mp 17

Can we all just take a moment to talk about the fact that Damen said he’s proud to have been Laurent’s lover? Why? Because he said have been.

He could have said, “And I am proud to be his lover,” because he’s presently Laurent’s lover but he said, “And I am proud to have been his lover.” And to me that showed he was ready to lay down his life just to save Laurent.

Before saying all of this in front of the Regent and the crowd that served to be the jury, he knew the stakes. He knew that if he failed, that if his confessions failed, he would die alongside Laurent. He knew he would die. He would have given over his life and his kingdom.

And so when he spoke, he said, “have been,” instead. Because he knew if he failed, it would be the last time he could ever say that he’s Laurent’s lover. Right then, he was ready to die.