mpreg for ts but not really

Alpha!Dean deciding to make some quick bucks by donating to a sperm bank.

He doesn’t really think about it again until months later, when he bumps into a pregnant Omega in the local hardware store. 

The Omega, Castiel, is looking for paint to decorate his pup’s nursery.

He smells amazing, like butter and honey and another, layered scent that Dean is intimately familiar with because it’s his own. 

He’s never met Castiel before today, but he’s 100% certain that the pup Castiel is carrying is his own, conceived from Dean’s donation. 

So, some time ago I was asked to write a Cockles ficlet with protective!Jensen. Pregnant!Misha and a/b/o dynamics slipped in as well. I blush but here it is.

They’re filming 10x22 and Jensen isn’t happy at all.

The air on set was getting tense. In itself that was hardly unusual, especially after a long day of shooting and a handful of highly emotional scenes. But this was different; the whole set was getting a taste of Jensen’s low simmering but clearly present anger. Misha could see it in the increasingly tense line of his shoulders and smell it in the sharp scent which wasn’t a residue of Dean’s dark fury anymore. This was just Jensen and Misha knew exactly why.

“I’m fine,” he reminded him the moment the scene was cut and Jensen stalked towards him to help him up from the floor. While Misha knew that Jensen always trusted Misha’s judgment, he also knew that he tended not to trust the staff to know when it might be good to tone it down a bit. And Misha got it, appreciated someone looking out for him a lot more than he could make anyone understand.

So he let Jensen help him up and pat him down even though it was unnecessary. Barely a moment later he felt Jensen’s warm hands on his stomach, covering the noticeable curve. This didn’t happen often and Misha was fully aware of the set around them quieting down for a moment only to pick up activity again as everyone busied themselves in order not to stare at Jensen’s display of alpha protectiveness.

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Omg Omega Boarding School sounds so amazing. Okay hear me out, think about the Novak and Winchester families plan to marry Sam and Cas since they were kids. So Cas is sent to the boarding school to be the perfect omega for him, he learns how to cook, clean, take care of kids, take a big dick like a pro. He don't mind it, he was born this way and Sam is a good guy from what he remembers. But when he graduates he go home, he finds out that Sam ran away with his beta girlfriend, Jess +

And their families decide marry him with Sam’s older brother, Dean. Both of them are not happy about it. Cas never liked the boy who used to be quite mean with him. And Dean always were relieved and happy because he didn’t had the impression of marry for convenience and liked the single life. Now both are supposed to get married and have lots of babies. When they first saw each other again, Dean was really surprised in see that the boy who made cry a couple of times turn out be really hot. +

At least he knew that the part of consummate the marriage won’t be a problem. Cas of course thought the same, even if he hated Dean, he still could feel his body heating up at the sight of Dean. They got married like they were supposed to. But Dean didn’t tried to touch him. Cas didn’t understand, but Dean explained that they should be comfortable with each other before properly mating. For the months who followed Cas was able to know Dean better and see he was an wonderful man. +

Even though Cas wanted to Dean pin him in the bed and fuck him senseless, he didn’t had the courage to say he was ready. But when he went in his first heat since he got married (waking up all sweaty, hot all over and slick coming copiously out his hole), he begged Dean to fuck him, Dean tried to deny, saying was the heat talking, but Cas said he wanted it for so long, wasn’t just the heat. So after that they spent five days fucking, Cas came so many times he thought it shouldn’t be possible. +

Wasn’t really a surprise that four months later he already had a little bump to show. (Look it’s me sending you long things again haha)

*rolls around* I want a 50k version of this! I love so many things about this. Dean/Cas arranged marriage aus are my jam, especially if Dean is the second choice to marry Cas off to. 

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The Novak and Winchester families are neighbours and friends. The Novaks already has three boys when Mary gets pregnant for the first time, then not much later Naomi shows her baby bump. They both have boys, Castiel and Dean. They think would be nice if they turn out to be friends. Dean and Cas grows up as best friends, you can ways see Dean at Novaks house and the other way around. +

At 14 Dean found out that he is an Alpha, he thinks his best friend will be one too since all his other brothers are Alphas. But Cas is a Omega. Since then Dean takes protecting Cas as his mission. At 14 yet he fights with a guy two years older for calling Cas “bitch.” At 15 he sends one boy to the hospital for touching Cas’ ass. At 16 everyone learned their lesson. Do not mess with Castiel. +

Cas jokes that while appreciates Dean protecting him, after complaining that he can take care of himself thank you, he keeps driving people away and how he will found a mate? Of course Cas only want to say “Can’t you see I want you, you stubborn assbutt?” At 17 Cas is tired of Dean’s bullshit and when goes to heat he enters the Winchester house (thank god nobody was there besides Dean) and demands that Dean knot him. What he does of course +

The Novaks and Winchesters are making a barbecue in the Winchester yard. Mary and Naomi watches Dean and Cas play with his two boys, while Cas rubs his pregnant belly (Finally a girl he said earlier). They share a knowing look and smile. [sorry this was really long]

don’t you ever apologize for writing me awesome long stories in my askbox! This was so awesome.

