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-Bottle of Hydromet(Hydrocodone) lean 5mg per ml 🍇🍇🍇
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-.5 of Heroin 🌑

Moxie! What is it?

It’s a film about this disgruntled police officer,

Who moves in with this computer technician,

And they get along okay…

Some drama, angst, and general shit happens (I shan’t spoil), but I promise they will get their happy ending.

Inspired by the queerbaiting shitshow that was Sherlock season 4, Moxie delivers the gay and it delivers it with passive aggressive tea symbolism and explicitly queer characters. Suck it, Mofftiss.

This is a project being made by a member of the Sherlock fandom and TJLC community, aka me: The @unrelentinghost of @thesherlockexperiment podcast.

This is a bit different from other fanwork, since it’s technically my own intellectual property, but like I said: It’s very Sherlock inspired. So we’re talking a detective and her blogger computer technician, just mates sharing a flat for convenience, confused sexual and romantic tension, obnoxious but entertaining villain, awesome fisticuffs, a damsel in distress trope… Need I say more?

As a TJLCer, I was compelled to chuck in a lot of visual symbolism and codes for my fellows to analyze as they please. It all points to gaytown, of course, but you knew that already since I’ve promised to do what the Beebs couldn’t (or wouldn’t).

Follow @moxieshortfilm for updates on the project if you’re interested. The film is coming out in late June.

And if you are actually interested, consider reblogging :)

Thanks for reading. Here’s a treat.


some Moxie concept art from twitter. basically it’s like SU’s fusion but there’s no gay dancing, you gotta kill another unfused inkling to completely control their ability and it’s permanent

I take back that favourite character being Oliver thing, Moxie’s my favourite. She has yet to be more than briefly mentioned in a single past RP post, and even then that was once. And just her initials on a paper. But ey. What it do. You make the big boss people don’t see the big boss you kno what I’m sayin. Bring the lady more blood. More little drink umbrellas.