mpi lifestyle center

HERE’S ANOTHER GEM BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE MPI LIFESTYLE CENTER LOBBY, and knowing i am going to see this makes waking up at four am bearable, worth it even. i love how this piece of art appears to be painted on a ‘banig’ - a native, woven straw mat. ingenious!

a side thought: someone i know smiled at me and waved. it was unsettling - the realization that there are indeed some good people left in the world. it’s is not because i don’t have faith in the innate goodness of the human heart. it is not because i have not known kindness. it is because it has been a while. how shocking it is that one moment of kindness makes me recognize all the negativity i ever so willingly yet very painfully put up with. thank you D you are my burst of sunshine today. =)

~p august 24, 2011