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ruru-ainulindale  asked:

Hi!! I'm so sorry to bug you with this, but I saw your answer to that one question about Russian nicknames and I was wondering if I could ask for some help rq. I've been trying to find affectionate terms (e.g. baby, love, honey, darling, etc.) in Russian for YOI fanfiction purposes and was wondering if you could list a few ones to call a male lover? It seems I can only find ones in the feminine form. Thanku!

Hello! IM SO SORRY FOR RESPONDING SO LATE i hope even if im slow af you will able to use nicknames i wrote about….

since russian is pretty much a big and rich language, we have a lot of ways to express our love and intimacy through nicknames to loved ones! not only name based nicknames, but those affectionate terms as well

actually, we do use literal translations of ‘baby’ and ‘darling’ referring to loved ones

  • baby can be translated as малыш (malish) or детка (detka), or пупсик (pupsik) (pupsik sounds very ridiculous tbh but i think victor would use this one) and can be referred to both male, female and nonbinary folks, despide the fact малыш and пупсик are grammatically male gendered words, and детка - grammatically female gendered.
  • with darling\dear its different, its very gendered term, so you have to use дорогой (dorogoi) to male lover, дорогая (dorogaya) to a female, and дорогие (dorogie) to someone who uses they\them pronounce (but they\them pronounce as singular pronounce is very complicated topic in russian, it really is, so i will talk mostly about she\he, alright?)  
  • there is another word from дорогой  - дорогуша (dorogusha), grammatically female gendered, but can used towards anyone, usually in less tender, but  teasing way
  • i think darling\dear in meaning as affectionate nickname can be translated as милый (miliy) as well. милый literally translates as ‘cute’ and ‘nice’, but when russian uses it to exactly refer to someone they love its usually can be translated as 'darling’ in english
    милый (miliy) is for males and милая (milaya) is for females. (they\them is милые (miliye))
  • talking about affectionate adjectives, we also use 'loved’, like’ loved by me’, and its любимый (lyubimiy) for males, любимая( lyubimaya) for females, любимые (lyubimiye) for they\them
  • сладкий (sladkiy) is also common affectionate nickname, analogue of it in english is sweetie i believe, since сладкий  translates as 'sweet’. female form is сладкая (sladkaya), сладкие (sladkiye) for they\them  
  • we also have similar nicknames to 'sunshine’ for instance, but we dont literally call people 'sunshine’, but just 'sun’ - солнце (solntse), or with diminutive suffix to sound even cuter - солнышко (solnishko)


we actually use shit tons of different nicknames. especially the most favorite by russians are animals, like every russian couple is a fucking mini zoo: we call our loved ones зая (zaya)\заяц(zayats)\зайчонок(zaychonok) - different forms of ’bunny’ ; котя(kotya)\котик(kotik)\котенька(koten'ka)\киса(kisa) - kitty; медвежонок (medvezhonok) - diminutive form of ’bear’ ; рыбка (ribka) - diminutive for ’fish’… and more, but зая is like the ultimate affectionate term and a lot of russians actually hate it, despite it being so popular lmao

in victor and yuuri’s case victor probably would call yuuri порося (porosya), поросенок (porosyonok),поросеночек (porosyonochek). all of these words are different variations of ’piggy\little piggy\piglet’. we also usually call порося those people who are very messy, but its in very tender way

i imagine when yuuri eats katsudon and some pieces of rice are on his cheeks, victors gently wipes them away, calling yuuri not less gentler ’порося моя’ (porosya moya - 'my piglet’).

ALSO I BET VICTOR WOULD ALSO CALL YUURI ФУНТИК (FUNTIK). Funtik is a character from old popular soviet cartoon Adventures of Piglet Funtik AND ITS CUTE

besides animals we can call people dear to us as:

