MPM4B - 2011/11/10

MPM4B stands for Monthly Prayer Minute for Brian. ^^ We pray for Brian, friends, fans, and more on the 10th of every month. I usually ask fans what you’d like to pray for for Brian and keep track of your prayer requests.


Prayer items for November 10th, 2011:

- Brian’s upcoming projects: Pray that God will lead Brian no matter what projects he may be involved with and that Brian will trust Him wholeheartedly. Brian will be part of the cast of “Immortal Song 2” starting Nov. 14th (day of recording). Pray that he will have the confidence to perform well and that he will just do his best and not put too much pressure on himself. Also, pray for continuous fan support for Brian; for example, fans can go to the “Wave K” recordings and other shows/events to show their support. Pray for the plans for his new single or album to proceed smoothly as well.
- Brian’s health: Pray that Brian will maintain good health as he goes about his schedules. May he be able to get good rest at night and eat healthy food while balancing his time for other activities such as working out, relaxing with friends, etc. Pray that Brian will keep a close watch on his vocal cords so that they won’t be strained.
- 3rd Wave: Thanksgiving for the time that the 3rd Wave team along with Brian and Xander had in Malaysia last month. May God continue to water the seeds that were sown. Also, pray for the release of the Healing Hands single tomorrow (11th) and that people who listen to the song will be touched by the music and message. May God continue to lead 3rd Wave as a force in the CCM genre that will have impact throughout Asia and around the world. If there are artists that 3rd Wave should partner with for future album projects, may God prepare the way and that 3rd Wave will be able to connect and build a long-term relationship with them.
- Brian Kim: Thanksgiving for the time that Brian spent in the Philippines recently, ministering at the Feetworks Children’s Camp and seeing how God was at work. Pray for Brian and his band as they will be leading worship at Kwanglim Church tonight (10th) at 7:30pm. May God continue to fill Brian with strength to do His work and that He will speak to Brian so that he will follow the purpose and promise that God has given him. Also, Brian is heading to Japan’s Tokyo Yohan Church early December. Pray for God to prepare the way for him and move the hearts of those in Japan.
- Onnuri English Ministry: Pray for the Nefarious Screenings today (10th) at the U.S. Army Base at 2:00pm and CEO Forum at 7:00pm. May the message of the documentary leave a significant impact on those who watch. Also, pray for an important meeting on Monday (14th) with a Presidential Adviser. May God be present during this meeting and grant Pastor Eddie favour with the Presidential Adviser. Also, pray for Pastor Eddie to have the wisdom and conviction to speak about the issues of freedom and justice. Thanksgiving for the opportunity that Pastor Eddie had to be part of the Not For Sale Global Forum in the U.S. and also the Not For Sale Asia Pacific Forum in Thailand recently. Important connections were made for the fight against human trafficking and slavery in terms of partnerships and worldwide prayer support. May God continue to use Pastor Eddie and OEM along with these global partners to further His mission. Hope for Orphans was also in Korea recently. Pray for God to stir the hearts of the Church in Korea to have the vision for adoption so that all the children will have a home.
- Woonping: Pray for Woonping who is going on a mission trip from Nov. 19th-23rd. Pray that she will have the courage to share her own testimony with others. Also, pray for God to prepare the hearts of those who are part of the mission team and that they will have the confidence to speak and boldly proclaim the Good News. May God prepare the hearts of those who will be listening to their sharings as well.
- Aungnie: Pray for those in Thailand. There has been flooding throughout the country. May God protect the people so that they can get through this crisis quickly and bravely.