Seasons, months & days in Turkish 🗓

Season - Mevsim
Spring - İlkbahar
Summer - Yaz
Autumn - Sonbahar
Winter - Kış

Month - Ay
January - Ocak
February - Şubat
March - Mart
April - Nisan
May - Mayıs
June - Haziran
July - Temmuz
August - Ağustos
September - Eylül
October - Ekim
November - Kasım
December - Aralık

Days of the week
Week - Hafta
Day - Gün
Monday - Pazartesi
Tuesday - Salı
Wednesday - Çarşamba
Thursday - Perşembe
Friday - Cuma
Saturday - Cumartesi
Sunday - Pazar

i’m re-reading deathly hallows for Unexepcted and I came across something that kinda confuses me. In chapter 6 of DH, Hermione says (in reference to being prepared to accompany harry), “I’ve also modified my parents’ memories so that they’re convinced they’re called Wendell and Monica Wilkins…” Then in chapter 9, she says (after Ron says he’s never done a memory charm), “Nor have I, but I know the theory.” thoughts????

Why does the Wizarding world celebrate Christmas and Easter. What is the reason. Don’t say it’s such a widespread cultural thing in the country that they just picked it up, because they are decidedly able to be (nonsensically) completely oblivious to every other Muggle practice, including wearing normal clothes, and the Wizarding world is decidedly secular, how do you even reconcile theism with magic at all, so like… ? 

do u think patrick was aware of how iconic the devil suit would be did he plan that shit out like ‘theyll be talking about it 5 fucking years from now goddamn i look good’ or was it a 'wait fuck its halloween what do i do fuck ok horns cool devil’ did he know