It’s mpreg month!

alright, everyone, here’s the deal!

write any fics, make/draw any sort of art, make a playlist, anything related to mpreg and tag it with mpregmonth

the “month” will technically start in may, BUT i will be sorting through them from now on, so if you draw something next week, it’ll still be included!

i know not everyone likes mpreg, and no one is forcing you to. only participate if you want, please do not kink shame anyone

tag your stuff with all the extra kinks you have, like subspace, spanking, etc.

it can either be pregnant!louis or pregnant!harry, or both, get creative! 


so, keep your eyes open for anything good and make sure to tag it!

(big thank you to kara for drawing me this amazing photo and kimberly for helping me plan it and making into a banner!)

let the pregnancy fluff/smut and fun kid fics begin!

(i’ll be working on many mpreg fics for the month!)

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From birthday anon: Pretty please write Otayuri mpreg as a surprise to when I wake up tomorrow? ^^'

Happy Birthday anon! I haven’t written mpreg in months so I hope this meets your expectations

more Otayuri mpreg

“I hate you.” Yuri grumbled as he stood in the entryway to their living room. Otabek looked up from the papers he was reading over, glasses perched on his nose. He had gotten a job teaching literature at a local high school right after he had gotten his degree and was current in his first year of teaching. It was stressful for him and on Yuri but they managed.

Otabek smirked as he watched Yuri press his hands into his bulging stomach with a scowl. “You weren’t complaining when it happened.”

Yuri ignited in a blush and he turned his head away. “Sh-Shut up.”

Otabek chuckled and shifted on the couch, making room for his husband to sit down. Yuri all but collapsed into the seat beside him and leaned on Otabek, head resting on his shoulder.

“I thought of a name for him.” Yuri poked at his stomach. Otabek hummed in response.

“I wanna name him Nikolai. You know, after my grandfather.” Otabek could hear the hesitation in Yuri’s voice and met wary eyes. Otabek pinched his chin affectionately and brought their lips together with a soft smile.

“It’s perfect. Yekaterina and Nikolai. Sounds nice.” Yuri broke into a wide smile and wrapped his arms around one of Otabek’s.

“Is she sleeping?” Otabek asked as he shuffled through his papers, Yuri’s presence not a bother to him.

Yuri made a noise of affirmation. “She was sad that Papa wasn’t there to read her a bed time story. She doesn’t like my voices very much.”

“That’s because you don’t put enough effort into it.”

Yuri stuck his tongue out at him and heaved a sigh. “Soon we’re going to have two kids in this joint.”

Otabek nodded and glanced down at Yuri’s stomach. Even though Yuri was wearing Otabek’s bulky shirt (and was much taller than him now), Yuri was still swimming in it. He was lithe aside from the swollen bump right in the center. There was no hiding that.

“Do you think it’s going to be too crowded?” Yuri asked.

“No.” Otabek answered immediately and settled back against the cushions, pushing his hand under the shirt. Yuri sighed as the warmth of Otabek’s hand caressed his stomach. The baby - Nikolai - gave a small kick and Otabek chuckled.

“He likes me more than you already.”

Yuri shoved Otabek’s hand away and tried his best to bring his knees to his chest to block out wandering hands but failed. He huffed. “You really don’t think we’ll have to move?”

Otabek glanced around their apartment. It wasn’t the largest apartment but they could fit here cozily. Though, Otabek would like to get a dog and have a yard and do the white picket fence like they did in American movies.

“We’ll cross that line when we have to.” Otabek decided. He kissed Yuri softly and moved his hand to rub his stomach again. Nikolai kicked again. “For now, I think we’re good right here.”

Yuri sighed into the kiss and decided to let it go for now.

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Do you read fics? If so what are your favorite Sekai fanfics? :)

  • Posted on 15.04.05

i do~, but i didn’t read much sekai fanfics since i’m kind of person who can enjoy reading sekai fic that i love repeatedly. and i do read only top kai and bottom sehun.

here are my fav sekai fics :

SF :

- We’re Pretty And Sick; We’re Young And We’re Bored | R | ( Sehun transfers high school to a wealthy part of Seoul and meets the whirlwind that’s Kim Jongin.)

