My Futakuchionna girl has clothes now, but I’m still not sure I’m 100% satisfied… Designing clothes for a fashion doll type of character isn’t easy. My regards to the designers at Mattel who do it on a regular basis. 8| Her look is supposed to be a punk/traditional Japanese (a bit visual kei maybe?) fusion but… :|||| 

I may change her torii boots to be flat instead of heels, they’ll be clearer that way… :| 

How am I gonna finish making her custom doll… geeze;;; It’s also not that clear but she’s a little curvy. If I could sculpt, I’d add curves to her haha.

Still working on this girl so here’s a colored sketch wah;;; I REALLY GOTTA NAME HER but I also wanna stick to the MH pun-type naming convention so… I have to think about it. :T 

This kinda ended up as the typical futakuchi-onna profile picture too but I wanted to plan her hairstyle so fine I guess :V ALSO I LOVE DORITOS AND IT HAD TO EAT SOMETHING DON’T QUESTION ME

Floral makeup inspirations were like this and this. BD I… will have fun painting that on a doll omg sob. SHE SURE EVOLVED A LOT FROM THE LAST SKETCH THOUGH WOW.

do you wanna have a bad time? 

good luck @battle-cries, I know you can do it!!! As of right now it’s only been… 68??? attempts but you’ve made it to the end of the attack before the “special attack” ;p WHICH IS GREAT I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. 



Gaius (again)! 8D battle-cries and I spent a lot of time working out the designs for his tattoos (she did all the final passes on his tatts btw), and in the end went with a gothic architecture feel. Lots of trefoils (and some quatrefoils) and arches and window-like patterns. Fitting since he’s a gargoyle and all. 

Had fun playing with the lighting on this. The strong backlight was just me doofin’ around at first but then it was kinda cool so it stayed. :’) subsurface scattering is my favorite enemy forever

I forgot how to draw. 8| I literally haven’t done it in like forever I just………….

But so yeah um aside from my laptop being alive again for now yay! I have an obsession with Monster High now it’s killing me I ajksdghkajsd I really really really want a basic Venus?? I HAVE A CATRINE NOW THOUGH, I FOUND HER AT WALMART I WAS SO HAPPY SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE though she had flaws on her factory paint but I’m gonna do a repaint anyway. But yeah so Catrine and Venus (whose fangs I didn’t draw oh well) doodles as I try to get back into the groove of working this tab..l…et… thi…ngy……..

I feel like I’ve worked on this all day and still have more to ink and color this is just one of six character designs I need to have done really soon I just………………………………. *lies down* 

btw this little guy needs a name… If you guys have suggestions feel free to drop ‘em at me? :D;;;; lol idk


OMG SDHgkjas don’t know how to feel when an artist you look up to asks this ajshgaksjgh No please Blasha your art is so amazing your style is seriously so unique and lovely, I really love it I kinda freaked out and did a little happy dance at my computer when I saw my inbox ahhhhlasdjhg ///

I DIDN’T PICK THIS CHARACTER BECAUSE OF THE RUNNING OLD MAN JOKES WE MAKE ABOUT HIM I SWEAR. HE’S ONLY 31 HAHAHAHA (sorry Ox I love you). BUT OKAY. I feel like I lack some sort of MAGIC TOUCH….. The thing that makes your whole style and gallery unique and amazing… there’s just this fluidity and looseness that’s amazing and… unattainable for me right now, but something to keep striving for definitely LOL *A* This was still very fun and educational thank you for volunteering I’m sorry for butchering your amazing style alskjgasg /// 


Wahhhh omg I didn’t do your beautiful style justice at all!! I seriously love the way Pinkie draws eyes you guys should go love her forever she’s fabulous and so sweet. But plug aside, this was such a blast Marigold was a good choice I bet Pinks would draw her ten billion times better than I did here HAHAHAHA also TOTALLY not sure how to draw feathers or fur in Pinkie style so I just did my usual LOL

this is so fun it’s really cool to like analyze all these gorgeous things these amazing artists do you guys are too amazing hffffffff @//////@

I have like two more to do but it’s a school night I might not finish them sobbu… But if anyone else has more send ‘em my way *//A//*