Glasses, heights and quotations;
I have and still love you as dear as
printed ink on your favorite books.

Even in this futile present time
we’re no longer living on same page,
colors we painted on the walls remain to stay.
—  For Jack. | (c.s)
Demyx Data battle

Hi! I’m a brasilian KH fan. I have a suggestion for you.

Actually, I have a more easier method for Demyx Data Battle that helps a lot (think I was going to break up the PS3 controller in this fight- lol).

Instead of using blizzaga to turn the water clones into music notes, just use FIRAGA, because that spell kill the clones with ONE HIT ONLY. And, of course, equip yourself with ethers (or mega-ethers) for MP replenishment. Doing this in Wisdom or Final form works better, since the MP conservation of the Drive forms is much better than the normal Sora. 

Using this method I burned Demyx in 3 minutes.

For a even better fight, equip Bond of Flame keyblade. The fire damage of Firaga combined with the keyblade’s power will be really awesome. Even the normal hits cause extremely damage!

Well, that’s all I have to say. Thanks for your guides, the Mushroom XIII helps me a lot, LOL.

“I wanna line the pieces up…”

“Yours and mine”

Excellent strategy!!! It sounds like it works wonderfully. I’m going to test it out personally to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it seems and I’ll update the Data Battle section with your advice (with credit to you of course!) 

Thank you so much for the input and congrats on kicking that water dancers butt!!!


You may have read in the mainstream media that the SNP MPs are causing trouble over seats in Westminster. There isn’t enough space for all the MP’s to get in so parties usually negotiate seats. The SNP have tried to do this - of the 56 the SNP are offering to seat only 26 of theirs. A fair compromise, however, it’s the Labour Party that are being pussies over the seating. They just can’t take that they lost so badly. This is democracy?!!!

Also, when representatives from the three major parties are being interviewed the SNP member is given less time to speak and will be interrupted all the way through. This isn’t just trying to shut the SNP up, they are also trying to silence the Scottish people. We elected the SNP to represent us and the mainstream media is trying to silence them therefore trying to silence us. We cannot allow this!

They fought in the referendum to keep us and these are the consequences. If the establishment doesn’t like it they could always set Scotland free! Just and idea.

Just watched Alex Salmond giving an interview to Sky News in which he says the SNP will continue to clap. He says they clap in the Scottish Parliament and in the EU Parliament, and that its time for the Commons to come into the 21st century.

Firstly, the House of Commons predates both and should not have to ‘conform’.

Secondly the disrespect being paid to the democratic process that was hard won, the disrespect to the Speaker and the other MPs is a disgrace. The SNP are behaving like petulant children, and are embarrassing themselves and actually, disrespecting their own constituents who elected to stay part of the UK and by extension Westminster. It makes my blood boil that anyone who claims to act on behalf of their constituents in public service would stick two fingers up to the symbol of our democratic rights and processes. The behaviour is absolutely appalling.

Today in Irish history: May 28th

1590 - Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, agrees to abandon further attempts at extending his territory in the north, and undertakes to force his people to adopt English laws and customs

1713 - William Molyneux, the fourteen-year old son of Sir Thomas Molyneux, a former MP, is killed when a leaden image falls on him in a garden near Dublin

1779 - Poet and songwriter, Thomas Moore, is born in Dublin

1798 - In the first Battle of Enniscorthy, the rebels take the town

1947 - Róis Ni Ógain - Rose Mabel Young - Gaelic scholar and editor of Duanaire Gaedhilge, dies

1959 - The Howth Tram makes its last journey; not only is it the highest but it is also the last of the open top trams operating in the world

1970 - Charles Haughey, who will later be acquitted and become Taoiseach, is arrested with Niall Blaney for conspiracy to import arms

1974 - General strike by Unionists brings down the Sunningdale power-sharing agreement and Northern Ireland is returned to direct rule

1999 - The Provisional IRA produces the remains of Eamon Molloy, whom it killed in 1975; information from the IRA leads to several protracted searches in the Republic for the remains of other victims

2000 - A plaque to commemorate the first Irish meeting of the Orange Order is unveiled in Dublin - without a single member of the hardline Protestant group in attendance. The Dublin and Wicklow Lodge boycott the event on Dawson St in protest at its treatment over a march in the city, also planned for this date

2000 - The decision by Ulster Unionists to return to power sharing with Sinn Féin at midnight on 29 May is given a massive boost when the IRA pledges to keep their part of the bargain

2000 - Ireland’s National Aquarium is opened in Galway at the Atlantiquarium on the Prom in Salthill. Built in the shape of a fish, the £6m building contains direct water links to Galway Bay and has massive tanks on its roof which collect rainwater for use in many of the fish pools

2003 - James Plunkett, best known for his epic novel of Dublin, ‘Strumpet City’, dies at the age of 83

2003 - William Trevor wins the €10,000 Kerry Group Irish Fiction Award at Listowel Writers’ Week for his novel The Story of Lucy Gault.

I have defiantly have that summer job at the Press&Journal

you have no idea how happy I am. I am working 5 weeks, 5 days a week being paid 5 pounds an hour. 

I am also going to be doing lots of political things such as doing a profile for each local MP, a possibility of going to Holyrood and talking to political people (a slim chance as it’s closed but she’s trying to find a way) 

and other things such as getting to do theatre reviews, getting opinions from people on the street(not looking forward to that), any musician reviews and social media things.

You generally have no idea how fucking excited I am right now. I am going to headbutt someone from how excited I am.