-Take Back The Night Sehun finally returns to Jongin and hot reunion sex ensues. |NC-17| (Sequel to We’re Pretty and Sick; We’re Young And We’re Bored even though it’s 8 months too late).

- DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. | NC-17 | (don’t call me baby)

- Lost kitten. | NC-17, fluff, smut | 
(Without a clue as to who he is besides his own name, Sehun wanders into Dr. Kim’s office.)

- Falling Out | G | (Baekyeol breaks up and Sehun steps in to help. Will he be able to save the relationship when the cause of breakup is his own man?)

- One Uncomplicated Life, To Go Please | PG | (Sehun serves behind the counter in a café & pastry shop while Jongin goes to college.)

- Talking Kai | G | (In which Kai is a talking Sim in Sehun’s most loved, more than how much he loves his bestfriend, and trusted iPad.)

- The One Who Makes You Happy | G | (Sehun shows Jongin a compilation of their memories together through photos.) ps. unfortunately the pictures that were used in this fic were removed by the owner ;’(

- Trying To Tell You No But My Body Keeps On Telling You Yes |NC-17| (Oh Sehun has a tiny little crush on Kim Jongin.)

- What If  | G | (Jongin wants to protect Sehun so he keeps their relationship a secret. But what if what he wants makes him sad?)

- Yellow Zinnia | G | (It’s that day.) ps. so beautiful, but it’s the only character death that i read, and i swear to myself that i will never read this kind of sekai fic again

- My Heart Is So Lost Because You Took It With You | R | (Sehun was away on the Eve of Christmas Day so Jongin decided to be all sappy and disgusting and gross and, you get it.)

- When You Say You Love Me, Know I Love You More | G | (Not only the year is saying good bye but so is he, or not?)

- A Man Provides | Wolfau |

- Stupid NGs | G | 

- Perfect To Me | Fluff | 

- Sehunnie’s BFF | Fluff |

- Feel This Moment |NC-17|

Series :

- Overlapping Worlds [ i ii iii iv v final story video ] | G | (They live in the same house, in the same space, at the same time. In the same world, but not really.)

- Safe (Lost Memory) [ i ii iii iv v hidden part vi vii viii final ] | G | (He always carries a gun. He probably carries a code. He has never wanted to protect a man all his life. Until he is lost. Who is he protecting? And who is he protecting him from?)

- Absentia [ i ii iii iv v vi vii final playlist ] |NC-17, Drama| (Sehun wishes to see the future. He unknowingly jumps in time and loses five years in the past. Slowly, he realizes, he didn’t only lose time. He lost a lot.) ps. i love this fic but i can only read for once.

- Chance [ 1, 2, 3, 4, Special 5] | Fluff, Mpreg |

- Can I just Alohomora your heart for me? | Fluff, HarryPotterAu | NOT COMPLETE YET

The below sekai fics are belong to one of my favorite sekai writer FishMeAnEXo

- Everlasting Summer | G, Romantic | (Everyone wants their summer to last.)

- Kitty Wants It | Fluff, CatboyAu Smut|

- Yes, Boss | Smut |

- Lapse of Etiquette 1 & 2 | Wolfau, Fluffyangst, Mpreg |

- Once Upon A Time | Fluffy, Romanticcomedy |

- I Wish I Could See You (A short sequel to Can I See You?) Ps. i love this one but you need to read  Can I See You? first.

- Ardour In Avalanche  | Wolfau, Mpreg |

- Purr Of A Catboy | Fluff,CatboyAu |

- Daddy and His Kitties | Fluff,CatboyAu, Mpreg | (A short sequel to Purr Of A Catboy)

- My Sweet Baby | Fluff, Mpreg | 

- That Wasn’t The Plan | Bondage, Smut

- It’s Just You | Fluff, Mpreg |  ( Sequel to If Not You.) i love the special sequel since i just love baby jae so much so i decide to put it on my fav sekai fics lol

- My Crazy Stalker  | Fluffy, Comedy |

is that too much ?? lol~ but i think those are all my most favorite sekai fics ^^ ♥

  • Update 15.04.13 :

- Bittersweet | G | jongin lives as a member of poor carnival troupe, until one day he’s takes in by a rich man to live with him and be the companion of his sick son.

