fictional book recs!!!

hey, guys! soooo maybe some of u know this but i really really really love reading and i wanted to share some of my favorite books with u so here is a list of some books that i’ve read and loved + some i want to read + some links to more book recs!!! enjoy (also if u wanna see the description/review of each book click their titles+ bolded ones are my FAVs) hugs, mel

here are some of my favorite books I’ve read. bolded ones are my ABSOLUTE favorites. * means I have my own copy of the book. 

ok so that was some of my favorite books I’ve actually read myself and here are some that are on my to-read list!!!


Happy birthday, our dear actor Seokjin. ♡  May this be the year your skills are finally noticed, and the year you are finally cast in a drama. #HappyJINDay