Maganda Pa Ang Daigdig by Lazaro Franciso: Chapter 1 (Lihim Ng Isang Puso)

Okay so the novel starts out with this Miss Sanchez chick who’s like nag-eemote in her house in Pinyahan from this weird ass place called Bayan ng X srsly who names their town X omg but anyway yeah she was all emote-ing cause she saw this newspaper thing with the picture of Quiapo Church on it. So suddenly she goes to this weird flashback about what happened before. And what happened? Well her friend fucking died. Ikr? She died and shit so she decided to go to Ospital Heneral to fix some papers or whatever and to take home Ernestina, her friend’s DAUGHTER which is technically like illegal adoption but yeah sure fuck the police let’s adopt my friend’s daughter OKAY ANYWAY while walking this random guy snatched her bag and she was all omg but then this sexy pants wearing man came and retrieved her bag and she was too dumbstruck with whatever the fuck just happened so she didn’t get to thank him but dude how would she thank him, the sexy pants wearing man was like beating up the snatcher dude but then the police came and they accused the sexy pants wearing man of being the CRIMINAL which is TOTALLY STUPID LIKE WTF HE WAS DEFENDING HER NGA EH TENGENE BUT YEAH BECAUSE OF THE STUPID POLICE he was sent to jail and the snatcher was taken by the ambulance lololol buti nga but yeah anyway Miss Sanchez was all wondering what just happened cause it was all so fast and she was like trying to catch his name. It wasn’t too hard cause everyone kept going “Lino? Si Lino?” “Lino raw.” “Lino?” SO YEAH FUCKING DUH SHE GOT HIS NAME and she whispered it to herself while leaving the place through the Tulay ng Quezon cause she’s a dramatic piece of shit. And then like ever since then, she was always bothered by the name Lino cause like get she didn’t even help him with the whole getting accused thing pero her reason naman is that she’s like a principal and all and she doesn’t want to be dragged in any mishaps so yeah she casually slipped away and tried to forget the incident but obviously she DIDN’T.

Okay now let’s skip to the present. Aling Ambrosia, their labandera person like went to Miss Sanchez’ house because apparently she finally found a guy who could help with their bakuran. She tells him that his name is Lino Rivera and she was all LOLWHAT LINO OMG WUT but of course the reactions were all in her head, on the outside she tried to be calm and shit and asked about this Lino guy. Here is what Aling Ambrosia tole her:

-he’s Malaryado, meaning he’s prone to malarya (I think)

-he’s poor so he can’t cure his malaryado-ness

-he’s a binata but he has an 11 year old son named Ernesto

And then the chapter ends with her sitting down and talking more with Aling Ambrosia. OKAY NEXT CHAPTER LEZ GO.


The “lihim” in this chapter is Miss Sanchez’ secret about being saved by this guy and not helping him and crap.