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mofokingofhell asked:

Can I ask how you write a script for a comic? I love monsterpop by the way! Your art style is very cute!

idk you could go all out and learn traditional screen writing, but that’s too regimented for me, i pretty much just do like

george: *gazing whistfully into the distance* i sure would like to touch that butt

[G sheds a tear and turns away]

where *this means action done during dialogue* this means dialogue

[and this means longer actions, which could take multiple panels, and may or may not include dialogue]

that’s just my system, tho. there are probably better ones


[coughs for attention] hello, my name is nia, and i have an hipster!phan addiction.

cleaned up this version and did the colouring and the whole shebang. i deleted the text, but for anyone wondering phil is saying some ridiculous pick-up lines there. he really does deserve the look dan’s giving him.

i’m starting to have a thing for this au. pls help.