mp 44


Stoeger Luger

Although it looks like the famous German pistol, and is even marked Luger, the ones made in the U.S by Stoeger are chambered in .22 LR. Discontinued in the 1980′s, they were cheap plinking guns but were known for not being very reliable. It maybe spark some collector’s interest if you want to try for a trifecta of German lookalike .22 firearms by getting the GSG Stg 44 and MP 40 in .22 LR as well. Unless you find one for dirt cheap, I’d suggest passing on it. (GRH)


Cache of 5000 Nazi StG 44's  supposedly found by Syrian rebels. Would be really hard and expensive to fake this, but I can’t find much info on it.

^^ for why its cool they found that many and are shooting humans with them


Sturmgewehr MP-44/STG-44…Original vs. ATI .22 LR version