  • Update 15.05.10 :

- Garden city movement | R | In which Sehun starts his senior year of college with a new roommate – Jongin has one too many demons to fight.

  • Update 15.07.07 :

- Room 301. |smut , hybridau| Jongin is a dog hybrid who’s lived at the veterinary hospital his whole life and Sehun is a cat hybrid who’s Jongin’s new next door neighbour.

  • Update 15.08.06 :

- My Angel  | Smut, Fluff, Little Angst | Having a pampering sugar daddy may not be a bad idea after all.

  • Update 15.11.07 :

- Hypernova | Smut,Fluff, Non-AU| The story of how Jongin and Sehun’s friendship forms, strengthens, and delves into love over the years.

  • Update 16.01.03 :

- Territorial Boundaries |Fluff, Smut, Mpreg, Hybridau| Sehun get’s a hybrid puppy for his 8th birthday. The two grow attached to each other. 10 years pass by and Sehun notices some changes in his pup. It was how Jongin seems to stare at him quite often with a wanton glint in his eye, or how he had turned possessive and growls at anyone who so much as laid their hands on Sehun,

- A Sinner or a Saint |Fluff, Romance|  Oh Sehun was from a strict Christian family. His father was a pastor, who had already decided Sehun’s life plans for him. When the boy Kim Jongin, with bleached blonde hair, tattoos covering his body and a couple of piercings moves into the neighbourhood, right next door to Sehun

- Somewhere Only We Know |R , Bestfriendsau| Following a divorce, Jongin’s high school love suddenly moves into his city. But it’s been years–and Osaka is full of surprises.

  • Update 16.04.12 :

- You Mean The World To Me |Fluff| jongin described sehun as his whole universe, the one who had always rotated around him and the one who kept him standing without falling apart.

- Being In Love Is Not A Crime |Fluff| In which Sehun had to marry someone he hates wholeheartedly.

- Give You Everything You Want (Everything You Need) |Fluff, ParentAU| When Sehun moved to a little town far from everything he’d ever known, he wasn’t expecting get feelings for anyone. Even less for his daughter’s annoyingly perfect kindergarten teacher.

- My Eyes Adored You |Fluff| A nerdy outcast unexpectedly gains an avid secret admirer when he moves into a new university. Who? His hot supermodel crush whom he always thought was a million miles away from him.

- Rivals at Heart. |RivalAU| Sehun never expected things to get dirty with his rival in a swimming pool.

- For His Happiness |Fluff, Mpreg, Angst| Jongin and Sehun had a good life. They had been lovers for five years, and even though Minseok wasn’t his son, Sehun had raised him with Jongin since the child was four.Everything was perfect.Until the father of Minseok and the love of Jongin’s life came back, and Jongin’s special smile returned.What could Sehun do but back away from the life that never really belonged to him in the first place?

  • Update 16.07.04 :

- Starlight  |Fluff, Mpreg| Three months down the road, and things never seem to be boring in the lives of Sehun and Jongin. sequel to For His Happiness.

-Suffer, demon |Smut,Fluff| it’s sehun’s birthday, he’s got ticklish hip bones, and he thinks he might pass out a little when he’s fucked on his back

- J |Fluff, Smut,HighSchoolAU| Jongin just wants to show the world that Sehun is his.

  • Update 17.01.29 :

- The story of a deal turned love |Angst, Romance, Mpreg| Sehun and Jongin are forced to marry in order to produce their hair.

- Pregnant with my best friend’s baby  |Angst, Romance, Mpreg| Sehun was in love with his best friend. Nothing new here.But one night will change everything between them. Sehun doesn’t regret it but how long before Jongin finds out the trust.

  • Update 17.02.05 :

- So Baby Come Light Me Up |Omegaverse, ABOAU| Getting a new student is a rarity in the first place, but someone transferring a quarter into the school year is basically unheard of. Why the son of one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the country has suddenly decided to come to their school is a mystery. Even more so when the son in question is an alpha.

  • Update 17.09.11 : 

- Sweater Weather |Fluff, Romance, Mpreg|  At the age of sixteen Sehun got pregnant because of Jongin, the school’s biggest playboy. And because Jongin didn’t give a fuck about him and the child, Sehun moved on with his life.A single parent at sixteen.Years later, Sehun and Jongin met again.

