We always talk about how Sherlock is starved for affection and contact, but don’t forget that John is too. Sherlock picks up on that quickly in the beginning of their relationship. So when Sherlock’s in a particularly bad strop or in the midst of one of his dark moods, although he may not talk or interact with John as often as he would usually, he is always observing. He makes sure to look out for John’s tells–clenching his fist when lounging, drinking more tea, slower walking pace, an average of 5 extra blinks per minute–and when they present, Sherlock always pulls John to the couch, rests his head on John’s lap, and reaches for John’s hand to settle it into his curls. And while it may seem that it is all for Sherlock’s benefit, It’s one of John’s absolute favorite things to do.

of course immigration is a feminist issue but it’s not only because people immigrating suffer the abuses that fall under some sort of presumed feminist umbrella (for example, rape) but because the material conditions that lead people to immigration are of critical importance and anyone who fancies themselves as fighting for justice needs to have these conditions on the forefront of their minds and politics