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have you needed some motivation? new stationery? how about studying tips & playlists? look no further — here comes studybuzz’s full-fledged studyblr masterpost for all things studyblr!


Momentum — wondered about that title screen on every studyblr’s browser pages? that’s most likely momentum. it’s available on the chrome app store here!

Fliqlo — that clock screensaver you’ve seen on tons of inspiring posts? it’s fliqlo, which you can get for desktops at no cost here & for iOS at $0.99 here!


Muji — this store ships worldwide & is hailed as a studyblr’s heaven! simplistic, aesthetically-pleasing stationery & great functionality work well together. you might also find their stores near you! 

Zebra Mildliners —they’re highlighters that don’t bleed through paper, and have an amazing tint as well! quite pricey when compared to average highlighter prices, but completely worth it!

Stabilo Fineliners — whether it be for writing down notes in lectures & classes or to draw, fineliners work perfectly for all occasions and they’re quite affordable as well!

Staedtler Triplus — for an even more affordable alternative to Stabilo fineliners, choose Staedtler’s Triplus Fineliner Pens! the quality is somewhat similar, but it comes in more colors.

Typo — it isn’t well-known enough in the studyblr/appblr community, but it ought to be, the prices & stationery are wonderful! they’re australian-based, so it might be pricey to ship them if you don’t live too close.

Erin Condren — super well-known for the organized life planners, Erin Condren also offers stationery that’s worth a look at! however, the prices might set you back quite a bit.

Filofax — this UK-based company produces the most amazing looking planners & notebooks, but they might be quite pricey to the average student or anyone living off a budget.


Amazon — looking for new or used textbooks at a cheaper price than your school/college? amazon’s the best place to look for anything that you need for school supplies!

Textbooks.com — i don’t buy textbooks from here, but they seem quite credible & have nice prices for used or new books for school!

Barnes & Noble — all-new textbooks. even though they might be more costly, if you plan on using a book for a longer time, Barnes & Noble is a nice place to find one.


Pomodoro — working in short bursts & taking breaks often is everything Pomodoro! increase your productivity by setting short time goals for yourself in which you can accomplish your tasks of the day!

Cornell Method — a note-taking system that allows you to review & grasp certain concepts after lectures easily!

Memorise — a great website that helps increase your memory & capacity to remember and retain information!

Elevate — an app that tracks your cognitive skills! super helpful in the summer & holidays, when you’re looking to improve the skills you have and not necessarily cramming for exams.

bangtan’s pets

bangtan is known to post (on social media) about their pets alot! specially during one of their early days. most of them have pets and they are really popular with fans!

  • seokjin has a a dog called jjangu
  • hoseok has a dog called mickey and a cat called nyangie
  • namjoon has a dog called rapmon
  • taehyung has a dog called soonshim and a cat called kkanji
  • jungkook has a dog called gureum

im pretty sure jimin and yoongi have never posted about a pet (or if they have one?) but!! jimin has had multiple pics with cats aha if that counts!

you can check their pics here!

Wrong Place Wrong Time | Guinevere & Hook

The black BMW parked in the driveway and the redheaded deadman walking from the front door of Guinevere Grimhilde’s house was not something he was expecting to see when he got home from the docks. Hook passed by him, being sure to bump his shoulder with the betrayer before entering the house. 

Slamming the door shut behind him he stormed through the kitchen and into her office where the dark haired witch sat smugly. “You mind explaining to me why you had Landvik in this house? Or shall I just assume what transpired here? I swear if you don’t start talking..” He gritted his teeth, wishing he’d killed the guy on the way in.

BRUH the ugliest biggest and baddest bugs of the nation come out during summer. This mf can have my room shit, cuz FUCK THAT. I’m out ✌🏾️.