mp: haven

Confession:  I was playing DAI with my “canon” Inquisitor (F!Trevelyan Archer Rogue, Templar allies) and I was level 12 when I did In Your Heart Shall Burn. I’d played it twice before and watched my sister play it before, but this time, it actually hit home. I was doing so well, breezing through the Venatori like nothing, I felt like we actually could win this, than the dragon showed up, I actually saw the bodies of the soldiers killed in the first blast of fire, and it felt like we just had an impossible enemy appear, and made the fact that we escaped to reach Skyhold feel like more of a victory.
The Venatori I was fighting dropped mostly silk brocade and darkened samite, so when I made my first hunter coat armor at Skyhold, I used those fabrics to remember Haven.