  • золотце (zolotse) - 'someone gold’ or you can translate it as 'goldie’. a very common term in russian
  • голубка (golubka) - woopsie its an animal as well, i mean, a bird - a very sweet version of 'pigeon’
  • крошка (kroshka) - could be literally translated as 'crumb’ or 'little one’
  • куксик\кукуся\ кукуся (kuksik\kukusik\kukusya) - i honesty didnt know what exactly this word meaned till i googled it right now: 'as original term kukusik is someone very young, infantile and naive, who dont have much life experience and etc’, but this word lost this meaning and is usually used as affectionate term to loved one

i bet victor would call yuuri котлетка (kotletka), diminutive form of 'cutlet’

or щекастик (shekastik)! means 'someone with cute cheeks’ and this one isnt very common, but it sounds very cute and if you hc chubby yuuri, this nickname would fit him a lot!!  

other examples:

  • душа моя (dusha moya) - 'my soul’
  • свет моих очей (svet moih ochey) - 'the light of my eyes’. a pretty old one, im not sure someone uses it on daily basis, usually characters in old russian literature would referred like that. but is sounds very romantic and i personally love it
  • любовь моя (lyubov moya) - 'my love’
  • мой хороший \ хороший мой (moi horoshiy\horoshiy moi) for males; моя хорошая\хорошая моя (moya horoshaya\horoshya moya) for females - translates as 'my good’, meaning 'my dear’ or smth 
  • радость моя (radost’ moya) - 'my joy’

you noticed constant moi or moya in last ones? thats right, russian affectionate terms are very often accompanied with word 'my’ (мой\моя (moi\moya)), and sometimes some nicknames arent usually used separated from it!

russians usually use my + nickname combination to sound more intimate and show closeness to called person, which well is pretty obvious, i know, but we really do use it a lot

some of previous examples sounds even better and are more used with 'my’

мой (moi) is for grammatically male gendered words, моя (moya) for grammatically female gendered words and моё (moyo) - grammatically neutral gendered words tho

  • рыба моя (riba moya) - 'my fish’. yes we call people like that and its cute in our understanding
  • зая моя (zaya moya) - 'my bunny’
  • золотце моё (zolotse moye) - 'my goldie’
  • милый мой (miliy moi) for males; милая моя (milaya moya) for females - 'my dear’
  • сладкий мой (sladkiy moi) for males; сладкая моя (sladkaya moya) for females  - 'my sweet\my sweetie’

and yeah, we usually write 'my’ after the affectionate term. its grammatically correct in this case and sounds better.

actually in russian you can use like every cute sounding word as affectionate nickname?? even english ’pumpkin’ sounds very cute in russian - тыковка (tikovka) , and i would love if someone called me like that, despite the fact its not common term

ive read some fic where vitya called yuuri:
ангел мой\ангелочек мой (angel moi\angelochek moi) - 'my angel’
звезда моя\звездочка моя (zvezda\zvezdocka moya) - 'my star’
which you can use as well!! the number of possibilities is unbelievable

woopsie this one got very big as well… hope it was informative and still understanding!! 

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Je marche

“Je marche les yeux fermés
Face à moi mon passé
Persistante mémoire
Que ne puis je ignorer l'histoire
Tout taire en un mot
Un silence puis un écho
Avoir la magie des prophéties
Lascive errance vers l'oubli
Me faudra t'il encore partir
Un regard d'au revoir et m'enfuir
Me terrer là même où je suis née
Au pays des maudites destinées
Se leurrer est se complaire
Effluve d'un parfum d'outre terre
J'ai trop trahi pour une ornière
Tellement pleuré à la lisière
Des larmes de linceul sans calice
Pour un morne sanglot de supplice
À se pâmer d'autres atours
Doucement s'estompent les toujours
Un goût de promesse de rien
Que me suis je éprise des ces liens
La douceur de mes chaînes
Acier de tous mes rêves de haine
Au loin résonne le la du hauban
Interface d'une musique de sang
Pourpres notes sur mon chemin
Des ronces de nuit telles un écrin
Culture d'une perle de pluie
Éden de ce jardin de friches de minuit
Les primevères ne font pas un printemps
À l'automne d'une corneille d'antan
Saisons inachevées au gré des lunes
Incomplétude d'une déraison d'infortune
Mon ombre ne me suit plus
Égarée dans les limbes de l'inconnu
Seules, ma solitude et moi
Comme nous étions autrefois
Je marche les yeux ouverts
Face à moi une chimère”
©Broken Angel


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