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Moze ovo: 'Ljubavi, nama sudi samo Bog, ljudi nude samo bol a mi smo zajedno, zauvijek mladi...' :) tenks❤️ btw stranica vrhhh

Napravila sam. :) I hvala ti! <3


So I’m watching Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide for the first time, and in episode 3 Moze gets covered in all sorts of stuff when people throw things at the student teacher and she has to clean a chalk board during detention, then in episode 5 she keeps jumping into bins, like seriously amazingly jumping into them, I didn’t think it was possible to gracefully jump into a bin. Some serious skill, if she did her own stunts…

I just felt the need to take screenshots and share photos of Moze in the bin. I have no real idea why.

(And that 6th picture… how do you fit in there?!?!?)

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i have a former stray cat Milo (almost a yr) that i raised from 12 wks. i just got another stray cat Moze (who is 10mos) who was fostered since young. Both are males. Milo has started to lie down in the litter box that I put out for Moze. Lie down like waiting to play. He doesn't do that with his litter box. And while he doesn't hiss or strike out at Moze, Milo isn't really buddy buddy. I just wanted a companion for Milo. Is this behavior normal? Will they every be good friends?

Cats, like humans, have various personalities. Some cats enjoy bonding and others resist it at all costs. I believe that you should make extra effort to show Moze that Milo can be a friend. Cats often enjoy massages, vacations, and other relaxing activities. Take some time to bond as a family and solidify your relationship. 

~Dr. Haley, PhD





“What an inspiring and awesome model I recently had the honor of working with in my studio in Santa Monica, California. His name is Tom Valencia, and he was kind enough to share his story with my friend, the life coach and consultant Karen Mozes. Karen writes:“In November of 2012, Tom was in a yoga class and he felt an unusual tightness on his chest followed by pain and numbness of his left leg. Rushed to a nearby hospital, Tom was subjected to multiple surgeries addressing the condition, an aortic type dissection, and its many rippled effects, which included partial kidney and lung failure, the left lower extremity ischemia, and the eventual amputation of his left leg."All I could hear in my head when we were working together was, This is what a beautiful model looks like.Tom recently completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training and says, "I did not survive all of this to go back to being who I was before, or doing what I did before.’ “

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Zasto kazu da je nemoguce voleti sa 15 godina? Evo ja sam ziv primer. Ako ovo nije ljubav pa ne znam sta je..

Svako ko je pametan i ko se osjeca zrelo ne gledajuci na godine moze da voli. :) To sto govore su samo suplje price. ;) Slobodno voli, voli svim srcem. Ako neces sada, kada ces onda?!