mp4 watch

me watching "reckless.mp4"
  • me: omg is it gonna be like.... a full version of it
  • me, as music starts playing: im gonna cry during things
  • me, as the vocals start: oh my god
  • me, during first chorus: *nodding* yes, this is it, this is my true destiny, to listen to this for the rest of my life
  • me, for the rest of the song: *screaming internally and half-crying??* whha t the fuck thi s isnt fair h o w.....



[ Official trailer for the 3rd Yo-Kai Watch movie, 空飛ぶクジラとダブル世界の大冒険、だニャン!(The Flying Whale & The Great Adventure of the Double World, Nyan!) … Introducing, Koalanyan! ]