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Could you draw human Reigen with doggo Mob? Especially puppy Mob, I would die from cuteness. Better yet, Reigen with all the dogs of this AU? That's maybe too much but since Reigen loves dogs... Just think about it :3c

Reigen now has 5+ more children. 

Ritsu thinks this is a Suspicious Human™ while Teru is like “I LOVE THIS HUMAN HE’S SO COOL”

the REAL klangst (and utter disappointment) is lance turning out to be straight and keith developing feelings for lance but lance mistakes his affection as platonic, and so keith’s love goes forever unrequited.

keith would be hurting all the time but tries to hide it, especially when lance is around, but whenever lance notices the suppressed pain in keith’s eyes and asks him what’s wrong, the burning wound in keith’s heart only grows bigger and digs deeper as he hurriedly fakes a smile and assures lance that everything’s fine, trying his best to never give away the tiniest inkling that he’s the cause of his suffering. lance’s worry never ceases though as he still feels that keith is hiding something from him; that he’s not telling him anything because keith doesn’t trust him, that he’s not of enough worth or value to be trusted or depended on. both progressively start distancing themselves from each other for a very selfish common reason- to not get hurt by the other’s oblivion, never realizing how much pain and suffering each causes the other

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Ok but have u ever considered: human mob and Reigen doggo??? P.S. ur blog is really cute!!

The ultimate ‘Boy and his dog’ duo!

Reigen is basically like those dogs that sniff out cancer or rising sugar in your blood- but instead he sense Mob’s emotions so that he doesn’t go 100%. 

mp100 AgeSwap AU ideas/hcs?

I’ve had a lot of free time lately so I’ve been rereading the manga and having too much some fun thinking about terumob and this particular AU ahahhah 

(So basically this is the AU where Mob and Reigen swap ages and mob is 28 and reigen is a spunky ass 14 y/o and the art I’ve seen of it is beautiful)

  • Adult!mob is probably a v serene and graceful guy in terms of personality, quiet, polite and super kind. Teenager!Reigen is dramatic and basically a very clumsy fella but it’s endearing, really
    • Mob fixes stuff that Reigen breaks in his office (“Sorry shishou I just wanted to test out this new football for a bit ya know”) or outside of school (“Hey shishou, I kinda ripped my pants today tryna’ do a split”) 
      • Sometimes he uses his powers to fix things but other times he just uses his hands. It’s to remind himself that he doesn’t have to use his powers all the time to lead a proper, good life.
      • Tends to absentmindedly pat reigen’s shoulder or ruffle his hair while returning fixed stuff. intuition.
    • Mob isn’t one for physical contact with strangers but holds his clients’ hands when he senses real anxiety within them, or when they tremble and start to cry. takes everything seriously
    • Is Especially Soft when it comes to kids and little animals. Loves lil cats. almost cried during one assignment during which he had to exorcise a crazy cat lady spirit who possessed cats and left them hurt and confused. brought said cats to therapy after it was over.
  • You may think that Reigen who has Zero Psychic Intuition Whatsoever at this point in time has a hard time following mob but he’s super good at bullshitting his way through. 
    • Is very, very good at talking. Mob was never good at that kind of thing, so he really appreciates a disciple who can talk some sense into some of the ghosts they meet (“Look, dude, you wanna live this kinda life forever? Scaring five year olds? What kind of pathetic existence is that? You’re a ghost, not a horror movie, you could literally do anything else”)
    • after a while of taking him as his disciple, Mob gives him a special kind of purified salt which has the ability to trap low-mid level spirits if used right. reigen gets really pumped and hugs the hell out of mob when he first receives it.
      • reigen gets overexcited sometimes so he kind of just sprinkles salt everywhere and doesn’t create a proper ring so it’s not that effective
      • but mob lets him do it anyway, he doesn’t mind

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Advice for your year abroad:

  1. be with natives.
    You won’t learn the language neither the culture if you are only with people out of your home country
  2. don’t stay home when you are sad, go out, even if you are alone
  3. try to make many friends at the beginning. don’t stick with only one person (you don’t want to be dependent from him/her)
  4. homesick? don’t sit constantly on skype. It might make it better for a short while, but actually you are missing a lot of opportunities to make friends, to make experience and eventually you are still not happy.
    And this is definitely not that what you want.
  5. make a todo list of things you want to do
  6. no one knows you in this new country, and city. you can be every person you want to be.
  7. hang out with people you might not wanted to hangout with at home. you may not like that person that much, but they probably have some other friends. and maybe you are liking them?
  8. you can do everything you want. everything. you are staying only for a year. ponte loca!
  9. make a todo list before you arrive. so you know what you can do when you are bored.
  10. it is def okay to stay at home and don’t experience anything for a weekend ;)
  11. try new things. don’t commit only to your habits from home (food etc.)
  12. go alone to language meetings in your city. there are plenty.
    go even alone. you will get to know so many people
  13. don’t wait for other people to talk to you
  14. write diary!!! there are so many things you don’t want to forget
  15. fotos. make fotos.
  16. don’t worry. after one bad week, there is always a good week afterwards. always. promise.

seek / solace. (part ii) — a dreville music playlist | [listen]
for @slytherdornet​‘s after the war challenge

I know how it feels being by yourself in the rain
We all need someone to stay

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Could you please draw us some baby Mob? ❤️

Here you go! Also here’s some headcanons for cub Mob- 

- Loved catching and eating bugs, but he could only catch slow ones. He wasn’t good with stalking- but his brother was.

- He often played with his tail and gnawed on it. Not too hard to the point of hurting himself though. 

- Had the smallest and cutest of mewls <3

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You know what would be funny, since shou and touchyhoe are both rabbits the others kinda expect him to be a regular sized rabbit, which is small, how would they react touchy being a flemish or continental giant rabbit cause those fuckers are huge

Those breeds of rabbit wouldn’t actually exist, as they are bred by people, but they were to exist in Zootopia, Toi would probably be one of them. It would sure be an interesting encounter to say the least.

Thanks for showing an interest in my au aaaaaa-

Sterek AU | Honeymoon in London

“Stiles stop it! stop taking photos, you should dress too”
“Oh c'mon Derek this is our honeymoon, we should be naked and making, you know, what just married couple do ”
“I can’t believe I married a guy that can’t say sex or making love and we’ll be late”
“And I can’t believe I married a party pooper, late for what?”
“Because this party pooper bought tickets for Warner Bros. Studio I know how much you love Harry Potter but if you want to spend the day in bed, you know I have no problem at all”
“Oh.  My.  God.  Derek you’re kidding right?  .. DEREK omg I fucking love you”
“Hurry up then”
“Yes sir!”

Mob Psycho 100 AU where everything is the same, except the character names are google-translated to English. And so, some of the characters are:
Inspiration Renewal
Kashiyama (?) Shigeo
Kashiyama Road
and Aku Hanazawa

oh, and who could forget A Little Powered By Translate (google wHAT THE FUCK)

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Can we see more long haired serizawa? When my portys hair gets too long it covers his eyes and makes it hard for him to see, did seri ever have similar problems?

sure! this would have gotten done sooner but the MP100 stream happened. it was an awesome time btw!

yeah this happens occasionally.. time for a trip to the groomers haha