Jin talking about how handsome he is with full confidence is my favourite bts concept

Chanyeol singing:


listen nothing on this green earth will ever be as funny to me as “roonil wazlib.” I could watch a million comedy shows and not laugh as hard as I do when I think about that. I’ll be on my deathbed and start giggling and my great-grandchildren will lean down and ask me what’s funny and with my dying breath i’ll wheeze out “that’s my nickname”

26.02 - studying anatomy while we’re having Carnaval here in Brazil!

last week was my first time at an anatomy lab which means first time seeing corpses!!! as creepy as it may seem, it was amazing <3 

the night before i had revised all the theory so that it would be easier for me to recognize mouth and nose structures such as muscles and bones (it worked!!). right now i’m just making a clean copy of my notes ^~^

also sorry for low-res picture, the lighting isn’t that good at the library

ALSO uni is amazing, i joined the basketball team and the marching band (?) idk how is it called in english because we mostly play samba alike songs but anyway i’m at the bateria, which is not as lame as a marching band. plus i’m the class’ spokesman (spokeswoman?) so there is that

an adventure

so i just found some questionable images by 12-yr-old me

in roughly chronological order:

i had no idea how to blend so i panicked and used the blur tool

as u can see i’ve learned how to blend and am now struggling with . literally everything else

jesus christ



hey, kinda looks like im improving—

this looks like a claritin commercial



why did i . insist on using two fonts always

i want to die

this is it this was the fucking height of my career

what does this even mean