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So like three people now have asked me what exactly is going on in these two posts (1) (2) , so I guess I’m gonna break them down. This will probably be a super long post because it’s a combination of several glitches, not just one. Sorry if I’m bad at explaining it all!

Alright, so first things first, we’re gonna need:
-A team with Venom/anybody, and preferably the Lou assist but it’s optional
-A team with Venom/Ryu, assist choice doesn’t matter 

To mirror Post #1 above I have Wolverine with the first Venom, but it should work with everybody.

So the first thing we’re gonna need to do is get the Player 2 Venom’s health down to a very specific range. We want it at the point where he’ll die exactly one hit after Player 1 Venom lands his MP or HP throw.

Then, we need some kind of way to hit this Venom on the very first frame of him entering the web state that the other Venom’s throw puts him in. The simplest way to do this that I’ve found is the Lou assist. 

Little dude, shoots arrows. What a cool guy. To pick him, hold Start and MP after you’ve selected your characters.

The idea here is that you call Lou, and RIGHT before the first arrow touches Player 2′s Venom, throw him. As soon as he gets trapped in the web, the arrow will hit him on the first frame. That’s where the magic happens.

Venom is dead, but he’s not dead! He has no health left but he can still move around and attack. One more hit (or blocked hit, even) and he goes down for real, though.

But this is only half of what we want. We need Ryu and Venom to be out and about at the same time. The only way to do that is with a Variable Cross (QCB+HP+HK, costs 3 bars). 

The Variable Cross runs on a pretty short timer, so what we need to do is the same thing we did before: call the Lou assist and throw Venom before the first arrow connects.

Since Venom technically “dies”, the Variable Cross ends immediately, but Ryu doesn’t leave the screen; Player 2 can just control both characters at once indefinitely as long as Venom doesn’t get touched!

Now we don’t really need Player 1′s Venom anymore, so we need to VERY carefully tag him out.

Lastly, we need to change Ryu to Akuma Mode (HCB+HP, costs 1 bar). He needs to do this because we need Akuma’s Raging Demon super.

Now that all of THAT is out of the way, we can finally move on to the glitch that the two posts above were about. What we’re gonna do is the same thing we did before, but on Wolverine: grab him with Venom and then hit him on the first frame of his web state. This time we don’t need Lou, though, because we have two characters–we can simply have Ryu jab him as soon as the throw connects.

Note that Wolverine can still move around while in the web, that’s because of Ryu’s jab. For whatever reason, getting hit on the first frame of being webbed makes you not actually trapped in the web anymore, even though it looks like it!

This is what would’ve happened earlier with Venom, but him “dying” caused the web to fall off immediately. 

Anyway, this kind of controllable web state is what we need. What’s strange about it is that you’re ALWAYS controllable in that state as long as the web is on–even if you’re hit with, say, a Raging Demon (LP-LP-Forward-LK-HP, costs 3 bars)!

Wolverine wasn’t affected by this Raging Demon in any way, it didn’t even deal any damage because it never technically “grabbed” him. You can still move around and press buttons during the flashes!

So let’s try that again, but this time, do Fatal Claw (DP+2 Kicks, costs 1 bar) while the Raging Demon is going on.

Aaaaaaaand he’s off! He’s not supposed to keep going up like that.

I’ve only tried it with Wolverine and Hulk, but presumably there’s lots more silliness to be seen by doing this with different characters!

Some say Wolverine is still flying to this very day…I wonder where he could be…

anonymous asked:

After reading ANSWER, I don’t think Eren loves ‘Humanity’ but only himself and to an extend Armin and Mikasa. Isayama already said it himself (I quote it from translator): ‘He says Eren has a complex. While Armin is fascinated with the outside world and has dreams about discovering the unknown, Eren feels nothing but blatant anger about that. He feels empty. His dream is not actually to see the ocean. That’s Armin’s dream. Eren doesn’t have one. [1]

‘Isayama described Eren as自己中心 means selfish or self-centered or egotistical. Morever, he feels empty and doesn’t have a dream so as a result, he makes decisions and acts throughout the series with the purpose of ‘self-preservation’. Isayama literally says Eren ‘always makes decisions with self-preservation in mind.’ He then goes on to say EMA will probably conflict with each other soon.’ So from beginning Eren always considers himself as the center of his world, never purely about Humanity [2]

Not that I dislike the selfish part, I like Nagai Kei (Ajin) even he is such a selfish bastard; maybe the problem I have with Eren is because he acted so high and mighty in the beginning, judged other humans as worthless, looked down other cadets who chose MP over SC. Now I feel Eren himself isn’t any better than them and has no right and shouldn’t judge other people that harsh. [3]

Agh, I… really don’t care for interviews, sorry. A snapshot of an author’s view of the world and characters they have conceived isn’t anywhere as meaningful as what’s occurring in their writing.

