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A Different Kind of Destiny (Verse)

by flyingonfeatherlesswings

1895. New York City. In the middle of Stephen Strange’s glorious fall from grace he is brought into the possession of Baron Karl Mordo.

I had never seen or read a Doctor Strange fic until this one (and it’s oneshot).  I was happily surprised.  I only really found it because I’m on a historical AU hunt.  It ended up being sweet and full of feels with some A/B/O verse building and the Zealots causing trouble as per usual.  I ended up liking this one quite a bit and think you might too.

chefdanielkarofsky  asked:

Daniel sat on the floor of his bathroom brushing his boyfriend Peter's hair back as he threw up his breakfast for the sixth day in a row. "You've been sick too long, baby. I am texting one of my friends from boarding school to make a house call and check you out.", he said rubbing his back. "Are you ready to brush your teeth and get in bed?", he asked when the vomiting finally stopped. (mpreg?)

It wasn’t often that Peter got sick and when he did it was usually because he hadn’t taken care of himself properly for too long. This time he was confused as to why he got sick. Since becoming Daniel’s boyfriend, Peter had been taken taken care of extremely well. He had been getting regular meals, new clothes, and a clean bed to sleep in every night. Maybe he had gotten food poisoning, but from what he could tell, it usually didn’t last this long. Today, he couldn’t even hold down his breakfast without ending up with his face above the toilet yet again. Not able to talk yet, Peter nodded gently, thankful to have Daniel there to help him. Tentatively, the teen stood and did his best to brush his teeth. “Help me to bed?” Peter pouted as he leaned against the older man, unsure of his own footing.


but dean being seven months pregnant and unable to fit behind the impala’s wheel so cas has to drive and ofc dean’s grumpy as fuck about it. he never even wanted to leave the goddamn bunker today in the first place but cas is being annoyingly insistent on making the drive over to jody’s so they can go through some of her old baby shit in the attic and see if they can salvage anything for the bun in dean’s oven because babies are fucking expensive man. 

to make matters worse, since cas is driving, he’s also claiming that he should at least get to listen to the kind of music he wants to listen to for at least part of the trip even though it’s clearly dean’s fucking car but ~whatever “shotgun shuts his perfectly-shaped piehole.” and cas has always had a shitty taste in music by dean’s standards, but when he selects some crappy top 40 radio station, dean thinks he’d rather have twins than suffer through this disney pop princess nightmare (oh god he better not be having twins).

so naturally, dean bitches as much as he can so cas is just as miserable as he is, but then dean eventually gets tired and gives up and figures maybe he should at least try to save up a little bit of energy for the inevitable mom-ing jody’s gonna do on their asses.

and just as dean’s about to grab a pillow and get comfy he happens to catch a few lyrics from some american idol washout:

but piece by piece you collected me
up off the ground but you abandoned things
and piece by piece you filled the holes that you burned in me
at six years old and no
he never walks away
he never asks for money
he takes care of me
he loves me
piece by piece
he restored my faith
that a man can be kind
and a father could stay

and honestly dean doesn’t even know that he hasn’t said a single word for the past five minutes until cas reaches over with a hand on his thigh and says, “you’re being unusually quiet. are you okay?”

“you drive like a goddamn grandma,” is all dean ends up saying. “you better speed up or we’re not getting to sioux falls until next year.”

cas is probably making some retort about how they have to be careful now that there’s a baby on board (and god, does dean hate that yellow eyesore suctioned to the back window of the impala), but dean’s not really hearing it. 

he just focuses on the wedding band on his finger, the hand on his thigh, and squeezes it.

Destiel Fics Everyone Should Read...

… if they’re into Destiel, that is.  Instead of listing my favorites (because that would take me HOURS, but here’s a link to my sidblog tag), I’m going to list the ones I think people new to the fandom should check out.  These are mostly longfics since I prefer to read things 50k or longer.

((Shameless self promotion: Kiss the Baker and Cursed or Not))

Real Slick Dean - This was my first Destiel and my first a/b/o and my first mpreg(sorta) fic.  Lots of firsts for me :D  But how could I resist a story by trilliath???

300 Things - I have read this so many times, it’s starting to get a little ridiculous.

Angel Slayer - This one is in the RPF category because it is Jensen/Misha, but it is 100% AU, so it’s just the names being used, not the actors.  

Redemption Road - This does NOT feel anywhere near as long as it is.

Tramps Like Us - Another frequent flyer on my re-read list.

A Beginner’s Guide to Communing with the Dead - This is one of the funniest fics I’ve ever read in my life.

Light in the Dark - I’m tickled at this one’s title since I’ve used a similar one in my fenhawke stories.  This one also makes me crave apples.

Chili Peppers - The end of the first installment took me completely by surprise.  Bra-fuckin’-vo.

Blackbird Fly - I do not usually like to read High School AUs unless I’m desperate, but this is the biggest fuckin’ exception oh my gods so good.

Little Motels - I am such a sucker for road trip fics.

The Shadow At My Window - babby angel!Cas?  Gimme :D

Past Present - THIS ONE HURTS SO GOOD.  

Small Town Charmer - Fluffy as fuck.  I think this gave me cavities.

Pick It All Up - This is also on my re-read list.

Cooking with Gas - I have read this a few times, and winjennster is one of the first Destiel fic writers that I started talking to and befriended when I started poking around in the fandom.  I love everything I have read of hers :)

Exonerated - Great mystery!  I was on the edge of my seat!!

Autumn Hollow - Scary stories usually don’t scare me, but holy fuck I had to read this one with the lights on.

Named - I laughed so hard I cried :D

An Exercise in ‘Worthless’ - tattoo artist!Dean was all I needed, but this fic gave me so much more.

Convenient Husbands - fake relationship fics are my jam, yo.

A Hole in the World - Most omega!Dean fics feminize him a little.  This is the best characterization of him I’ve ever seen.  But it’s long and angsty as fuck, so be prepared with cookies and tea.  Take bathroom breaks.  Maybe a nap in the middle.

Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) - drunk weddings WEE!

The Breath Of All Things - THIS FIC CHANGED MY LIFE.

Ghost Dance - I can’t even word about this one.  So good.

Nine to Five - This is one with an amazing omega!Cas, and I have read it several times too.

El Tango de Amor - Watch the YouTube video linked at the end.  Oh my gods.

Bring It On Home - This is my very favorite crazy!Cas fic.  

Holy!Dean - I start giggling just thinking about this fic.

Hear You Me - I have a soft spot for stories with a deaf or blind main character.  This story pokes that spot, yes.

OH MY GODS I GOTTA STOP NOW.  I’ve been scrolling through favorites forever.  My list is so long!  But these are the ones I would shove at anyone who is new to Destiel fic to get them started :D

You were WROOONG!

((little something for saltybiskits 

An AU for the sex demon!KOxSS AU))

“Knock Out,” Starscream voiced his presence, earning the sitting demon’s attention instantaneously. 

A red eyebrow lifted in silent question at the weird tone of his summoner’s voice.


“I just returned from the doctor. And he discovered something ..interesting that I hope you can shed light upon.”

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