Today I made the decision to make a decision. Today you made a choice to make a choice. Today was then first day of tomorrow. And yesterday was the beginning of the past. I’m not sure what I believe in but I won’t lie. Oh no. I won’t lie. Today I am alive. I’m alive. All I can think of is the color blue. All I can think of is you. Only you.
—  Quoted from a story I wrote you long ago that you’ll never read
My girlfriend..

So my girlfriend is pretty laid back about most things. I give her props for not completely hating my ass for dipping. But funny story about it… she gives me shit about it all the time but the other day I was driving and she took the can out of my hand and I shit you not says, “I want to do it.” A little shocked I was like go ahead I don’t care. Her response. “no I don’t want to do it in my mouth, I want to do it in yours.” Totally thought she was joking but she wasn’t. So here I am pulled over on the side of the road, attempting to show her how to open the can. I have to show her how to pinch the dip and I’ve got my lip pulled open. She literally put a dip in my lip for me.

I love you. I love you with all your flaws and whatever you hate about yourself. I love it all. I just love you. I love the way you laugh. I love how you can’t lay still when you sleep. I won’t even complain about you accidentally punching me in the face when you aren’t completely awake yet. I love it all and I really hope you give me the chance to stick around even if I make mistakes because I love you. I love YOU. And I don’t want to lose the goofy moments or the laughter and.. god dammit I fall in love with you a little bit more every time you belt a song in the car. Everytime you think I don’t catch you looking at me I just.. I love you more. Please don’t ever leave.
That’s the hardest part about this all. Four years ago I was cocky. I thought I could conquer the world. I just flashed a smile and I knew you’d stick around. For all the wrong reasons, yeah. You were young and naive. I was older and for some reason that was appealing. But now you’ve grown up. Into a beautiful and amazing woman and the roles have been reversed. You aren’t following me around like a little puppy dog anymore… but I’m chasing you blindly like you did all those years ago. Maybe it’s karma. But I can’t help it. I loved you then and I love you so much more now. I’d follow you into the darkness without hesitation. I love that. I love that I wouldn’t even question you but at the same time that exposes a weakness within me. You could break me. Here I am, completely okay with that. Offering you my heart in your hands. You could throw it back at me, drop it on the ground, step on it or you could tuck it away and keep it safe. Maybe that’s what’s so appealing, for once I’m not completely in control and I’m okay with that because holy fuck. I love you.
—  Holy shit

One of the biggest TRANSFORMERS products of 2017 was just revealed at the Beijing and Guangzhou Midnight Sales Event—the OPTIMUS PRIME MPM-4 figure, the latest figure from the MASTERPIECE MOVIE SERIES line!


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available: Summer 2017)

Get in the action with the latest figure from the MASTERPIECE MOVIE SERIES, the OPTIMUS PRIME MPM-4 figure! Co-created by Hasbro and Tomy, the figure is inspired by the iconic OPTIMUS PRIME character in the original 2007 TRANSFORMERS film and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the TRANSFORMERS movie franchise.

Pay homage to the great AUTOBOT leader with all the detail you expect from a MASTERPIECE product, including die cast parts! The OPTIMUS PRIME MPM-4 figure converts from robot to classic truck mode and showcases Earth’s greatest protector with eye-catching detail, articulated fingers and an interchangeable mask – perfect for fans and collectors alike. The sleek, signature flame design is emblematic of his inextinguishable drive to fight for freedom.

Converts in 43 steps and comes with a Matrix of Leadership accessory and other exciting weapon accessories.

When MPM passed away in 2013, I think many of us were unspeakably heart-broken. I know what we felt was only a fraction of what those who knew MPM–her family, children, dear friends–were going through, but it did hurt. Some fans, myself included, found comfort in sharing our thoughts about this incredible woman and how her work had impacted our lives. I collected what I found and tagged them here: Remembering MPM

Beware, crying highly likely to occur upon reading.


So, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently, I’ve taken on an internship with the Milwaukee Public Museum as a botanical illustrator! Since I didn’t get an in-depth introduction to scientific illustration in college, I’m using this sort of as a catch-up course to help me get a fair grasp of the techniques and methods used in the field. 

I’ll be posting more of my work later, but for now (in honor of a full day of stipple work I’m slowly getting through), here’s some of my first warm-up assignments from week 1 - stipple texture practice and a seed illustration of Eleocharis nitida, a specimen less than a millimeter large drawn 80x to scale. Nothing glamorous yet, but I’m still alive and figuring out the incredible nuances between digital and traditional inking!