So a few months ago, I was lying in bed with a girl, cuddling and talking. We got to the topic of sexuality, so I asked her out of curiosity what she identifies as. And the girl turns around in my arms, hiding under the comforter, clearly embarrassed and a little ashamed. She tells me she’s bisexual and that she hates it because it sounds so desperate.

That is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.

What kind of spaces are we creating for our fellow wlw? What the hell kind of community are we when we make our own feel like that?

Trust me, however much I tried to convince her that her identity isn’t “desperate,” it’s not me alone who’s gonna make her believe that.

Nevra said that when Karren had nightmares in the past, he used to comfort her at night and quickly learned how to handle her night terrors.

So i think it’s confirmed that they are brother and sister ? ( there is also the fact that they wear almost the same necklace )