tbh after kings rising when laurent and damen have some shit to discuss with the council, after they are finished, laurent just stands up like.
“this meeting is over i’ve got someone to do”
no one replies.
“yes you have heard it, i am about to fuck the king of akielos.”
still nothing.
*louder* “for the people in the back: I AM GOING TO F–”
*damen quickly grabs laurent and leads him out the door*

  • me when I purposely choose not to talk to my FP:wow this is great. I don't need them anyway. Fuck, I'm so independet. This feels great. I shouldn't bother when they don't talk to me. I'm fine without them. Who needs them anyway. Indepence™ is IT. I am so strong
  • me when my FP chooses not to talk to me:I am literally going to fucking die