General Gif Tutorial

Hey everyone! 

Some of you expressed interest in me posting a gif tutorial, and I’ve been wanting to post an updated gif tutorial anyway, so here it is!

I tried to make this tutorial as comprehensive as possible, and it covers getting videos and screencapping them (using either KMPlayer or MPlayer OSX Extended), making the gif on Photoshop, sharpening (in two ways), cropping and resizing, basic coloring, and then saving your gif.

I’m gonna be using this gif I made of of Finn from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer (sharpened in the two ways I will explain in the tutorial) as a reference:

Sharpening Style #1:

Sharpening Style #2:

So let’s get going:

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Okay so since an anon kindly asked me to do a gif tutorial I made one. Forgive me for the hundreds of mistakes i am gonna make while writing this, english isn’t my first language and I am not the best at explaining stuff. I’ll try to make it easy, but for any doubts message me here. In this tutorial I’ll explain how to gif random videos from youtube or movies/tv shows. 

What you need: Photoshop CS5 extended, a program for screencapping (I use MPlayer), a coloring (psd).

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