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Could you draw human Reigen with doggo Mob? Especially puppy Mob, I would die from cuteness. Better yet, Reigen with all the dogs of this AU? That's maybe too much but since Reigen loves dogs... Just think about it :3c

Reigen now has 5+ more children. 

Ritsu thinks this is a Suspicious Human™ while Teru is like “I LOVE THIS HUMAN HE’S SO COOL”


note-taking masterpost

hi all! this is a compilation of my favorite note taking methods, complete with my thoughts, references and tips!

lecture notes:

lecture notes are the notes you take while sitting in class, listening to the professor talk or present a slide show. these, at least for me, are messy and barely legible, but that’s okay! you’re trying to get down all the points the professor is going over quickly, and worrying about aesthetic is only going to be a hindrance. for speed, i would recommend using bullet points and subpoints, nothing fancy. afterwards, when you get home, you can rewrite them so everything is clear and concise, the important things stand out, and they look pretty and colorful, if that’s something that’s important to you.

in class notes resources (1) (2) (3)

digital to handwritten notes


one of my favorite methods, outlining gives you a good overview of the topic, but you can also go into detail! I mainly use this for textbook note-taking, but it can also work well in lectures.

outlining guides (1) (2)

taking notes from a textbook

digital outlining

my ap euro textbook notes (from my studygram oops)

the cornell method:

i used cornell notes in ap human geography freshman year, and they worked pretty well for me! it’s a very flexible system, and asking questions about the material definitely helps synthesize it. i would recommend this system while taking notes from a text, but it can work for lecture notes too!

cornell notes guides (1) (2) (3)

digital cornell notes


use flashcards for vocab words, practice problems, or small concepts. they’re best used when you just need to memorize things.

flashcard guides and tips (1) (2)

alternative to flashcards


mindmaps are awesome for analyzing the relationships between concepts in a subject, so i would highly recommend them for history classes! (you can, however, use them in any subject!). these aren’t the best to use while being exposed to the material for the first time, but while studying/reviewing.

mindmap video

mindmap tips

general/misc notes references:

note taking tips (1) (2)

a cute and creative alternate method

note-taking by subject

if you hate taking notes

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