mpgis meme

What she say: I’m fine.

What she means: fuck you saison margeurite, fuck you, fuck your boyfriend, and the fucking fetus that’s growing inside of the disease ridden void that you call a god damn womb, and fuck you shay van buren, fuck you you shitty glob of donkey cum, i hope you burn in hell for the shitty things that you did today, because you are not the least bit sneaky, you’re not the least bit clever, and your only talent is opening your legs up to penises that would rather be inside of me!


1. Having to listen and contain your anger in church when the preacher says “All gays are going to hell”

2. Going to a Christian College and staying in your dorm having to act straight

3. Hearing about some Bitch named Deltrese!

4. Being on the phone with your gay friend and having to talk about your relationships as a “straight guy” in front of your roommate.

5. Being in a Christian college, getting on social networks, seeing fellow students who are gay and sneaking around knowing their secret

6. When your christian “friends” talk shit about gays

7. Having thoughts about which guy would be better in bed, but you know it won’t happen because they’re straight

8. Watching a movie with your friends and a hot guy comes up and you have to hide your immediate horniness

9. When someone you know is gay, but is “straight” in front of other guys, but does gay stuff to them as well

10. Seeing your hot friend and wishing he would just come out of the closet

11. When your friend knows you haven’t come out yet, but they tell everyone anyway

12. Trying to talk to your hot straight friend, but his girlfriend is all over him

13. Hearing your straight friend talk about the intimate relationship they have with your crush.

14. Knowing you get to partner with your crush on a school project

but can’t do anything but sit and keep to yourself… but you still flirt with them…

mpgis starters / season one

❝ who the fuck are you? ❞
❝ this is me, telling you that you need to learn your place. ❞
❝ where the fuck is that? ❞
❝ you know what, ____? i respect you. ❞
❝ shut the fuck up, ____! ❞
❝ god, i wanna fucking murder you. ❞
❝ i heard you were going around calling me a fucking liar. ❞
❝ anyway, i want an apology. ❞
❝ wait, what’s going on? ❞
❝ god damn it, ____! ❞
❝ i have some french fries. ❞
❝ this is an emergency! ❞
❝ i will cut a bitch! ❞
❝ can i help you? ❞
❝ i don’t give a fuck. ❞
❝ that’s right, walk away. like a bitch. ❞
❝ oh my god ____, are you okay? ❞
❝ you’re fucking kidding, right? ❞
❝ i feel terrible about this. ❞
❝ alright, well, now this is some bullshit right here. ❞
❝ son of a bitch! bastard! oh my god! ❞
❝ does god hate me? ❞
❝ what the fuck is wrong with you? ❞
❝ i’m sure everything will work itself out just fine. ❞
❝ you are fucking gross. ❞
❝ what the fuck are you talking about? ❞
❝ i was just trying to put myself into a coma so i wouldn’t have to listen to you. ❞
❝ i don’t trust that bitch. ❞
❝ i could totally go for a swim right now. ❞
❝ my life is over! ❞
❝ i swear to god. i’m this close. this fucking close. ❞
❝ oh my god, are you dying? ❞
❝ what the fuck did you just say? ❞
❝ go fuck yourself. ❞
❝ ____, let’s go. ❞
❝ i’m holding a girl’s severed fucking arms. ❞
❝ oh, you take that back, bitch. ❞

MPGIS Sentence Meme

I searched and couldn’t find a sentence meme for quotes from The Most Popular Girls in School, so naturally, I had to make one. Feel free to add more.

Send one to see how my character reacts!

