bless the GMW cast I feel like they just know when an episode is going to crush our spirits and they’re like oh no our fans need us quick let’s upload a lot of pictures on our social media with their ships and the whole squad having fun to make them feel better they’re literally ‘the clique six™ to the rescue’ I love them sm

@joshaya shippers please keep in mind that the actress who plays Maya,Sabrina Carpenter, is 17 years old and she doesn’t look like 14-15 at all. I know Maya and Josh look good together but if you imagine an actual 14 y/o girl with a 18 y/o guy you will understand why some people in our fandom think it’s not appropriate to ship them. Just imagine your little sister or niece going out with a college guy. Would you be ok with it? I honestly don’t think so. And it’s not just about their age difference. Maya is a freshman in high school. She just graduated from middle school. She has no experience in sexual relationships whatsover. Josh, is a 18 years old college guy, so you can guess what he’s probably looking for in a relationship. I respected Josh when Maya went after him and he didn’t lead her on because he knew that they cannot engage in any kind of sexual/romantic relationship but what he did in GM Ski lodge was inappropriate. And for those who say that he didn’t ask her out, but they just made a “promise” for the future, I still believe it’s not ok considering that he knows very well what Maya thinks of him.  He’s older, he should be able to understand that saying to a 14 years old girl who has a huge crush on him that he likes her and then proceed to give her false hope is not fair to her because let’s be real, any 14 years old girl would hold on to that ‘promise’. 

 I’m not trying to attack you. I get it. Uriah and Sabrina look good together, they have chemistry on screen and their scenes were cute. But please consider that this is a Disney show. We don’t want young girls to think that’s it’s ok to go out with a college guy.