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Shelter the Audiobook version has been updated through Chapter 19! Listen to it by streaming or download on the Ao3. Cover art by st00pz created for this fic. Do not alter or distribute this art without express permission from the artist. Reblogs are fine. 

Description: Takes place immediately after BoO. A novel length what happens next fic aimed at answering all the WTFs we were left with. Rating: Explicit Warnings: Underage Smut - User discretion advised

Summary: Shortly after his stay in the infirmary, Nico agrees to accompany Will Solace and his friend Lou Ellen on a quest for Apollo. It’s a trip full of new experiences, old dangers, and revisiting past wounds. Along the way, they discover the secret to healing and learn to move forward.

Duration: Chapters 1-10 - 02:08:14, Chapters 11-14 - 00:54:42, Chapters 15-19 - 01:21:12