An updated photo. Fire is estimated at 635 hectares. This is the far side and downwind of our house. The small lake (where we are located) is known for its gusts of wind to the south. Because of how we are located within our valley the wind always goes down and away from our house - all year, even in the fall, the wind goes down the lake.

Within 200km of Cranbrook there are 5 fires burning over 500 hectares - Moyie Lake, Whiteswan Provincial Park, Kookanoosa Lake, a fire was burning 10km from Cranbrook but is now considered controlled, as well a fire burns in Elko. All fires are located in the East Kootenay Region. I have seen ZERO media coverage, other than small town news outlets. We have limited resources and help. I have nowhere to take my dog or stay while I’m at work in Cranbrook. The majority of the traffic is now leaving town and I’m hoping that I will be able to get a hotel room for the 2 days I work.

Photo is NOT MINE and was taken by a friend and posted on fb.


An idea of the smoke we are dealing with: there are Rocky Mountains in the (near) distance of these photos. I can smell it in the AC of my car. It’s no joke.

Today I’m going to bike everywhere and visit some people (my friend who just had a baby and my God parents who just happen to be driving thru!). I’m bringing a backpack because I want to grab something to make for dinner tonight. Something simple and delicious. Any suggestions welcome.

I’m off now for two days. I got home last night and took 2 Ativan and promptly started to be a weirdo and then fell asleep with my glasses on. I watched SO many episodes of the Simpsons hahah. I’m okay. Things are what they are.

I’m getting a haircut tomorrow. Seeing my doctor. Things will be okay.

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Привет, Соня. Я просто хочу сказать тебе спасибо. Ты на самом деле вдохновляешь меня. У тебя неординарная жизненная позиция, ты добиваешься того, чего хочешь, и не останавливаешься на достигнутом, ведь нет предела совершенству. Благодаря тебе я смогла определить некоторые приоритеты для себя. Ты молодец, что всегда делаешь то, что хочешь, то что действительно тебе нравится. Это достойно уважения. И это служит для меня примером. Спасибо, ты замечательная)

A ya procto hochu skazat spasibo.

E spasibo vsem kto pricilayut mne takiyi sob’shenye. Ya vac ochen lublyu, e eza etovo ya delayu video. Ya ne mogu pritstavit shto moyi vido eto delayut dla vac, no ya bizumna rada shto tak yest <3

Spasibo <3

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веришь ли ты в судьбу и что все случится не просто так? и ты солнышко, я люблю тебя

Sudba- net. Ya dumayu shto bivayut plohiyi veshi v zhizni e u nih net asobinavo slimsla. No smisol mozhno zvat ot etovo, napremer shto to ponyat iz plohih situatsiyi e stat umniy, mudrey. 
Naprimer, moyi proshloyu ptitsu ubili. V chem v etom bil smisil? V etom netu glubokavo smisla. Eto sluchilac potamushto tak zhizn rabotayit. :)
Spasibo, ya tebya tozhe lublyu!