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5.04 much ado about mara

Can we please just focus on the problem at hand? Nathan will not try to steal Mara, Dwight will not talk to Mara, and we will all work together to figure out what is happening so no one gets dead.

Confession:  I was playing DAI with my “canon” Inquisitor (F!Trevelyan Archer Rogue, Templar allies) and I was level 12 when I did In Your Heart Shall Burn. I’d played it twice before and watched my sister play it before, but this time, it actually hit home. I was doing so well, breezing through the Venatori like nothing, I felt like we actually could win this, than the dragon showed up, I actually saw the bodies of the soldiers killed in the first blast of fire, and it felt like we just had an impossible enemy appear, and made the fact that we escaped to reach Skyhold feel like more of a victory.
The Venatori I was fighting dropped mostly silk brocade and darkened samite, so when I made my first hunter coat armor at Skyhold, I used those fabrics to remember Haven.

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Is haven that kid!fic? Can you tell us more about it :)))

Yes, Haven is the kid!fic that I’m writing with @reserve! Here is some stuff about it:

  • Set about ~5 years following the events of TFA
  • Hux is emperor of the Outer Rim Empire (O.R.E.)
  • Ren is his Lord Protector (classic), and also he is writing a history of Vader/the Empire (say huh?)
  • Hux and Ren had some weird sexy stuff together around the time that they were taking down Snoke (spoilers!), but it didn’t go so good because they’re awful children, and now they don’t talk about it and mostly walk around pretending like they don’t have deeply fucked up feelings for each other because they have an empire to build, okay
  • “Haven” is the name of Hux’s central command and the seat of his power. It’s a modular free-floating city built on the back of the Finalizer, so that new districts can be constructed easily as the number of citizens increases, while also protecting itself against attack through dispersal and also not being a fucking planet (Hux knows about blowing up planets—sitting ducks, amirite)
  • Culture Note! Phasma died during the assault on Snoke, but her armor is installed like a shrine at the entrance to the military barracks—while religion is obviously banned in the O.R.E., her memory has taken on a saint-like quality, and most Haven residents refer to her the “Silver Martyr.” 
  • the actual story opens as Ren is sent off-Haven to quell a new bout of resurgent resistance in one of the less-friendly quadrants of Hux’s new empire, a group of terrorists known as the “Greenhands.” The rumor is that they’re funded by the New Republic, despite the tentative truce obtained when Hux and Ren took control of the FO, but no one’s been able to prove it yet. 
  • Hux, meanwhile, has his hands full with getting the last few planets/quadrants to sign onto the imperial constitution (what, like he wouldn’t have one?), so it’s not particularly welcome when Ren returns to Haven and his Emperor with a report that there were no signs of the Greenhands, and also with a strange, feral-looking child in tow…

BAM. Want more?

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Wait you're doing a sakuino kisaobi fic? Is this different from the time travel kisaobi fic? Are there two!? Please... let there be two.

There are! Have a snippet:

Officially, her tenure isn’t supposed to start until Monday, but Sakura was hoping to have a few days to settle in before she took over for Mizuki. Since that’s apparently not happening, and she’s already got a case, she might as well spend the day opening the office and learning the layout of the town. If Mizuki’s been missing for two months already, there likely isn’t much chance of finding him, whether he died in some sort of accident or ran away to Tea Country, but Sakura can’t just ignore her predecessor’s disappearance, even if everyone else seems happy to.

She idly drags her fork through the last of the whipped cream, considering. All she has with her is a single suitcase, which means she can definitely wait until later to move into her new house, and Mizuki probably left notes about whatever he was last working on at the station. Sakura isn’t fond of mysteries left unsolved—it’s one of the reasons she’s so good at her job—and she wants to put this one behind her quickly. Best to start at the station, then wander around town and maybe ask a few questions.

“Anything else I can get you?” Ino asks cheerfully as she breezes past, headed for the register. The older couple are making their way out, letting in a swirl of bitingly cold air as they leave, and Sakura tugs her jacket up over her shoulders a little more.

“Just the check, thanks,” she answers.

“Of course—” Ino starts, but she’s interrupted by the sudden, harsh jangle of the bells above the door as someone throws it open. Sakura twists automatically, eyes narrowing as the newcomer stalks past her, heading for Ino.

It’s a man, short but fairly muscular, with messy black hair and one equally black eye. The right side of his face is viciously scarred, and the marks disappear under the neck of his Henley and continue over his wrist and hand. An eyepatch covers his left eye, and there are three short scars on his neck just behind his ear. None of the marks look like the kind of thing that was easily survived, and Sakura immediately gauges the man as dangerous just for that, even more than the way he carries himself or the scowl on his face as he plants himself in front of the register.

“Ino,” he says tightly.

Ino’s smile is gone, and her eyes flicker to the wide windows for a split second before snapping back to the man. “Obito,” she returns, and it’s not quite fear on her face, but there’s definitely some kind of trepidation there. “What are you doing here? You—”

“Have you heard anything?” Obito demands before she can finish, fingers curling around the edge of the counter until his knuckles are white. “I don’t—I’ll take anything at this point.”

Another glance at the windows, like she’s checking the street, and Ino leans forward, laying one hand over Obito’s scarred fingers. “Not yet,” she says, quietly enough that Sakura almost misses it. “Look, I promised you I’d let you know, and I will, but you can’t be here right now.”

Well. Sakura isn’t entirely certain she likes the sound of that.

Obito shakes her off with a snarl, though he makes no move to leave. Slams his hands down instead, leaning forward, and Ino doesn’t quite lean back but her eyes narrow. It’s a warning, and Sakura wonders if she should step in.

“Then look harder,” Obito says, low and sharp. “I need something or I swear, I’m going to burn this whole fucking town to ash.”

That’s fear in Ino’s face, without a doubt, but it’s buried before Sakura can so much as get her feet under her to stand and interrupt. The blonde’s lips firm, and though she hesitates for a moment her voice is perfectly clear when she says, “The Rasengan docked last night. They’ll be in port for at least a week. That’s as much as I’ve got.”

“Ino?” Kiba calls across the room, and out of the corner of her eye Sakura can see that the trio at the table are all still, no longer talking. The girl in particular is watching Obito carefully, pale violet eyes steady but intent, with one hand curled around the pendant she’s wearing.

“Mind your own business, Inuzuka,” Ino returns, her tone light. She touches Obito’s hand again, a glancing pass, and then pulls away. “You should go,” she says quietly. A figure moves past the window, out of sight before Sakura can catch more than a shadow, and her mouth tightens. “You should really go.”

Obito looks over too, and in an instant fury kindles in his face, mixed with something that’s almost like fear. He turn and heads for the door with a long stride, like he’s trying to outpace whoever just passed, and Sakura rises to her feet on instinct. She drops a twenty on the counter, more than enough to cover breakfast and a tip, and follows the man, just managing to catch the door as it falls shut behind him.

If there are going to be problems in her town, there’s no way she’s going to ignore it.