you think that I am on the mountains, tending to ‘far greater things’ but I am within you. I am cheering you on and holding your hand. I am kissing your cheek and helping you stand. I am always for you while consistently standing right beside you. you are Mine and I am yours. I love you, I love you, I love you- more than you will ever know. My life was given up so that you might be free. I endured the cross so that you might experience eternal life and unending grace. you are never too 'small’ for Me. your problems are never too 'little’ for My concern. you are My child, you are My love, and I, am always yours.
—  mel // a letter from your Father. 

Until we have a source (either directly from Jared or someone who represents Jared) please do not worry about the post saying Jared has cancelled another appearance. When Jared cancelled AHBL and JIB he told us and apologized and we received updates from Jensen and Jared’s manager; we’ve heard nothing from any of them about Jared cancelling an appearance at all and the only person saying this is a fan on tumblr.

Please please please don’t believe everything you read on the internet, I’m sure Jared is doing much better. If there’s anything we need to know, we will be told.