mozarella stick

haha! so I’m in the bathroom and my dad just knocks on the door and says “michelle mcdonald’s is selling mozzarella sticks now!” and I’m just like oh yeah and he then says “yeah and they’re really good too I tried them” in which I think father you tried cheese sticks at least one day ago and randomly thought about them and felt the need to tell me immediately xp

but anyways Mcdonalds apparently now has mozarella sticks and I really wanna try them now


You fucking owe me 50 god damn mozarella sticks for this!


anonymous asked:

have you seen Dominos Pizza pinned tweet? o.O lmao i cant twitter*com/Dominos_UK

I’ve seen it but I didn’t know they pinned it omg. Now everyone will be greeted with the image of Louis shoving a mozzarella stick large phallus shaped object in his mouth when they visit the Dominos Twitter page. How lovely