mp: charmed


You were dirty, dried blood clung to your body, and dirt clung to that. Wyatt was in no better shape, but he was able to orb the two of you out and back into the Halliwell manor. 

As soon as you saw the familiar walls of the attic you were grabbed and pulled into a tight embrace. You hissed out in pain, but the person who’d assaulted you didn’t seem to care. “You almost died!” Ah–Chris, that’s who was putting you in unnecessary pain. “Yeah, I did, but so did your brother, maybe you should also show him how much you missed him.” You said trying to get out of his hug. 

Chris pulled away and held you by your shoulders. “Don’t do that to me again.” He said. “Well–” His lips covered yours and you found yourself responding to his kiss. “You know I don’t need the same greeting, I’m fine, I’ll be down stairs drinking a healing potion.” Wyatt said as you and Chris broke apart. “You weren’t gonna get the same greeting.” Chris told him. 

“Yeah, well as much as I’d want to stay here and continue this, maybe we can just pause it for a moment, because a healing potion does sound like heaven at the moment, maybe toss in a shower and some food and then we can continue this. okay?” You said as you slipped out of Chris’ arms and made your way toward the potions. 

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