Transparent illust of DECO*27’s Mozaik Role, Yowamushi Mont Blanc, and Nisoku Hokou by Awoko, from the new cover of COMIC@LOID Vol.6

This month’s issue has a huge DECO feature, including illustrations by guest artists, a Nisoku Hokou short novel, a one-shot manga of Pedal Heart, and more! 

In other COMIC@LOID news, the tankobon for Goumontou wa Nemuranai and Dancing Samurai releases May 27!


The long-awaited chapter 2 of Mozaik Role is finally here! We spent a lot of time working on it so we hope that you’re as thrilled about this release as we are!


Megumi Nakashiro never believed in doppelgangers or any of that occult stuff. Sure, she was a member of the occult club, but that was only because her boyfriend Kubohara was in it. However, her view starts changing when her boyfriend suddenly disappears and a girl named Megumi Kokusenya joins her class..

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Original Story/Song: Deco*27

Art: Akka

Translation: Sunny

Cleaning: Defenestrate

Proofing: Decent

Typesetting: Sutorumie


~ The Vocalations Team