mozaic dance team



I am still in disbelief that the weekend was just as amazing as everyone says it was.

on a personal view, two years ago when i joined mozaic, i never thought that this one decision would change my life completely, and i have now went from trying to find a place in this world, to having some of the most amazing people in my life that many could argue some rarely get the chance to find.

At my Kodachrome interview they asked me what are your goals as a dancer, and all i could come up with was to dance. I thought it was a weird question, but now that i think about it, its to build this dance scene and be the best dancer i can be.

and, now I see why i couldnt answer that question, cuz im living out part of that goal, because of everyone who came out, everyone who helped out.

to all those close to me here at jmu, you all are the reason why i stay inspired, and thank you for everything you do, and i just hope that i am giving back to you as much as you have given me.

to all those who thanked me and came up to me to tell me how amazing this weekend was, its not me, its all you. without the teams, without the audience, without the help, this weekend would have not been possible.

i am blessed and proud that i am part of this dance community.

Im gonna put a video out soon, because i honestly can not put what i want to say in words, ill try on a video but, right now im just looking back with a smile