them and resting his hand on the small of MC’s back. He didn’t push or try to guide them– it was just there as a comforting weight as the two of them walked to the kitchen.

This was one of MC’s favorite parts of their relationship– the two of them were both naturally cuddly and tender, so the casual displays of affection were normal to them, but it always caused a warmth in MC’s chest that they had started to associate with Yoosung. Even when they had met for the first time, something about Yoosung had felt…different. It was almost as if he was a sun, radiating warmth that infiltrated their heart with a fondness that almost choked them sometimes.

After eating dinner together–where, at one point, MC had fed Yoosung once and then purposely smeared some of the food on his cheek– the two of them played some video games–they were playing a game called Life is Strange together and both of them teared up at the sadder parts of the game. While playing the game, they cuddled, often switching up the positions so their limbs didn’t get tired. Wanting to get through most of the game, they binge played it, although they stopped  for a small snack break after episode two that devolved into a snuggle session.

Once it got to be four am, Yoosung realized that both he and MC were tired, if the yawning was any indication. The two of them got ready for bed, yawning interspersed throughout their routine, but they always managed to somehow be touching, whether it was MC leaning on Yoosung as they brushed their teeth or Yoosung resting his hand on MC’s shoulder, rubbing gently while they washed their face. Finally, the bed was beckoning them, and Yoosung got in first, stretching, then flopping on the bed, body limp.

MC finished putting away their things, looking over at the bed where Yoosung lounged. Half of his face was buried in the pillow, the other purple eye watching them, half-lidded and sleepy. The moonlight turned his blonde hair silvery and they noticed, with a small smile, that Yoosung still had his bobby pins in his hair. Getting on the bed, MC reached down to take out the hair accessories, their fingers getting sidetracked and running through the soft hair. Closing his eyes like a cat, Yoosung tilted his head into the touch, a pleased smile curving his lips. Giggling, MC put the bobby pins on the nightstand and adjusted the covers, wiggling underneath them. Yoosung put his arms around MC too early, causing the covers to get bunched up, and MC threw their head back, laughing.
“Yoosung!” they whispered, trying not to laugh any louder. The walls were paper thin, and it was 4:30 am. “I gotta get under the covers!”
Pouting, Yoosung let MC pull away slightly to adjust the covers perfectly, then wrapped his arms around MC, nestling them against his chest. MC closed their eyes, gripping their fingers in the fabric of Yoosung’s sleep shirt, reveling in the warmth of their boyfriend, and feeling at home. With a kiss to MC’s forehead, Yoosung slipped into sleep, MC following soon after.