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Hi Capitu. Do you have a rec list for any MPreg Drarry fics? It can be MPreg Harry or MPreg Draco. Thanks :)

Oh, Anon! Mpreg is definitely on my top five favourite tropes, so I do have some recs for you. :)

I know there are many Mpreg rec lists around, so I tried to make this list as varied as possible. I hope that works for you, anon! <3

The Green Vial by @eidheann (NC-17, 31,2K, Mpreg!Draco)
Summary: After months of seeing Harry Potter walk into his Apothecary disappointed and hopeless, Draco offers to carry the baby that Harry can’t. Now he’s just got to hide the fact that he’s been half in love with Harry for years.
My notes: So much love for this fic. Oh god. Where to start? ^^ Okay. Harry goes to Draco’s Apothecary looking for a pregnancy potion, but it’s just not working for Harry, so eventually Draco offers to carry his child for him. OH MY GOD. Do you see that? It’s beautiful and angsty and there’s pining. It’s truly fantastic. @Eidheann has written some of my all-time fave Mpregs though, she has more (all mpreg!Draco): Beggars Would Ride (NC-17, 37K), The Blame Game (NC-17, 1,6K, a smutty thing that is delicious) A Dream of Waking (NC-17, 15,7K comes with Infidelity warning, but the ending is beautiful!) to name a few. :)

A Day at the Park by @taradiane (NC-17, 23K, Mpreg!Draco)
Summary: A not-so-chance encounter at a park sets the course for a shocking discovery that would change Harry’s life forever.
My notes: !!!! Oh my god!!!! Well, @taradiane has written some of my favourite stories. Chief among Some Kind of Wonderful (NC-17, 34,6K Mpreg!Draco, and seriously, read this now. I know I’ve mentioned this fic before, but omg, I must!), and this is another perfect story. A young boy keeps seeking Harry (who is a photographer!!!!) at the park, and soon we learn he’s Draco’s son, and soon we learn the whole story behind. Gorgeous.

Labour of Love by coffeejunkii (PG-13, 8,9K, Mpreg!Harry)
Summary: When unexpected events throw Draco and Harry’s routine off its established track, they have to work hard to find a new way of fitting their lives together.
My notes: Unexpected pregnancy, established relationship, Healer!Draco and absolutely gorgeous, this fic. Oh my god. Just thinking about it makes me what to read it again. Truly gentle and lovely. This author has written others Mpreg fics that you simply have to read: Where You Belong (PG-13, 11,9K, Mpreg!Draco), and Harry and Draco Go to Kentucky Fried Chicken (PG-13, 3,6K, Mpreg!Draco). These are every bit as wonderful.

If Wishes Were Children by oldenuf2nb (NC-17, 15K, Mpreg!Draco)
Summary: Harry Potter has tried to move on with his life after Draco Malfoy walked away from him months before with little or no explanation, but it’s been hard. Then, on a joyous day at the Burrow, Narcissa Malfoy makes an unexpected appearance…
My notes: This is wonderful and sweet. Narcissa goes looking for Harry without Draco knowing and then Harry understands why Draco vanished from his life all those months ago. This fic has several sequels. You can find all the links to each here.  This is another author that has written more Mpreg fics: What Ron Weasley Will Never Understand (PG-13, 5,4K, Mpreg!Draco), Close To Ever After (R, 15K, Mpreg!Draco, a sort of Harry/Draco version of Beauty and the Beast).

Practicing the Same Religion by geoviki (R, 18K, Mpreg!Draco)
Summary: Harry thought he knew how far Draco Malfoy would go to save his family, but nothing could have prepared him for what he would witness this time.
My notes: Wonderful, down on his luck!Draco and Mpreg, can’t get any better, truly. ^^

Normal is the Watchword by lamerezouille (PG, 30K, Mpreg!Harry – past)
Summary: This story is about love and family and yes, maybe it’s not supposed to be about Jamie exactly, but Draco and Harry are very stubborn and Jamie’s just a kid, you can’t expect him to completely extract himself from a story he’s actually living, right?
My notes: This fic is super awesome. It’s told from Jamie’s POV, Harry’s son, and it starts when he goes to Hogwarts and meets Professor Malfoy, which is when Harry has to come clean about a few things. It’s wonderful and fun, and Jamie’s POV is beautiful. :)

