Wizard World Con

I know I should be posting about Eliza but I haven’t actually met her yet so more to come on that later.

I was talking to Zach McGowan and I asked him if he knew that he was going to survive the finale. He said that he was originally supposed to die.

Apparently he had to shoot a movie in the middle of the season and the show wanted to use him for 7 episodes in a row. Zach apologized and said he couldn’t do it but would be available for the end of the season.

Jason got pissed and said he was getting killed off.

Apparently the crew had a mutiny and refused to shoot when it came time to kill him off. And now he’s alive for season 4.

So basically more proof that Jason is a tyrant.


“I am a officer of the law, Waverly. I can’t just go around assisting to murder, no matter how much they deserve it”

In which Waverly is gonna SINGLE HANDED END THE BYG CURSE.

I felt bad I didnt do exactally what @ElyzaClarke asked for. So here’s the actual request: Waverly and Nic watching The 100 together and Waves being the biggest shipper ever.

(I’m pretty sure @gillywulf sells the shirt waves is wearing, btw)

Doodle requests are closed, atm. I have lots to do and I’m moving back to Brazil at the end of the month! Probably will open them again once I get there!

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Quit asking Eliza the same damn things

I wanna know what she thought was going through Clarkes mind when Lexa didn’t respond with I love you and said I’ll always be with you instead!

I wanna know if she would have preferred her to say it back!

I wanna know what she thought was in Clarkes head when everyone was hugging and shit after col was destroyed - was it Lexa or was it the world ending again

I want someone to give her a fuck marry kill option for Lexa, Raven and Jason - just so she can say she’d kill Jason and then all the ‘bitch me too’ memes and gifs that would follow

I am begging you bitches