Just how big a defeat for the Blairites was Jeremy Corbyn’s crushing re-election on Saturday?

Bigger than even the final result might suggest! If you include members excluded from voting (the vast majority of whom are pro-Corbyn), then Owen Smith barely scraped a quarter of Labour supporters.

When you contrast this with the fact that 162 Labour MPs - that’s 70% of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) - backed Smith against Corbyn, it throws its complete backwardness into sharp relief. Talk of ‘olive branches’ and 'wiping the slate clean’ is a huge mistake: Labour members and supporters have overwhelmingly voted for a pro-working-class Labour Party with socialist politics. Pandering to the tiny, irrelevant, discredited group of troublemakers calling the shots on the right-wing of the PLP would be a false peace which will only afford the hardcore Blairites another opportunity to sweep apolitical careerist MPs into yet another leadership challenge.

It’s time to bring back proper democracy in the Labour Party: and that starts with the urgent mandatory re-selection of all MPs by members on the basis of their policies.

(Sources: Labour Compliance Unit, research by @EoinLabour, official Labour Party communications)

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