Second First Changes by megyal (R, 16K, Mpreg!Harry)
Summary: There are only two good facts about Harry and Draco’s disastrous marriage: it had been relatively short, and they had managed to produce a very lovely child. However, if they don’t work together, they just might lose him.
My notes: A lot of feels in this fic. It’s going to make your heart ache, but don’t worry, it’s going to be OK, trust me! This story starts when we learn Harry and Draco break their marriage. Then though we see their child getting increasingly sick, distressing Harry and Draco, and of course, this brings them closer again. Beautiful story.

To Create A Life by ravepan (PG, 10K, Mpreg!Harry)
Summary: Harry’s never been good about listening when someone tells him ‘no’.
My notes: It’s one of those fics you read with a smile on your face. It starts when Harry has a nightmare – and that nightmare is the epilogue. He Floos Draco (they are married), who is working abroad and then decides he wans to have a child. It’s a little bit crazy and a lot of fun. There’s mention of PTSD, but it only makes it more lovely.

The Shadowy Corners by Kedavranox (NC-17, 29K, Mpreg!Draco)
Summary: Fifteen years after the war, Draco is still struggling to survive. Living in squalor and under heavy Ministry restrictions, Draco takes Pansy’s advice on an option he had never thought to consider before. A means to regain everything he lost and more, courtesy of the wizarding hero –Harry Potter.
My notes: God, gorgeous angst, this fic is an emotional roller-coaster, let me tell you. It hurts, but it hurts so, so good.

If I Had Waited Another day by litharalen (NC-17, 46K, Mpreg!Harry)
Summary: Harry was tired of waiting. He wanted a baby, and he wanted one now! Until he realized whomever said ‘Patience is a virtue,’ might have been on to something.
My notes: This fic is loosely based on The Back-Up Plan. And there’s hung!Draco here (okay, I admit it, I have a size kink!!!). Harry has always wanted a family, he just can’t find the right men, and uses a sperm donor. Then he meets Draco again. Sounds great, yeah? It’s is! (Seriously, hot sex, hung!Draco, yum.)

“I’d Rather Change Nappies Than Have My Cock Sucked” and Other Ravings of a Pregnant Wizard by Frayach (NC-17, 23,9K, Mpreg!Draco)
Summary: Like everything else between Harry and Draco, pregnancy and child rearing are fraught with drama.
My notes: This is the journey Harry and Draco go through after they have their first child. It’s incredible, there’s a lot of angst and in this fic, but I think there’s also a lot of love. This is another fic that hurts so good. Don’t pass it!

in the electricity of your touch by @tryslora (NC-17, 24,7K, Mpreg!Harry)
Summary: After returning to Hogwarts after the war, Harry realizes he has nothing to do. There is nothing to chase, or to fight. Why, then does he feel as if there is something pricking under his skin? And why does it feel like he’s struck by lightning every time Draco Malfoy touches him? There’s only one explanation: Draco Malfoy is up to something, and Harry has to find out what it is and put a stop to it.
My notes: There’s also Alpha/Omega dynamics in this fic, and let me tell you, the pull Harry felt to Draco, both confusing and unstoppable for Harry, truly amazing. Ah, so much longing! Such a lovely ending. Wonderful, Luna is also wonderful in this fic. :D @Tryslora has written many Mpreg fics as well: Paint Me Better Off (NC-17, 10K Mpreg!Draco), Only In My Dreams (NC-17, 9,7K, Mpreg!Harry), come with me into the light (PG-13, 21,2K) to name a few. Do check them. :)

This was way harder than I thought. I didn’t get to mention The Silent World Within You by Femme and Noeon or Things that Change by eutychides or Baby It’s You by @firethesound and so many more that I would love to. But I do offer you my Mpreg!Draco and Mpreg!Harry tags, for even more Mpreg fics. 


