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Catcent moment–> 9/11 Memorial

This is one of the scenes that just made me love episode 2x04 so much more. This was the scene I have been waiting for, envisioned, and hoped the writers would make. One of the things that I love about Beauty and the Beast is how they tied a real life tragedy into the show to make it feel a little more real. After learning Vincent’s brothers died in the towers, I always wanted a scene where both Vincent and Catherine would go the 9/11 memorial and look for both William and Daniel’s names. And we somewhat got that scene.

It was great all around for Vincent to talk about his brother with Catherine. And to also have Catherine know about the Keller boys (I have to admit, a little smile formed when Catherine questioned if Aaron was related to William and Vincent Keller. We’ve never heard her talk about them before)


MPQ’s pick for Most Underrated Pink Ranger : Katherine “Kat” Hillard

Yeah this shouldn’t be a surprise for those of you who follow me. I’ll be honest, Kat gets a lot of crap from those who refuse to remove their Kimberly and/or Tomberly glasses and see the character away from all that (who is strong, sweet, intelligent, and bold at times). Instead she’s seen as a fake lying-stealing man whore who is weak because of the character she replaced.


Congrats to our own Jay Ryan. He ranked #4 on BuzzFeed’s top 100 Australian Hotties for 2015 (which is weird since he’s from New Zealand, but hey close enough right lol). And if that wasn’t enough, Jay not only beat out Hawaii Five-0’s leading Australian hunk Alex O'Loughlin (#18) but also Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman (#17)  

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