moxie black


with Kaylin Swan and Demetrius Savage

Hair - @stealthic, skin overlay - moxi, black eye mask - @pyxiidis, eyebrows + leggings - @fashionroyaltysims, face tattoo, eyeshadow + eyeliner - @pralinesims, skintone + lashes - @kijiko-sims, septum + nails - @leahlillith, rings + hat - toksik + tattoos by @overkillsimmer + @spellcasterr, cross choker - @black-le, black dress - @trillyke, star choker + accessory jacket - @salem2342 + crop top - @chisimi.

Hair - stealthic, skin - @s-club-tbr,  eyes - pyxiidis, piercings - @ha2d + tunnels - @untraditionalnerd, nails - pralinesims, blazer - @black-le​, spiked biker jacket, cap + asymmetric shirt - toksik + chest tattoo - @hustlerxsims.

Poses by @dearkims xxx

anonymous asked:

I'm pretty new to this whole simblr thing so I wanted to ask you about your favorite simblrs because I want to follow more people!!

Meh I totally suck at those questions because I usually forget half of the people who deserve to be mentioned but I’ll try.

If you’re into alien stuff, elves & just other lovely non-human creatures:

- nenpysims _ one of the most amazing people I’ve met on here! She’s just lovely and you should totally check out her story because Zojja is adorable. :>

- prismaplanetsims _ if you do not fall in love with Rosie and the rest of her galaxy crew then I don’t even know anymore.

- sul-sul-nooboo _ one of the first blogs I’ve followed. It’s always a pleasure to have her posts about her cutie Primrose on my dash!

When it comes to CC:

puresims / missparaply / inabadromance / _ I basically own everything those people have created so far!

tok–sik / black-le / alachie-and-brick-sims /_ pure eyecandy. I swear I could stare at their blogs for ages.

More cuties I do not want to miss on my dashboard:

alienorsentia / ohmysim /  _ love, love, LOVE those girls!

moxi-cc / _ such a sweetheart with some sick drawing skills.

Sooo. Actually I should list every blog I follow on here because they’re all amazing. Otherwise I probably would not follow them, lol. Anyway those are the ones who immediately came to my mind.


Little girl wins $16,000 after creating a curls-positive comic book 

Seven-year-old Natalie McGriff used art to work through her self-esteem issues about her hair — and she ended up winning more than $16,000 for best entry for her comic book, The Adventures of Moxie Girl, at the One Spark crowdfunding festival in Jacksonville, Florida, this month. How Moxie Girl uses her powers for good.