Top 10 longest fics posted on AO3 this month

1. For the Price of a Soul by @silvercookiedust [M, 410.7k]

When Vernon Dursley’s abuse escalates to unbearable levels, Harry Potter makes a deal that gives him incredible power at the tips of his fingers. Ten years down the line he’s going to have to pay for it, but a lot can happen in ten years. 

2. Interview With The Hero by scoradh [E, 71k]

At the age of twenty-five, Draco is confronted with the past he’d rather not remember and the questions that still need answering. Still, a little Slytherin guile goes a long way. The only problem is that he might discover more than he bargained on about the people he thought he knew.  

3. Queen of Hearts by scoradh [E, 64.5k]

A spectre is haunting Harry - the responsibility of his destiny. It looms over his future and, more importantly, over the future of his friends. Harry is determined to exorcise this spectre for the greater good, but on the way, he enters into a few unholy alliances. 
H/D Big Bang 2005

4. The Fall of the Veils by @letteredlettered [M, 60.5k]

This is the fic where Muggles find out about wizards, wars are fought, Apparition is abolished, political conspiracies abound, Draco is asexual, and Harry has Legilimency sex with him. 
★ The Harry/Draco Remix Challenge 2014

5. That Way Lies Camelot by scoradh [M, 54.6k]

The road to victory is forced to take a few detours, as Harry stumbles across all manner of unexpected things. Not least of these is one Draco Malfoy. However, the most unexpected thing of all is Harry himself - that, and the teapots. 
★ H/D Big Bang 2006

6. Of Fates Entwined: A Story of Love Lost and Found by taradiane [E, 51.5k]

Harry Potter vanished without a trace from his home on a warm summer morning in June 2004. This is the story of how a random visit in a cafe on the other side of the world, six years later, proved that the ties which entwine our fates together can never be broken. 
★ H/D Smoochfest 2010

7. Quantum Leap by scoradh [M, 50.k]

In a multiverse of endless possibilities, everything we imagine exists somewhere. The bad choices we didn’t make, the good choices we should have made and, most of all, the choices we wish we’d made. This is a story about the choices that change the world. 
★ H/D Big Bang 2008

8. Stop All the Clocks (This Is the Last Time I’m Leaving Without You) by @firethesound [E, 44.7k]

Living with Draco was difficult; living without him is unbearable. But if there’s one thing Harry learned from the war, it’s that even when one life ends, the rest of the world goes right on living. 
H/D Hurt!Fest 2014

9. A Multitude of Sins by cryptonym [E, 40.9k]

Peter 4:8 - Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 
H/D Hurt!Fest 2014

10. Anything But Ordinary by 0idontknow0 [E, 37.8k]

“I got someone pregnant,” he said. “Draco Malfoy to be specific.” 
★ H/D Mpreg Fest 2013

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Ooh! Continuing on the idea of that last mpreg ask: Ed gets so frustrated with Os's whining about the movement that he drags him to the doctor to try to prove Os wrong and rub it in his face. Imagine his surprise when the doctor says that they're going to be parents in a few short months!

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I know you already did something like this, but do you have any fic where Derek protects Stiles because they're mates or soul bonded?

We do. We also have a mates tag and protective!Derek. - Anastasia

Originally posted by anjaar2708

Let me take care of you by LillianDeLooney

(1/1 I 3,434 I Mature I Sterek I MPreg)

Stiles is six months pregnant with Derek’s babies when his mate gets home as a teenager, somehow having gotten de-aged again. Their mate bond is still strong, however, and all Derek wants to do is take care of Stiles…

CSI: Beacon Hills by Jerakeen

(1/1 I 8,243 I Teen I Sterek I Deputy!Derek)

Back when Stiles was in high school Beacon Hills didn’t have a crime lab, because they simply didn’t need one. Those were the days.

Food for Thought by Lunabell_Marauder_Knyte

(1/1 I 12,247 I Teen I Sterek I MPreg)

It starts out with Stiles stress-cooking and having too much food. It evolves to Derek’s wolves seeing Stiles as more as Scott’s human-walking-Wikipedia and actually seeing him as being a caring being who feeds them real food. It turns to actual friendship, and the caring Stiles is doing is not unseen by Derek…he just tried really hard to ignore it. Key word being tried. His wolf though…has other ideas.

