I take back that favourite character being Oliver thing, Moxie’s my favourite. She has yet to be more than briefly mentioned in a single past RP post, and even then that was once. And just her initials on a paper. But ey. What it do. You make the big boss people don’t see the big boss you kno what I’m sayin. Bring the lady more blood. More little drink umbrellas.


some Moxie concept art from twitter. basically it’s like SU’s fusion but there’s no gay dancing, you gotta kill another unfused inkling to completely control their ability and it’s permanent


okay okay, last bit of fanbot spam for the night, i promise!

just a short silly little clip of moxie dancing to caravan palace’s “dramophone,” because that song is amazing and it makes me want to dance all the time. but gah, i wish i could dance half as well as the people in that music videoooo!!