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So I was reading some good old Woodsman fanfics, and I came across one that implied that the Woodsman's consciousness was born from Dippers magic, but it was so small that it couldn't really do anything and that it was Hendy's soul that nurtured it to the point of being self aware enough to eventually become a separate entity in Henry's body. Would that technically make the Woodsman the son of Dipper and Henry? (Dipper would be the dad and Henry would be the mom)

Oh my god.

Mabel asks Henry and Dipper this once. Especially since she just read the best TS mpreg W/A ever.

Dipper spews his drink out all over the table. Also fire. Then blood tears start to form because what did he do to deserve this, really, seriously?

The blood drains from Henry’s face, and he’s getting light headed and then proceeds to drop like a felled tree and faints on the floor.

(The kids got this on video. All according to keikaku)

Just a fic making fun of mpreg cliches

Where like Tony and Bruce are like OMFG Steve you’re pregnant??

Steve: Yup, it was a surprise, but we’re really happy- (holds Sam’s hand)
Tony: A SURPRISE?? How did it happen?

Sam: Well, Tony, sometimes, when two grownups love each other very much, the way Steve and I do-

Bruce: I know what happened— The SERUM changed your body in such a way that it enabled you to have children because the government wanted more of you!

Tony: A super soldier womb!
Bruce: Makes sense to me!
Tony: The ONLY explanation!

Steve: I’m trans.

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Cas is pregnant and of course Dean's first reaction wasn't exactly "good", but no one could really blame him, Castiel was a angel in a male vessel, he didn't had the equipment for it. But once Dean calmed down he made his mission to make Cas as comfortable as possible and provide everything he needed. Months passed and yes Dean knew Cas was pregnant and soon he would have a baby boy or girl to take care of. But the fact he was going to be a father didn't sink down until one particular day +

Dean was at the mall at and decided to stop at the baby clothes shop. It always cheered up Cas when he bought things for the baby. Was while looking at baby shirts when he saw it, was a tiny baby shirt with the symbol AC/DC in it. The shirt was so cute and tiny, Dean held it with shaking hands. And everything become more real, in a few months he would have a baby to hold, feed, take care of, teach everything and make sure she or he was safe. +

Somehow he noticed he was sobbing and tears was rolling in his face. The people around looked at him but he couldn’t stop, one pregnant lady looked at him and smiled like she get it and it was okay. After he calmed down (the pregnant lady hugged him and kept saying reassuring things) he went straight to the bunker. Cas was in their room, reading a book, he wore one of Dean’s shirts and his pregnant tummy stretching it with all it worth. +

Cas smiled at him after he noticed Dean’s presence in the room. Dean approached Cas and he lifted his shirt and kissed his tummy and petted it. After he kissed Cas lips and murmured “I love you. I love you both.” :)

This is making me all teary eyed. Dean realizing that he’s going to be a dad and this is really happening! Yes!

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(Part1) Canon AU, where Dean meets always-human!Cas during his solo hunting days. He's smitten with the younger man, and hates the fact that he'll have to leave one day. The young bakery owner is equally smitten and soon enough they begin dating. Dean abandons the crappy motel and starts living with Cas. He and Cas have the longest relationship Dean has ever had.

Part 2) Then he hears his fathers voicemail and realizes that he has to leave and get Sammy so that they can hunt their father down. Cas is heartbroken, and Dean can’t help but shed a few tear himself. Fast forward a some years and Dean and Sam drive into the same town where Dean met Cas. Dean is nervous to see the blue eyed beauty again, and regrets not telling Sam about him.

(Part 3) Dean has already been to hell before Gabriel raises him from hell, but facing his old lover seems a little more scary. Imagine his surprise when he runs into Cas and finds him even more beautiful than before, but what’s really surprising is the little boy and girl with the blue/green eyes and freckles.

*screaming* Dean, you’re a daddy!