Ms, Mowz and Admiral Bobbery keychains! Part of my Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door partner laminated keychain series I made last year for Sabakon. I still have plenty left, so if anyone is attending Sabakon this year and is interested, stop by booth Q to pick one up! Or just stop by and say hi!  Sabakon will be held at the Alexis Park Resort on August 19-21. If you like my work, please reblog and share! Much appreciated!

Paper Mario and its characters are owned by Nintendo.

anonymous asked:

What would you do if your siblings found you again? Like, they just walked in one day and immediately recognized you? Would you hug them? Or.. deny that you're anyone they know?

“That’s a really…tricky question. Now that I know the FBG is dead, I don’t have any real reason why I need to stay hidden, except, well… I want to. If one of them were to come in, which is unlikely, I guess I’d….try and fake it, first. Unless it’s Squeaklyn or Elizabith, since they…already know I’m not dead. I only told Squeaklyn, but I have no doubts that Elizabith figured it out as soon as I mailed that first letter. I didn’t say WHO or WHERE I was, though, so I don’t think we’ll be meeting until I’m ready. But..if what you said were to happen, that’d put me in a really bad spot. Especially if it’s not one of them,…That…that means they had to have figured out who I am, and that’s…not good.” 

“Honestly, the fact you’re even asking this is giving me goosebumps….”