if ts doesn’t promote this comeback properly (which they probably won’t, seeing as b.a.p only have two weeks to perform on korean music shows before the tour, if they even do perform that is) then what are we for? we’ve fought for b.a.p so much that at this point, protecting and promoting them is part of being a fan. make a hype about this comeback! make gifsets, edits, graphics, write fics, reblog b.a.p posts and make your own, even if it’s just you screaming about how they deserve the world - your followers, some from other fandoms, will see. make our presence noticeable on social media: tumblr, twitter, youtube etc. ask popular channels for reactions to the mv, and upvote b.a.p-related comments so more people see them. spread the love for b.a.p!


*clicks play and hears taeil immediately screaming*

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so……are the teasers gonna be at 11:05am or 11:05pm or whenever the heck ts feels like blessing our desperate asses with some material and still no feedback or response to our genuine and frustrated questions….. this was supposed to be a quick question lol i didn’t mean to get annoyed at ts out of nowhere but here we are oops :)

Block B actually had a really good chance at winning first on Inkigayo. They’re not promoting the song on music shows, but it’s incredible to see how strong of a contender they are against this insane competition. They’re so strong as group and I can’t help but anticipate how stronger they’ll get with time and the public getting to know them. I’m soooooooooo proud of them! 😭