Hey there, it’s Jo again! I often see masterposts about studying and preparing for exams, so I wanted this to focus on the moment you are doing the exam, and what comes after that! 

warning: english isn’t my first language and I like to use a lot of “!!!!!!” marks!! 

Lets go!:

◼️ A few minutes before◼️

-Remember, you studied for this! It’s going to be okay! Breathe, chins up! You will do your best with what you know.

-Choose your supplies for the test: I usually bring a little pouch with the essentials, so I have space  to write comfortably. My pouch includes things like one or two pens, a pencil, an eraser, rulers, two or three markers, and a corrector!

-Drink some water and chew some candy or gum

-Don’t forget to say hi to your prof!

◼️ During the test◼️

-Obvious, but: Write your full name, and date!

-I personally like to read the whole test before starting, so I can calculate the time I’ll spend and which exercises are the most difficult/time consuming, and to evaluate if i’m going to pass or not.

-However, If you see a lot of things you don’t know and that makes you even more nervous, skip that step and just start!

-Go ahead and fill your pages with information

-Write quickly, but correctly! the teacher will have to grade and understand your handwriting!

-(If it’s allowed to ask questions) Listen to your classmates’ questions, they might be useful to your test! Annotate what the prof says with pencil on the margin so you dont forget it and can erase it later.

-If you don’t know how to do something, skip the exercise, leave the necessary space and keep going

-Leave some time at the end to check everything! Read the test again (so you dont accidentally skip an exercise, like I did, because it was too small), read your answers, correct any grammar mistakes, check for those that you wrote poorly, and see if you remember more of it. Write numbers on your pages, and your name again at the end.

-I like to highlight with a pastel marker the exercises that I already answered, to double-check. It also makes the exam pretty haha

◼️ After the test◼️

-Yay! You finished! Put everything back inside your pouch, clean your place and go outside the classroom

-Don’t forget to wave your prof goodbye!

-Breathe again, you did it!

-If you don’t feel too sure of your answers, it is best not to compare them with your friends. 

-Go home, take a shower and lay on your bed for a second. You deserve some rest after studying so much!!

-Your study room is probably messy: past papers sprawled across the table, pages and pages of rewritten notes from your study sesh yesterday, a binder open and an empty glass of water, pens and sticky notes everywhere…a disaster

Now is the time to clean that up!! Slowly stack your binders, put away any useless paper, save your notes, take that glass and fill it again, reorganize your pens and markers, etc.

-Ease your brain, listen to some music, eat yummy treats, rest, plan for the following week, or start studying for another incoming exam!

🍓 Thats it! I hope you liked it and found it useful in some way! I will be doing more of these, so leave your suggestions here🍓 


Chloe Bennet and Clark Gregg doing the 22 push-ups challenge