Name meanings

I’ve long had a curiousity about name meanings, and last week started compiling the meanings of full names into vaguely coherent sentences for fun (for example I am “beloved pure child of the badger-filled woods”. Yup). So I did Mozart’s:

Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart:
Gracious golden-mouthed advancing wolf, friend of god, who rolls in mud

Johannes: “(God is) gracious”
Chrysostomus: “golden-mouthed”
Wolfgang: wolf-path or “advancing wolf”
Theophilus: “friend of god”*
Mozart: Dirty/unclean, “one who rolls in mud”

* Amadeus is the Latin translation of Mozart’s middle name. He only used it a couple of times, for example in a letter which he signed “Wolfgangus Amadeus Mozartus”, adding -us to the date as well. It became the preferred middle name for the composer during the 19th century.