Some Tips for Increasing YT Views

So, We are currently needing to get EXO’s Love me Right video to 7 million views A.S.A.P as it is crucial to their success on music shows.

So here’s some tips on how to help increase the views

SIGN OUT - Do not watch the videos repeatedly while signed in, or it will only count as 1 view because the video has already been marked as “watched”. 

ALTERNATE- Simply refreshing the page will not be effective in increasing the views. YT an detect spam views and they filter them out before updating the view count. You must alternate between videos. This works out well for EXO fans since we can alternate between the Korean & Chinese videos. 

Create a Playlist- I recommend that you create a playlist with both K & M versions and let the playlist repeat between the two. But don’t forget to sign out before watching.

Or, you could just use this playlist I’ve made.

Clear History- Clear your browser history cache, & cookies every few hours or so.

Change Your IP- Depending on your browser, you can download extensions & Proxies to change your IP address. 

Google chrome- You can use Hola, Proxy Switchy, HideMEAss. i reccomend Hola.

Firefox- One Click Proxy IP, anonymoX ,  Proxy Selector, etc.