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I never said you ship every single straight ship...????? I'm just saying that you're VERY critical of gay pairings but not straight pairings??? like ALOT of straight people do this thing where they say stuff like "these two characters of the same gender are JUST friends, nothing more" but don't say shit when it comes to straight pairings.... lmfao can't blame me for being wary when I see this shit every single day

I agree with you that there are many straight people who do this, as even taking the Rose\Pearl for example, but really?  Anon, I am sorry, but do you even follow me? Or did you just read those tags and caught to that like a dog to the bone to apply it on my views or whatever in general?

I think there’s a difference in being “wary” of something and making up assumptions on one single statement. 

There’s no word for ‘love’ in Shoshone language. The closest equivalent is shundahai, which more or less means ‘to be one and the same.’ In the old days, if a Shoshone man wanted to tell his wife he was in love with her, he would say ‘I am you’, or ‘You are me’.

I think I understand that now.

—  St. Clair by Rose Christo

noah-bodak “I would just like to point out that is a very sad fort and that you really need to get better skills. I thought i had taught you how to make better ones?” She commented as soon as she opened the door and pushed it open looking down at the sight of pillows. Moving forward she clasped her hands together intertwining her fingers together. “So are we seriously not going to talk about the whole – hating Lanford thing? Cause I always love those talks.”