It’s always the same people saying the same hateful things about her 🙄 if you truly despise her as much as y'all say you do then why watch her every move? Last time I checked Beyoncé or her fans aren’t putting a pistol in your mouth forcing you to be a Stan. This is what the haters sound like…
1 She in the illuminati (you still believe in that?)
2 Shes overrated ( y'all been saying this since 2003 before her solo career even prospered)
3 She doesn’t write her own songs (neither does Drake but I didn’t hear anyone degrading Views the way y'all did Lemonade 🐸☕️)
4 She steals from other artist
5 She’s an attentions seeker
6 She’s doing this for sales
7 She’s nothing compared to Aaliyah (Beyoncé existence got y'all so shook y'all are now comparing her to deceased artist 😭😩 R.i.p Baby girl 👼🏽)
8 She so hyped up she’s not even all that there’s much thicker and prettier females than her (okay… but like they aren’t Beyoncé, go like your fave Instagram models newest selfie and see if she has a networth of $400,000,000 a #1 album on iTunes? Or just 100'00 0 followers 🤔
9 Beyoncé control y'all females stop praising her ( you mean we can’t idolize a woman who has been married for almost a decade, has a family, got famous for actually having talent, generous to the community, beautiful and fit? Yet you listen to rappers who slut shame degrade their baby mama’s, and tell y'all to go out here and kill each other or be thugs and oh! getting locked up means your a real “nigga” 🙄)
Y'all say the same ol shit every time it’s Beyoncé season lol y'all gotta stop going through the measure to try and degrade her and her work ethics whether you like her or not you shouldn’t be this eager to see a successful black women like her fail (especially black ppl 😒)

Let go of the hate fam! ☺️😁