I love Steve’s character development tbh he started out like the stereotypical famous asshole jock who only cares about making out with a girl and he picks on others but in the end he realized that his behavior was wrong and he turned into a badass like he could have easily left Nancy and Jonathan to die but instead he went back and helped them even though he was scared shitless and he literally had no idea what was going on I don’t get why people still hate him he even bought Jonathan a new camera 


Nevra : Sorry ? About what ?

Guardienne : I shouldn’t have jumped straight in your arms like that…

G :  ( i’m an idiot, an idiot, an idiot ! )

G :  i started to run away in the opposite direction

N : Hey wait ! 

( He caught my hand and bring me against him to hug him again )

N : i told you you’ll end up loving me.

G : No you’re wrong, i just…

N : Just shut up and enjoy the moment !

G : ( i could smell his perfume. i feel like we’re closer than before.)

G : ( i looked up to him. i don’t really know what to say)

Choice 1 : i want to kiss him

Choice 2 : i got out of his arms

hey fam!! i often get asked how to make notes ‘pretty’ so i thought i would share a bunch of [v easy] things i personally do !

what i do:

what other people do:

+ masterposts

hope this helped someone!!! i also have study ig and yt channel! if u want more studyspo!! xoxo sareena