  • “God I want to fucking murder you.”
  • “Who the fuck said my handjobs were second rate?!" 
  • "What the fuck did you say?”
  • “You’re the handjob girl, right?" 
  • "Have fun smelling my poop, bitches!" 
  • "Walk away… like a bitch.”
  • “I swear to god if this blows up in your face, you better believe it I’ll take this megaphone and shove it up your ass.”
  • “The only person that likes Gossip Girl more than you is fucking _________.”
  • “La la la, I love Gossip Girl so much.”
  • “Why don’t you go eat a roly poly like you did in the goddamn third grade?" 
  • "You look like a tampon that was dipped in skittles and vomit.”
  • “YOU’RE GAY!" 
  • Don’t you ever fucking cut me off again. Do you understand me?“
  • "Alright, well. I’m gonna go now.”
  • “I’m sorry, was I not just in the middle of a story?" 
  • "Fuck you and your entire family.”
  • “You stupid. Fucking. Abortion.”
  • “Hit the bricks, bitch.”
  • “SHUT THE FUCK UP, _________!”
  • “Did someone say ‘crepe’?" 
  • "How do you say…”
  • “This is me telling you that you need to learn your place.”
  • “I swear to god, I’m this close… this fucking close…”
  • “I feel indifferent towards you.”
  • “I heard your fourth abortion was free. Gotta love those punch cards.”
  • “Listen, bitch. I dunno who the fuck you think you are.”
  • “Did that come with balls and a dick or did you buy that separately?" 
  • "You smell like maple syrup and meat.”
The Most Popular Girls in School Sentence Starters
  • An assortment of quotes from Season 1-4 (Terribly out of order)
  • Who the fuck are you?
  • I asked you first
  • I asked you second
  • Who the fuck let you in here?!
  • You were supposed to watch the door!
  • I'm sorry, was I not just in the middle of a story?
  • Hey gay
  • That's not my name!
  • Who else here is wet?
  • We're going to the highschool, not fucking build-a-bear!
  • Are you sure you're not a gremlin?
  • Do you think people will notice I'm bald?
  • I'm going to watch it in the family room you stupid fucking abortion
  • I want to poop here
  • You're the handjob girl/guy, right?
  • We talked, you pooped, I thought we had a connection
  • Wait did someone say crêpe?
  • That's going to be one huge shit
  • It smells like someone put a diabetic foot in a sandwich and left it in the sun!
  • Are you suggesting a, how do you say, menage a trois?
  • Why do you say how do you say before words you clearly know how to say?
  • Have fun smelling my poop bitches!
  • So I guess we're a dick!
  • I can't differentiate between jealousy and horniness
  • Hit the bricks, bitch
  • Son of a bitch bastard
  • Oh my god, why me?!
  • Tu es un bitcho
  • Hand it over before I bitch slap the black out of you
  • You are the calm breeze in this fuck storm of a life I'm living
  • She/He can hold my fucking douche!
  • God job! Everybody will forget you next year
  • Yeah, walk away! ...Like a bitch
  • No! No! I’m too fucking young. I’m too fucking beautiful. I just got my hair done yesterday
  • Yippie-ki-yay, you stupid fucking cunt
  • Jesus Titty Fucking Christ
  • Sweet, I just got a new Charizard card
  • Who got me? The three tostadas that I had for lunch? Yes they got me, they got me bad. It did not help that they were made with coleslaw instead of lettuce
  • Everything is just fine. I was just trying to put myself into a coma so I would have to listen to the two of you dipshits try to talk and breathe at the same time!
  • Oh I know but my family and I went to Pearl Harbor for two weeks so…It’s kind of a thing we do every year. Didn’t you get the vacation request form I submitted before I left?
  • Uhm, that's my boyfriend
  • Okay, good. Fuck you and your entire family
  • Okay, enjoy your bald spot bitch
  • Oh my god, what's your secret?
MPGIS starters
  • "Jesus Christ, is that a fucking gremlin?"
  • "Who the fuck are you?"
  • "Why don't you eat a roly-poly like you did in the goddamned third grade!?"
  • "You're the Iranians and I'm Ben Affleck, so Argo fuck yourself!"
  • "You are a member of this family, you poop with us!"
  • "Do you like making me look like a dickhole? Do you?"
  • "I hope you die, and when you die, I'm gonna go to your grave and eat a birthday cake all by myself."
  • "Wow. Your sister's like a tiny Hannibal Lecter."
  • "I'm coping. I'm celebrating. I'm copebrating. I'm celebroing. Call it what you will."
  • "Really? Is 'stressful situation' your new term for seeing a fully-clothed man?"
  • "Girls, girls! You're all treasures. Lovely, accidental treasures. Mistakes, but treasures!"
  • "I wouldn't so much say pregnant as much as carrying what I can only assume is the demon spawn of Satan inside your stomach."
  • "God, I wanna fucking murder you."
  • "We talked, you pooped. I thought we had a connection."
  • "I'm gonna have to move to another state! I'm gonna end up working at Fosters Freeze in fucking Higginsville!"
  • "Oh, I'm sorry, Brittnay. I didn't smell you there."
  • "I want. to poop here. whenever I want, for as long as I want."
  • "This is high school, not an episode of fucking Lizzie McGuire."
  • "Oh, oh yes! Oh dad, you were wrong! Oh my god!"
  • "Oh I don't know, I heard that you're going around, calling me A FUCKING LIAR!"
  • "I heard you farted in biology class and it smelled like your dad's dick."
  • "It means whatever the fuck you want it to mean."