at my concert today luke was all “ew I’m so sweaty and gross” and michael screams “WHO THINKS LUKE LOOKS LIKE AN ANGEL” and the crowd went wild and luke smiled like a huge dork my heart

Attention to All EXO-L!

As you know, EXO is having their comeback on June 3rd with ‘Love Me Right’.  We are planning a project for their comeback MV that I hope that all of you will take part in and help make this comeback even better than their previous! 

With our previous project for CMB we were able to accomplish  4.8 mil views in 24 hours and 25 mil in 5 weeks! 

This time around, we plan to do even better! 

Rather than focusing on watching the video, we will also focus on sharing the MV. What better way to increase the views than to broaden the audience as opposed to the same fans watching it over. 

That being said, Our goal for the ‘Love Me Right are 

200,000 SHARES! - (come on if they can get 200k likes on insta in 2 hours we can do this! So, if you dont have an YT account, make one! Share the video on all your Social media)

How to share?:

Underneath the music video, there is a share button, 

Click it and use any of the sharing option you can to spread the Music video! ^^

6 MILLION VIEWS 24 hours! -(Note: Replaying the video doesn’t count as a new view. You must watch the video on Youtube’s site! Which mean not through Tumblr posts or Allkpop etc.)

For the views, I ask that all fans make sure to watch the video at least 10 times.

YT counts up to 300 of your views. Bee sure to clear your browsing history including cookies & Cache!


Also, We will be trending the hashtags #LoveMeRight & #LuckyToHaveEXO 

EXO Let’s work hard and support our boys just like they work hard for us! 

Please like & reblog this post and repost this message anywhere you can to spread the word! We ARE ONE! EXO-L LET’S LOVE!

Until we have a source (either directly from Jared or someone who represents Jared) please do not worry about the post saying Jared has cancelled another appearance. When Jared cancelled AHBL and JIB he told us and apologized and we received updates from Jensen and Jared’s manager; we’ve heard nothing from any of them about Jared cancelling an appearance at all and the only person saying this is a fan on tumblr.

Please please please don’t believe everything you read on the internet, I’m sure Jared is doing much better. If there’s anything we need to know, we will be told.