That was a few months ago. Christmas is almost here, the wolves are clingy and protective, Derek’s freaking out because he’s going to be an actual father, not just a pseudo one. And Stiles? Stiles is baking his famous gingerbread man(wolf) cookies, which Scott swears that taste like Stiles’ best hugs when you bite into them.

Karma Is A Bitch by Brego_Mellon_Nin

(1/1 I 17,220 I Explicit I Sterek I MPreg)

Ironically, Stiles was just returning to his dorm after failed negotiations about a possible adoption agreement with a local pack, when he saw the fairy. She was cornered and he was unable to curb his protective instincts.

The fight was short and Stiles was left with only a blooming bruise on his jaw when the bullies scurried away. As a thank you, the fairy wanted to grant him a wish.

Who knew what a bit of fairy fertility magic could do?

The Boy Is Mine, You Bonkers! by frownypup

(3/3 I 35,553 I Explicit I Sterek I Oblivious!Stiles)

It turns out that the words ‘a painfully smart and brave unclaimed human who is stupidly unutilized in Beacon Hill’s pack’ became the hottest gossip in werewolf underground. Yes, what the hell. Stiles’ existence has changed from a plankton to a rising sun.

Derek Hale has something he needs to say about it.

I’m (Not) Fine by Desmenn

(6/6 I 50,029 I Teen I Sterek I Werewolves Are Known)

Scott is finally old enough to get bitten and turned. He doesn’t even hesitate. Which leaves Stiles alone while his best friend runs off chasing girls and wolves. But trying to cheer up some melodramatic teenage boy is not at the top of the list of things that need to be done- and Stiles’ knows it. Because there are people in town threatening the Hale pack and Derek can’t shake this sense of foreboding. Not to mention he’s pretty sure one of Scott’s friends is his mate.

Weave Soft Spells Over My Sight (As Thy False Eyes Do) by AgnesBlue

(2/2 I 51,424 I Teen I Sterek I Older!Stiles)

Derek had blossomed steadily over the past year, growing into his ears and turning even more handsome, if that were possible. But instead of going out and melting the panties off the girls, suddenly he was coming to Stiles all bashed in, demanding that he patch him up like Stiles was some freelance nurse. It was a familiar pattern by now.

In which Stiles has been living with the Hales for a few years as their assistant and friend. He needs to deal with Derek, who keeps coming to Stiles with bruises and cuts to be treated, while trying to figure out what the elderly alpha of the Hale pack is up to.

Sacrifice by Nival_Vixen

(12/? I 53,297 I Explicit I Sterek I ABO)

There are werewolves in the world. They are regarded as nothing but barbaric animals who require a yearly sacrifice to keep them at bay. In Beacon Hills, the Argents select a sacrifice every year, and Kate Argent has been eyeing Stiles off for the past three years, but his status as the Sheriff’s son has saved him each time. Four days after his father’s death, Stiles is selected as the town’s sacrifice.

He’s taken in by the Hales and learns all about werewolves - including the fact that he’s now Derek’s mate. They have to work things out together, which could prove difficult when Stiles can’t actually leave the Hale house on his own yet. Then a war starts, one that has been boiling under the surface for years, unknown but to a select few. When Stiles gets caught up in this war, he’s pitted against Scott, his former best friend who has become one of the Argent’s best hunters.

In between all of this, Stiles has to choose between staying a human or becoming a wolf.

Anything for the Pack: Beginning by Mishteeshim

(25/25 I 73,564 I General I Sterek I Magic!Stiles)

Everyone in Beacon Hills more inhuman than human knew about the new Hale Pack. If you were tired, they offered respite. If you were hunted, they offered shelter. If you were being followed, they hid your scent.

In Beacon Hills you were under the protection of the Pack, if you followed their rules.

Settle Down by wearing_tearing, whatthehale

(19/19 I 153,181 I Explicit I Sterek I Mpreg)

Stiles is a struggling author barely making ends meet.

Derek is a successful architect whose biological clock is ticking.

Enter a surrogacy agency, two packs, and a particularly sticky and toe curling heat week and you get a match made in heaven.

thealternativesource  asked:

Hiya. I've been having a couple bad mental health days and I was wondering if you had some happy fics to brighten my day? Or fics where Sterek take care of each other? Just need a smile/hug right about now. Thank you!

