Dear creampuffs!

Hang in there, okay? I know the fandom is more dead now than I’ve ever seen it since the beginning of Carmilla. Most people have found other fandoms and it might seem like they don’t care anymore. But I’m sure your dashes will be just as filled with tiny gay cupcakes and useless vampires as soon as we get some news.

hey everyone!! i’m sorry i’ve been so inactive lately; i’ve been trying to deal with some personal stuff and i’m also working on my school’s musical — we’re in tech week rn and boy am i tired. however, i wanted to drop in to gush about…. my girlfriend!!! i FINALLY got the guts to confess the feelings i’ve had for my best friend for a very, very long time and found out they’re returned and we’re DATING now!!!! i’m really unbelievably happy and i just wanted to share that w you i hope you’re all having good days ♡♡♡

okay but can you imagine the level of anger in laurent when he heard the first rumours about auguste and him? like he wasn’t broken enough after he lost his father, brother, and had been abused by his uncle, the last person who claimed to love him. can you imagine him locking himself up in his room or going for a ride and not returning for days because he couldnt imagine how anyone could claim such a thing about the purest and most respectable person on earth. he didn’t care about himself, he didn’t care about his reputation. they could have said anything about him for all he cared. but imagine the hatred and anger when he heard it. and when he realised who was spreading it.

Remember that episode of Hannah Montana where literally the entire plot revolved around the fact that Jake Ryan’s real name was Leslie and apparently that was such a big deal to Miley that he revealed such a deep dark secret that she decided to tell him that she has an alter ego doubling as an international popstar who actually lives a normal life as a teenager? Because I contemplate this on a regular basis

*stiles calling Theo fecal matter*

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