‘Me’ by The 1975 on vinyl

(credit to Chuck Waite from Dirty Hit)

some thoughts on the finale

  • Jared’s acting in the scene when he thought Dean was going to kill him was PHENOMENAL. it was the only part of the episode that I actually teared up
  • I’m really really really glad Rowena lived and she’s probably going to be a baddie next season
  • I really couldn’t care less whether Crowley lives, though if that is actually the way that he dies, that’s pretty disappointing too. like really? Crowley can survive everything that’s happened in the past five seasons and he gets taken down by that??
  • I need to know that Cas is okay
  • speaking of which I am extremely disappointed about the utter lack of destiel. what, did the writers think that they’d give us some last ep and we’d be satisfied?
  • I am furious that they thought they were justified in killing Charlie for THAT
  • also pretty upset the way Death died. that was disappointing and anticlimactic
  • I think anticlimactic pretty much sums it up - yeah okay, the darkness sounds intense but…I don’t really care??
  • I’m just hoping that this means more angel stuff next season
  • mildly disappointed they didn’t actually chuck Dean into space tbh
Aw, I miss them so much!

When you’re supposed to be revising for English Lit’ tomorrow, but your Lib Dem stuff is mixed in with the revision guides and you feel so happy seeing your MP’s face.

But, then you realise that amazing guy is not MP any more and you just want to cry because, you can’t take the pain of not living in a Lib Dem constituency, then you start to feel that maybe Heroes and An Inspector Calls are not very important any more because you miss the Lib Dem’s so much!