I really like how the Stranger Things universe and the Mob Psycho 100 universe could *technically* be the same one? I mean, think about it. Stranger Things has an esper girl from the 80’s whose psychic powers were awakened by experimental means in a shady-ass lab by a secret organization. A precedent for Claw, anyone? Now imagine Mob somehow meeting a 40-50 yr old Eleven, having an actual adult figure with psychic powers who isn’t hostile, possibly with full control over them…

e-moony  asked:

Descubrí tu blog por accidente y realmente quedé maravillado (´>ω<`) todo es tan lindoooooooo, no sé si aceptas sugerencias pero podrías hacer un dibujo rápido de Chichi del episodio "the Copycats" del asombro mundo De Gumball (´・ω・`)❤

Muchas Gracias! ♡


holy shit Reina

look at the sheer resolve in her face

she abandoned her class to catch this once in a lifetime opportunity

like this is the most serious thing going on in her life right now and nothing is going to stop her from experiencing this

let’s take a closer look

and kumiko be like