Sorry to hear it, bb!  Hope you’re doing better now, and if not, hope these fics brighten your day.  <3  -Emmy

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Temptation by stilinski_wolf 

(1,676 I Mature I Complete)  *married!sterek

Derek gets called into work a few days before his and Stiles’ official honeymoon is over.

If only his husband wasn’t so tempting, then Derek would be able to get to work on time.

But Derek has always had a hard time resisting Stiles.

Raising a White Flag by hazelandglasz 

(1,746 I Mature I Complete)  *married!sterek, parents!sterek

Derek would love to look away from the mirror, and join his family, really, he would.
But he can’t.
Trust Stiles to make him focus on something else ;)

Unexpected Visitor by Cobrilee 

(2,367 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles is sick, and alone on Christmas Eve. Derek shows up to check in on him, and stays. 

Derek and Dessert by Inell 

(2,503 I Teen I Complete)

After an exhausting day, Stiles indulges in a bubble bath with two of his favorite things: Derek and dessert.

Let Me Take Care of You by LillianDeLooney 

(3,434 I Mature I Complete)   *mpreg

Stiles is six months pregnant with Derek’s babies when his mate gets home as a teenager, somehow having gotten de-aged again. Their mate bond is still strong, however, and all Derek wants to do is take care of Stiles…

Tumblr Fic:  Bakery Owner!Derek by yodas-yo-yo

Derek owns a bakery and Stiles comes in wanting something for a broken heart (very over-dramatic about it) but he gets so distracted by the cake (muscles) that he totally forgets alllll about it.

Baby, It’s Valentine’s Day by Siriusstuff 

(4,173 I Mature I Complete)  *married!sterek, parents!sterek

A Valentine’s Day in the life of Stiles, Derek and Teo.

Physical Therapy by dragon_temeraire 

(4,692 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles gets hurt, and discovers that Derek has some special skills.

When the Strings Attached by oblivions172 

(7,309 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek and Stiles were fuckbuddies until they weren’t.

Kiss It Better by Stilienski 

(7,716 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles doesn’t know how to deal with the aftermath of the Nogitsune. Derek tries to help.
By letting Stiles punch his cushion.

Sometimes Love Is Just Crayons by augopher 

(10,404 I Teen I Complete)

With their wedding only days away, Stiles helps Derek get a lot off his chest. The wedding turns out perfect, and Stiles gets a heartfelt gift from Derek.

Gracious in Defeat by yodasyoyo 

(18,136 I Mature I Complete)

Stiles needs to get away from Beacon Hills after the end of his senior year. Derek offers to let him stay with him in São Paulo, and they finally act on the tension that has always simmered between them.

The thing is, when it’s time to go home- Stiles doesn’t want to leave.

DILF by twentysomething 

(30,971 I Explicit I Complete)

“Today is Scott’s first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.”

Star-Crossed by cloudsarefluffy 

(32,949 I Mature I Complete)

My friend sent this to me on Tumblr: “I officially challenge sunshinexlollipops to write me a fluffy Sterek fic. No angst except for one small paragraph and it can not be major. High school AU. Stiles is a nerd, Derek is a jock. Tutor!Stiles. They fall in love.

Challenge accepted, Krista… Sort of?

Derek clears his throat quietly, resuming his plan on retrieving the boy’s mythology book, “Y-You dropped this…”

“I know, but- thanks.”

The boy snatches the book out of Derek’s hand with his mortification filling the air in a sharp, heady scent that has Derek’s wolf mentally salivating, “You’re welcome… Uh, do you know where the tutor session thing is supposed to be?”

“T-That’s me,” with another addition of pink to his cheeks, the boy rushes to correct himself a little, “I mean, I’m the tutor here and this is supposed to be- oh god, I’m really butchering this, aren’t I?”
Through The Good, And The Bad, And The Ugly

Summary: “The pregnancy will obviously change some aspects of our friendship. With our new responsibilities with having a baby and such, but I think we will still be best mates. We’ll just be best mates who have a baby together.”


Harry gets Louis pregnant on a drunken night. It’s a bumpy road ahead.