MP-23 Exhaust

Taken from the TFW2005 thread:

Function: Industrial Espionage Soldier
“You can’t grasp at smoke with bare hands.”
Bio: Although Exhaust is a Destron soldier his speciality is industrial espionage, infiltrating private enterprises. While these business go about their day to day activities, behind the scenes their advanced technologies, economic information and high valued goods are secretly being stolen. Interplanetary giant, Marlboor Dynamics, has a wide variety of alien employees; Exhaust obtained a post in the Public Relations Division to get a foothold with his espionage activities, enabling him to access various legal documents with details on other companies. The Marlboor company incorporates alien technology to improve and adapt their own. They wanted Exhausts Transformer technology, so decided to tolerate his “activities” outside the business in order to use him as a guinea pig. He gained a variety of special abilities through Marlboors experiments but his life as an office worker was eating away at him. Because of this stress, he grew addicted to “Cy-Garettes”, using more day after day. When undertaking missions Exhaust changes his demeanour in order to hide his true intentions and blend into the background. A perfectionist with an elitist attitude, unforgiving with trivial mistakes and his main joy is ousting company rivals. His superior Commander in the Destron army, Soundwave, ensures he attends this company even today for his own interests.

Vehicle Mode:

I really love this alt-mode. While the toy is again primarily white there’s enough red here to really distinguish Exhaust from Wheeljack. Some of the panels are a bit more fiddly to get to stay in place on Exhaust than Wheeljack (which I have heard from others) but not enough that he won’t stay together in alt-mode. I do think the original bonnet pattern with the triangular shape was nice than the stepped look on the final but better to have the toy than have it be scrapped due to copyright issues.

Attack mode looks goofy as always.

Robot Mode:

The new head sculpt really helps set Exhaust apart from Wheeljack. I love the visor. It’s a really mean looking head design.

Most of the deco ends up on the chest and legs just like Wheeljack. The more solid use of red and the dark blue windows and wings do help differentiate the two. But I think the head does most of the work making Exhaust his own character and not just Wheeljack in new clothes.

The compact shoulder launchers and pistol make sense for someone who’s supposed to be a spy rather than a frontline soldier. Again going by translations in the TFW2005 thread his gun not only fires bullets but can be used to encrypt and decrypt coded locks and can also spray a target with a form of optical camouflage. The shoulder launchers are equipped with intelligent drones that can regulate their own flight paths and acts as either probes or explosives.

The Immobilizer is supposed to be the same one from the G1 episode, repaired and stolen by Exhaust to aid his undercover activities.

Final thoughts:

I really like the MP Wheeljack figure so wasn’t going to argue about them releasing a Decepticon version. Honestly the MP Decepticons need all the troops they can get as most releases have been Seekers. But Exhaust does not come with the same nostalgia factor as a lot of other MPs. He’s good but not essential. If you’re only going after one version of this toy get Wheeljack.