A second set of Paper Mario characters!! This time its the partners from TTYD, and ahhh I am super proud of how they came out!! *v* I’m surprised I was able to make these look consistent, haha. This is definitely my favorite set of partners in the PM series, they all have such personality and great designs!!

I’m not sure what the next set will be (though I am open to suggestions if anyone has any hehe).

i like how vivi came out the most but i think they all look kinda cute ahhh ;v;

Submit your funny haha Ms Mowz edits to the Edited Texture folder on drive before the stream starts on Thursday and the funniest hahaiest one will become the new party member to fight alongside Panini, Goatdog and Jynx

Here’s one last edit I did for Paper Mario TTYD repainted. This didn’t make it in but it was my submission for the coveted Ms. Mowz edit.

I have no idea if Peridot would’ve looked this cohesive in-game, plus she would’ve had sharingans in her eyes and a tail shaped like a dick.

askpipsqueek asked:

Oh, um, Ms. Mowz? What sort of places do you find badges?

“Well, badges are usually hidden away, but they don’t have any really set location. Sadly, there’s no place with a ton of badges just lying around in the open. But half the fun is the search! Some places badges tend to be hidden in are blocks, which are easy to spot since they’re not yellow, inside of chests, and behind fake walls (there’s a ton of these in Rogueport! ). You’re also more likely to find badges if you go off the beaten path. Once you’ve been around badges enough, you start to notice their distinct scent, which makes them a lot easier to find. They usually smell like metal and plastic, and each badge has another scent to it, like the item hog smells slightly like roses. Although I may only be able to smell that because my vision is so bad…”

“Oh, and of course, people and stores also have badges, but taking those can be a lot more difficult and risky, so I wouldn’t recommend it.” 

“If you’re looking for a specific badge, I can help!” 

askpipsqueek asked:

((Mowzin maybe? Or Piper if you'd just rather. :P))

This peculiad species of Mumpling is called a Mowzpling. Their Mowz-like ears give them strong hearing to help detect predators, and their mask-like facial complexion is popular for any who want a Mumpling as a pet.


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♌: Turn-ons

“Traits? A good sense of adventure, respectful, trusting, and accepting.” 

“Physical features? Big eyes, soft skin, especially on the face and hands, nice hair, charming smile, you know, all that good stuff. I can’t say much on body types, because I’ve liked people with pretty much all kinds, I guess it’s just I don’t like people that are super muscular people, people who look ‘uneven’ or people who look like they’re plastic.” 

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“Well I mean…the school paper did run a poll about this so…I guess I’ll give ya some of the winners from that. It was only a month ago and there haven’t been any breakups this year so it’s pretty up to date…of course, there are plenty of other couples too, but these guys were the top five.”

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vgfm asked:

Will you accept any additional textures that are submitted between now and the next Paper Mario stream? I know that Ms. Mowz's textures were borked plus I wanted to fix a couple parts I missed.

Yes, definitely.

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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


Fav Character Theme: Ms. Mowz’s Theme and Luigi’s Theme are tied
Fav Area Theme: Glitz Pit
Fav Battle Theme: Battle Theme
Fav Boss/Final Boss Theme: Doopliss Battle
Personal Fav Theme: HOW DO I CHOOSE?! I guess We’re Counting on You Mario!
A song you didn’t like at first but grew to like: Madame Flurrie
One of the first songs you heard from the game: Intro Story
A song that gets you pumped: Rawk Hawk Battle
A song that makes you happy: Main Theme
A song that makes you sad: Reunion and Sadness and Happiness
The song you like least from the game: If any, it’d be The Moon

askbooniebelle asked:

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

((I’m gonna do both if you don’t mind!))

((Quirks- Ms. Mowz cleans all of her badges weekly. And I do mean all of them.  She has a system in which she does like, 20 per day, so by the end of the week she’s finished cleaning them all and can start again with the ones she cleaned first the next day. If she’s going to be out for a day or longer, she has Timmy do it. No one really knows why she does it, especially since most of those badges are kept in storage, but she hasn’t missed a day yet.))

((Hobbies- She has a lot of high-energy hobbies, like dancing, running, etc, but after a long badge hunt she just likes to watch TV and waste time on the internet. Also she’d totally religiously play Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon.))

magicalwitchashley asked:

paper mario ttyd

Fav Character Theme: professor frankly
Fav Area Theme: excess express at day
Fav Battle Theme: this is the same thing as the next one im skipping it
Fav Boss/Final Boss Theme: rawk hawk
Personal Fav Theme: main theme
A song you didn’t like at first but grew to like:  ive always liked every song :)
One of the first songs you heard from the game: rogueport
A song that gets you pumped: cortez battle
A song that makes you happy: petalburg
A song that makes you sad: tec’s waltz
The song you like least from the game: its not bad but ms mowz’s theme