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listen i’m never gonna shut up about the look on Cas’ face after Dean said “we don’t leave family behind” because THIS is exactly what Cas has struggled with for so many years. He always gets left behind, either by the angels or by the Winchesters, and he’s never quite felt like he belongs anywhere. But for Dean to straight up tell him that they won’t leave him behind, that they would rather die trying to save him, is such a powerful moment. It was important for Cas to hear that and I hope he keeps getting these affirmations because he desperately needs them.

so speaking of genderbent headcanons i though i’d share some of my supernatural ones??? in terms of both appearance and acting ability

sarah michelle geller as dean

laura prepon as sam

(bonus: she’s 5’10”, and would appropriately tower over most female costars)

emily deschanel as cas


helena bonham carter as crowley (i admit, this one is borrowed)

jane lynch as lucifer

and kristen wiig as gabriel




Not all of them are mine, i found some on various sites. If they are yours, please tell me and I will post your blog name here :D 


quem nasceu para ser ruby nunca vai ser meg
caçar coisas, salvar pessoas, o trampo da familia
se um dia você pensar que ninguém liga para você, lembre-se que o adam ainda está na jaula
not moose
se tá difícil para destiel shippers imagina para quem shippa wincest
destiel is better than pizza
se acha hunter mas se escuta um barulho a noite se esconde
cala boca que você assiste spn no sbt
fala mal de supernatural? late mais alto que da season 10 eu não escuto
team free will > all
quem é adam e por que todos esquecem dele?

[castiel’s voice] hey, assbutt
[crowley’s voice] have you forgotten that you’re the bottom in this relationship?

mishama de castiel que eu te mostro minha espada angelical 
jensen ackles fucked my life 
não gosta de spn? jarpadaqui

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Happy holidays to everyone, regardless of which you celebrate. Prepare for an overload of holiday-themed posts here at TFLA. This is our way of thanking you for getting us to over 7,000 in the near-year we have been operating this blog. Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice, Merry Chrismahanukwanzikah, Enjoy the Festivus for the Rest of Us… And Have a Happy New Year.

Nom, Fangirlinginappalachia, & Gyppen

It’s awful that we’re getting hate, but let’s combat it with love.

Because that’s what the Supernatural fandom is.

We’re all about love.

And hope.

And no anon is going to change that. Stay strong, stay safe, and respond with love. Because if there’s one thing our show has taught us…

It’s that love will overcome everything.

For anyone, I mean anyone, who is dealing with anon hate, please, I beg of you, don’t listen. I know exactly where you are now. Please do not check out. You will not be helping anyone. If you need to talk to anyone, talk to me. Message me and I will give you my number. I will talk to you, I will tell you the truth. These anons are just cowards. Please do not listen and my heart is aching for all those affected. Please please do not listen to them.


Soul Mates (DeanxReader oneshot)

Request: Please can you do this? Where the imagine starts off with a craftsmen (who is a prophet) making two identical samulets. Then is informed to drop it off at the readers house and the other at the bunker. When they receive it, the reader and Dean both go to the shop who sent it (they don’t know each other) and meet each other for the first time? And it’s written in the natural order that the reader and Dean must meet because they’re destined to be together? Sorry it’s so specific 😂

A/n: So i know this was at like the bottom of my list of requests but it was so cute I had to write it :3

Words: 2514

Warnings: Fighting, swearing?

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