I don’t know guys but I don’t think haru stabbed Tokaku, just look closely at their hands, there’s no way either of them are holding a knife, we’d see it most likely. Also, how would Tokaku get that scar that looks like the inflicted cut of tokaku’s knife (like with haruki for ex)if she had been the only one there, haru doesn’t have any weapons on her so unless the girl got some mad nails, then I think the real Tokaku did that with her knife, like look at the picture with her and the knife, other Tokaku which is most likely nio, is using a sword we have never seen Tokaku use before. Also sword-tokaku eyes are more darker deeper meaner but knife-Tokaku looks more like the Tokaku eyes we’ve seen before when it comes to PROTECTING haru.

I think that black envelope was saying where they were at or something idk why but I just feel like the stabbed Tokaku is nio using her bird tattoo powers to create an illusion of Tokaku and to get a better grip on Tokaku herself, she touched haru in episode 11’s handholding yellow and bad vibe-y scene and peeked into haru’s mind, searching for the thing she feared most, which was Tokaku turning on her(Otoya was scared when she looked at nio in episode 10)

they wouldn’t have those recent scenes with her and the tattoos if it didn’t signify anything in the show you know.
I feel like this could be a scenario but I’m still wondering either way how Tokaku got down there. Also that last scene in the preview is probably a hug and the tears in haru eyes is that kind of shocked relief and mixed overwhelming emotions and it kind if looks like Tokaku initiated it or maybe both of them did
And then there has to be a kiss after that because come on its a YURI
Even angel trumpet as explained, so this will come to play.

I wish someone on tumblr could sub the preview and tell us everything that was said


 my brain just came up with something else again regarding ANR theories of episode 11/12. You know how the true purpose for black class was to test haru to see if she could head their clan an all of those things that yuri said? And remember how tokaku at the end attacked haru? Well if you remember earlier during the true orientation, nio and yuri looked at the black envelope, like they were planning something while talking to tokaku?

What if  the REAL final test to see if haru is able to head the clan is if she can kill/defeat tokaku? Yuri has been watching tokaku and haru interact as has been hinted in the previous episodes, so she’d know it’d make a good trial. And nio, who might hold magic, (after all she didn’t have any melee weapon in the fighting scenes of the opening and  she has her weird tattoos and excessive knowledge of Azuma and the “K’ clans.) might have done something to haru in that weird and bad vibe-y as heck hand holding scene. Like maybe this tokaku is an illusion but they want to see how haru would fair with this scenario and if she truly can be the head of their apparently super important clan. 

I also think that Nio might be a canidate as well and have some variation of Haru’s queen bee power. Or if not that, maybe because of how yuri saved her, she wants to be the next leader, and doesn’t want haru to have that position. She essentially even says that haru wouldn’t fit as the head leader "Unlike us, you belong in the world of broad daylight.”  

Plus, no one except clan members can get into the cemetery area, so how would tokaku get in their? she definitely doesn’t know where haru went because  when she first saw she was gone, she went to take a shower, and then talked to dice bastard. That’s a little bit of a while since haru went to nio to ask to be taken to see yuri. I mean unless tokaku has gay4harusenses…XD 

now, what i’m wondering is, is that the real tokaku did see the black envelope in her droor, but what did it entail, a notice? or a letter maybe regarding haru’s whereabouts, or maybe tokaku off screen had come to terms with her wish and her wish was to test to see if she really was under the queen bee influence, and so she got a new notice and isn’t going to kill haru but see if she can at least hurt her?  

Nio also said she’d come for her later, well what else did she go to do in such short time? maybe create the illusion and write down tokaku’s name on HER notice, because she still has one. Just like isuke did with banba shinya.  Also, yes in that one picture tokaku is holding the same sword, so even though her choice of weapon is a knife, that could be her sword also, maybe a family heirloom, but i mean we never saw her with it before now? could it be Nio’s or just some random fancy sword, Idk about that one right there.

Lastly, something gives me a very bad feeling when Nio’s around. (That hand holding scene was not cute, i swear she was doing something demonic to haru, okay it might of been somewhat cute, tokaharu for the win though) There’s so many scenrios and theories I’ve seen but each kind of have some type of plot-hole, so i am wondering how they will do this all in one more episode? 

Also i think the answer to the last riddle (though there are not really answers, but if there was they would come from inside  tokaku according to dice bastard) is “Love” like maybe tokaku realizes that the reason she came to want to protect haru was because she fell and is in love with her. (remember she asked herself why did she come to protect haru in the heart-breaking shower scene ;/)   and  realizing that, she comes to save the day like in that newtype picture below of her holding haru protectively from a sinister looking nio. though this seems a bit too happy so there might be something bad to balance it out, a bittersweet ending is where i see this anime going.  I feel like nio might kill herself aslo, because of that ending song…                                                        

I just need a kiss, the gayest kiss of all kisses between them, that’s all i’m asking for. 

This got way too long again, sorry for those who actually read the whole thing.