[ENG] 150325 M!Countdown MPD Mission: GOT7 

third day.

Even though i’m still fucking sad with all of this, after having a quite few break downs, i’m feeling better today. we heard zayn’s voice and i’m trusting him on the fact that he wants to take care of himself. i love him, i will support him and i’m proud of him. i hope he gets happier and maybe along this way he decides to come back to the band. but he will always be in our hearts. now i’m not going to let down the others, i’m going to be here for them like they’ve been for me these past four years. i own my life to zayn as much as to the other four boys, so i’m going to stick up to this and be as strong as possible and still be fan of five amazing boys. Even though i know a lot still has to be said and there are tones of lies in this band, they make me happy so i can’t just give up on them when they need me - and you - the most. This fandom is like a family to me and i need you all and the boys so please let’s stick together and try to be as positive as possible at this point. 

Be safe and take of yourself like Zayn is doing!