More work on Mozilla UK

Okay… so I am happy with the Analysis section of document I have been writing and so will transfer that to a wiki page in the next few hours, I am now moving on the development. This is where I am going to be talking entirely about my proposed system. This can be discussed etc… however after doing a lot of research there is not much out there in the way of up-to-date, lightweight cms that get out of your way in terms of the front end and database structure, yet make life super easy on the backend. Most that I found / know have either been left to gather dust over the past two years, or add way too much in the way of feature we are not looking for / want. So I have started / will continue regardless,  developing a small set of tools based on the open source php framework known as CodeIgniter.

The language choice is simply because I am very comfortable / have more experience with php, and the framework is chosen for being robust, secure, and still being developed.

The wireframes that I have created are currently being worked on very kindly by Jan to be come much prettier mockups.

So… the wiki page where I will be putting the analysis section is

As for the code I am working on the tools are being developed under the name SandCastle, and there is a public git repository at

As ever, feedback welcomed / wanted.

Busy week working on

Okay… so I am doing this as a tumble instead of a blog post for a few reason, but mostly because I plan on doing a collection of little posts in relation to this. That and I am still playing with the idea of using tumblr over wordpress.

Anyhow, I have spent the past week working on some things that were spoken about at the recent Mozilla UK Community Meetup. This work has mostly be centered around the website. Doing some sketches for the design, working on a database design, thinking about the best ways to reduce duplication of content that exists elsewhere within Mozilla, etc. I have also spent a reasonable amount of time looking at how other Mozilla Communities operate their websites for inspiration.

Today I have also spent some time thinking about the Mozilla UK Logo, right now it is just a part of the Mozilla Communities Logo. Which I think should still be linked in with the site, somehow, but maybe just as a footer image. I have however taken some time and inspiration (from Mozilla Antarctica and Hispano) to create some mockups of what I think a Mozilla UK Logo should look like.

The first is clean, and more just my initial ideas from Mozilla Antarctica and Hispano. It shows a silhouette of the United Kingdom, with Ireland included so as to show the way the landmass works but in a lighter shade so as to indicate that they are separate and also that they have their own community which is starting to form.

The second draft shows the same logo however it also includes a homage to the Mozilla Communities logo.

I have also done a quick take on what a vertical version of this logo might look like using the long form of UK

So… I guess my biggest question right now is what do people prefer?