mozerella stick

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[At a bar] "Can I buy you an appetizer?"

“Can I buy you an appetizer?” Chloe asked the small brunette who was leaning against the bar.

“I’m sorry?” Beca replied, struggling to hear the redhead over the music. “It sounded like you just offered to buy me an appetizer.”

“That’s right,” Chloe replied.

“You know, traditionally, you’re supposed to offer to buy someone a drink,” Beca said.

“Yes but you’ve been complaining to your friend that you’re hungry for the past fifteen minutes,” Chloe said.

“Good point,” Beca said. “If I let you buy me an appetizer, will you share it with me?”

“Only if you order mozerella sticks,” Chloe said.

“Why would anyone order anything that wasn’t mozerella sticks?” Beca held out her hand. “I’m Beca, by the way.”

Chloe shook her hand. “Chloe,” she replied.

Once the food arrived, Chloe picked up a mozerella stick and took a bite. “So did you like my cheesy pick up line?”

“… Did you do all that purely to make that joke?”


“Marry me.”

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Freewood fluff prompt: Gav and Ry in a grocery store. They went to get one simple item like milk but Gavin is craving everything - onion rings, ice cream, cheetos - like a 5 year old. Ryan trying to keep them on track

haha I love writing both of them with having a big sweet tooth. The difference is Ryan won’t buy all the sweets for himself, has enough control when it’s his own money being spent on the treats. Gavin however wants to buy all of the junk food, having no care about the fact that this is what he chooses to spend his money on. Ryan lets the first thing slip, a package of cookies, because, well, they looked good and they deserve one sweet thing for the week. But then Gavin just tries getting more and more junk food that Ryan rolls his eyes at and tells him to put back. Gavin will pout each time, but Ryan’s learned to not give into the puppy dog eyes by now.

They still leave with a package of cookies, some ice cream, a box of diet coke, and some cheese sticks on top of the milk that they came to the store for.