In Eren’s case, he does have his anger issues, and can be very self-centered, and he doesn’t have a concrete dream in the sense that Armin does.

He also runs off to save a girl he knows nothing about when he’s nine. The Survey Corps, purveyors of freedom, are his heroes. He nearly dies in Trost because he’s chasing after the titan who eats Thomas. He does what he can to cheer Historia up. He recognizes how extraordinary it is that Armin can dream. He gets into fights with Jean during training because Jean is specifically learning all of the skills to fight titans so that he’ll never have to.

His disdain for the Military Police is pretty much… entirely about that. Eren thinks that Mikasa should join the MPs because she’s at the top of the class. He’s surprised that Connie changes his mind about joining them, but doesn’t breathe a word of judgment. Annie’s his friend and mentor. It’s the specific approach to how MPs are selected (and Jean’s happy exploitation of that) that infuriates him.

He has plenty of self-righteous indignation over the systems that humanity has put into place behind the walls, and his perspective, being a passionate one, does mean that he sees the world through his eyes more exclusively than some people might.

(If you just look at how he initially tries to deal with Historia’s listlessness, it’s almost painful in how much he doesn’t get it.)

He still tries.

Thinking about the world outside of how he sees it is not Eren’s strongest suit. That doesn’t preclude him from being idealistic. That doesn’t stop him from having a good heart.

Eren can be stubborn and preachy, and it’s no mistake that he only has one friend before Mikasa–plenty of people piss him off.

Conceptually, though, he believes in humanity. He believes in freedom. When Armin is waking him up in Trost, asking him about why he wants to go outside, about what it was before revenge that struck his heart, Eren says that it’s because he was born into this world. People should be free, not stuck in cages, and certainly not content with that.

That’s really why he has such a temper about certain things. With Eren, he’s the kind of kid who believes in such a pure, lofty ideal that humanity represents, he ends up lashing out when he sees something less than what it could be. Because instead of could, he sees it as should.

That’s hard for anyone to live up to, and because Eren’s just as human as the rest of the cast, he’s not always going to live up to it, either. And yeah, self-righteousness is the sort of trait that makes someone very kickable, and that only increases when they do trip up–

But Eren’s fallibility doesn’t invalidate his core beliefs. They coexist within the story and within him. As frustrating as he can be at times, an Eren who doesn’t care about humanity simply isn’t Eren.

Thanks for the asks, dude.


The German MP-41,

During World War II the most popular German submachine gun of the war was the famous MP-40.  Often nicknamed the “Schmeisser” by Allied troops, the name came from Hugo Schmeisser, a German gun designer noted for his many successful submachine gun designs.  However Hugo Schmeisser had nothing to do with the design and production of the MP-40, despite popular myths.  But with the success of the MP-40 design, Schmeisser decided he wanted in on the action.

In 1941 Hugo Schmeisser introduced the MP-41, a further successor to the MP-40.  Schmeisser’s improvement of the MP-40 amounted to two main differing features.  First and foremost, the MP-41 had a solid wooden stock, whereas the MP-40 had a folding metal stock.  Finally the MP-41 had a select fire switch for semi automatic fire, whereas the MP-40 was full auto only. Everything else was the same, including the action, barrel, and magazine.

The military turned down a contract for the new submachine gun, although a number were produced for the German police.  Some were also purchased out of pocket by SS units.  Most were exported to Germany’s allies, most notably Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria.  After only a year of production, Erma Company, holder of the MP-40 patent filed a copyright infringement suit against Haenel, which manufactured the MP-41.  Production of the MP-41 immediately halted, with only 26,700 being produced.