Chapter 2: 5 times Eggsy looked after Daisy, & one time it was the other way around

Alcohol and Dean were never a good combination. In the space of a few months, Eggsy had seen the wrong side of Dean’s fists one too many times. (In which Eggsy tries to get Daisy out of the house, and a series of unfortunate events ensue. But baby slings are involved.) - [ Part One || or AO3 ]

(This chapter was inspired by frostisass‘s art below ;A; posted with permission)

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Solitude was the deity’s best friend.

A day where he got it was one he usually felt most at peace in, but it also stirred other more unnerving emotions that he chose not to discuss with anyone.  Even talking to his own devil was out of the question. Fumus had too much pride to admit weakness that easily, or at all and why should he? This was merely a tiny crack in his great infrastructure, something most left unnoticed and he liked it that way.

To ignore such crippling flaws within himself and push his deep-set feelings to the back of his mind the deity indulged in burying himself in paperwork or his more…violent methods, like delivering what he deemed corporal punishment to his delinquent angels.

It was a routine that he often engaged in.  The screams of agony, the tremble of fear in their voices when they begged him to have mercy on them was one of the few things that brought the god a sense of pleasure, something that reminded him that he still was alive beyond his rock-hard exterior.  A break in the mundane, the will to dominate and break his creations at will, it was the little things that amused and appeased him.

Smoke billowed through his office, creating a layer of ever-present haze.  It almost took on an inhuman presence, and how any normal being could breathe in such an atmosphere was probably the biggest mystery of all.  This was also something normal, routine and provided a sense of atmosphere he’d become used to over the eons.

The substance that derived from the name he preferred to be called served to work against him that day, cloaking the figure of a certain red demon.

Then again, this particular demon couldn’t really keep his presence hidden for too long.  He was one who commanded attention, a man whose mere presence turned heads.  From his outgoing attitude to his flamboyant dress, Mephir knew how to make a grand entrance.

This guy was just as bad as his own devil.  No doubt on some distant level, they were probably either great friends or loathed enemies due to their similarities.

Fumus just sighed to himself.  His kind didn’t visit often, and by that fact alone he knew his day was already going to be longer than usual.  If this guy didn’t leave with a fist in his face by the time the day was over, it would be a miracle.

“What do you want? I’m busy.”