Matt, Tyler and Stefan wanted Elena and only after she dumped them, they went to Caroline.

Now let me clear you one thing:

Caroline deserves to be the first choice, to be pursued after, to be told the most romantic phrases on earth, And not to be a a fucking comfort to the guys Elena Gilbert rejected.

Caroline deserves Klaus, and everyone else simply doesn’t deserve her.

Underrated. (boys version)  Playlist full of songs by underrated kpop boy groups. 

UNIQ - Celebrate | 24k - Hey You | Alphabat - Ab City | A-Jax - Insane | B.I.G - Hello | Boys Republic - Video Game | C-Clown - Let’s love | JJCC - At first | Hotshot - Take a shot | LC9 - Just a dream | M.Pire - We can’t be friends | Mr. Mr. - Highway | Speed - Look at me now | History - Might just die | U-Kiss - She’s mine | Cross Gene - Play with me | N. Flying - Awesome

PeeWee & Mini Group Results

 PeeWee Group

5th: Proud Mary (CSPAS)

4th: Move (CSPAS)

3rd: The Fall (Larkin Dance Studio)

2nd: Silent Night (Club Dance)

1st: Swept Ashore (Larkin Dance Studio)

PeeWee Line

5th: Halloween (Danceology)

4th: Old School (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: If I Could (Modern Conceptions of Dance), Disco Fever (Modern Conceptions of Dance)

2nd: Lullaby (Club Dance)

1st: Hanami (The Rock Center for Dance)

PeeWee Extended Line

4th: Tarzan (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: Hard Knock Life (Club Dance)

2nd: Big Bad Wolf (Larkin Dance Studio)

1st: This Is What You Came For (CSPAS)

PeeWee Production

1st: Cookin’ With Grease (Club Dance)

Mini Group

5th: Can You Do This? (Project 21), Don’t Worry About Me (Club Dance)

4th: Til Morrow (Club Dance)

3rd: Open Road (Larkin Dance Studio)

2nd: Shadow Journal (The Rock Center for Dance)

1st: Smoke and Mirrors (CSPAS), Come To Me (CSPAS)

Mini Line

5th: We Run This (Club Dance), No More Fear (Club Dance)

4th: Wanting (Club Dance)

3rd: Lost It All (CSPAS)

2nd: Lady Marmalade (CSPAS)

1st: Dance Like Your Daddy (Project 21)

Mini Extended Line

5th: Undertow (Danceology)

4th: Smooth Criminal (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: Make Haste Precipitate (The Rock Center for Dance), Ninjaz (Creative Arts Academy)

2nd: Capture the Flag (Creative Arts Academy)

1st: We So Meek (Club Dance)

Adjudications below the cut!

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Junior Solo Results

 10th: Summer O’Haver – Darkness (Club Dance)

9th: Sami McGowan – Slither (Club Dance)

8th: Kaya Walsh – Without (Club Dance)

7th: Easton Magliarditi – More (The Rock Center for Dance)

6th: Selena Hamilton – Dream State (Project 21), Jordan Le – Flight of the Bumblebees (Danceology)

5th: Audrey Caldwell – Beach (Club Dance)

4th: Bennet Espinda-Banick – Interrupted Water (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: Hailey Meyers – Lost Things, Ava Wagner – Shining (Larkin Dance Studio), Bryten Belka – So Close (CSPAS)

2nd: Ella Horan – The Human World (Creative Arts Academy)

1st: Ava Brooks – Takin a Chance (Danceology)

Adjudications below!

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Here’s me being reminded to post things.

Let’s talk language.

More specifically, English vs. Japanese. To start out, for context, L.elouch, having lived in Japan some time before it was taken over, is bilingual. He can speak both languages and, that being the case, will switch between them as necessary. More on that in a minute.

Pushing aside the obvious reason why the sub vs. dub stuck to one chosen language in order to deliver a story to their chosen audience and entering headcanon territory; the B.ritannian E.mpire completely snubbed out the Japanese language after taking over Japan. Meaning that the most common language in Area 11 is English (no doubt with some outliers thrown in there are times, French/Spanish/etc, but English is the dominating language.) Not only is speaking Japanese frowned upon, as with anything else pertaining to the “Eleven’s” old way of life, but English has been forced onto the Japanese citizens of Area 11, meaning that in their schools that is the language they have been and are taught. Being taught Japanese would either come from their family or rebellious teachers/tutors.

When out and about in Area 11, hearing or seeing spoken/written Japanese is almost unheard of because using it out in public is dangerous when B.rtiannian citizens have proven time & time again to be physically violent towards Japanese simply on principle. As Lulu notes at one point, most Elevens “know better than to give them any further incentive,” a truth he recognizes even though the state of their society disgusts him, as well.

L.elouch, when acting as his every day self, will not speak Japanese, even if he’s in the presence of a Japanese citizen, regardless of whether or not they are friends. It keeps up his facade and ensures no more unnecessary attention is brought to him. When out of uniform, he will always be speaking in English.

However, when he’s acting as Zero, he will speak Japanese when he’s addressing those who follow him as opposed to any of his B.ritannian rivals. This lends itself to why those in the Black Knights were so surprised when they learned he was B.ritannian and not Japanese; because, at least when he was alone or only speaking to them, he would use their language instead of his own.