what she says: I’m fine 

what she means: Sebastian Stan and Tom Hiddleston both auditioned respectively for Cap and Thor aka the golden hero but instead got cast as Bucky and Loki aka the dark tortured antagonist loved by the hero and then rapidly became way too invested in their characters and made them so utterly tragic and even off-screen keep contributing to the angst surrounding them and have thusly been ruining my life since 2011

171208 The Wings Tour The Final, Day 1 | Jungkook’s ending ‘ment | Video

I was going to cry during born singer, but Rapmon Hyung shed tears. Honestly I was about to cry too but I have to do an ad-lib in the back and my voice gets shaky so I held it in everyone. Since we started the tour in February there has been many things that happened, we had honorable opportunities so our position got higher and we became singers who received so much love. I regularly thought how can I meaningfully give back this love we have been receiving and it was only through a concert. I wanted to show you my best, in the best condition but while doing the stage I slightly *YOU DID WELL* made small mistakes so I’m really sorry to you guys. There were a lot of you who came and I’m sorry I couldn’t show you my best form.
Namjoon: You were the best, Jungkook
So for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will take care of my body, even for a day and show you the form that comes out. I’m really really thankful, thank you for enjoying today
Audience: It’s okay
Yeah, thank you. I love you~

[There were some small parts i couldn’t clearly hear]
Trans Credit: hobscheeks

marvel should make a mockumentary about loki as odin and the behind the scenes drama that went on while loki was trying to produce and direct his play. i wanna see tantrums about sets, actors, and interviews with asgardians who are just like “ya we know it’s loki but at least he’s not trying to kill anyone, so we just let him do what he wants”


“It’s been a long time. We’ve all grown in our own ways. […] Think back to when we were all at Beacon. Would you say you ever did anything foolish or embarrassing? Or do you think you were perfect? […]

“Well, that embarrassment - that desire to go back and tell yourself not to be so stupid - that just proves you’re not the same person you used to be. You’re smarter, you’re kinder, you’re stronger, and you’re not done growing yet. None of us are.”